How much Love in a love letter??

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How much Love in a love letter??
« on: September 15, 2012, 08:16:46 PM »
I'm prepping for BWCon 2012. I'm running a 4hr slot, a little homage to 'From Dusk til Dawn' I call 'Reese's Pieces'. With advice from here, I'll do full character gen and a 1st session run, a break, then 2nd session. I'm writing MC Love Letters to handle the main front. Most have a connection to the enigmatic Reese, or to their new hold.
here's the SavvyHead's for example:
Heeey SavvyHead,
So you can breathe easy, Reese is gonna contact you before the place gets hit so you have time to get yourself to a safe spot. They’re bringing the Gun Hawk. Gonna be lotta dead mofo’s before Reese is through.
Nice to be Reese's Bitch, right?, you are Reese’s Bitch? Right?
Roll +Hot.
On 10+ pick 1. 7-9 pick two.
On a poor fucker, you own them all.
- You owe Reese for saving your ass...Twice
- You contacted and told Reese all about the Hi-tech place y’all found up here.
- You Told Reese about the hardholder boning Reese’s sex-toyess.
- You got the Hots for Reese.

But how far can I go??
can I :
Dear Battlebabe,
Hey, if there’s beef going on, nobody paid you to get involved. New hold, new digs - you just gonna get settled and unpack - ‘cept, who’s that fukker in your crib sorting your shit???
When it’s time to Sort Her Nosy-Ass Roll +Hard:
10+ You waste no time kicking that ass, hold 3 on this piece of meat.
7-9 Aww, caught ya looking! She gives as good as she gets, take 1 harm; but you got a prisoner now - once you got serious.
On a miss - who wants to live forever, right? The Assassin smokes you 7 ways to sunday in an all out room busting fist fight. Then she pumps three darts from her gun in your neck.  Take  X harm and call me in the morning!



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Re: How much Love in a love letter??
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You don't seem to be such a fan of the battlebabe.
James R.

    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Re: How much Love in a love letter??
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LOL! Ok, in all honesty - I almost forgot about the battle babe as I was doing rough drafts of love letters. I have no thought yet how the battle babe might be connected to Reese or the new hold. So I went with a fight, which got me to how hard can/should a love letter go?
Here's the Chopper's:
You, my friend, are one hard Hombre...if you get out of this. Otherwise, you could be Reese’s gangs new flavor-of-the-week. Shoulda kept your gang on a tighter leash.
I’ll ask you how Mean a Hombre are you Roll +Hard
On a 10, I’ll just shut my mouth ‘cause you’re a Bad Mutha... (Choose at least 1)
- You TOTALLY rocked Rose’s world.
- You busted Reese’s #1 guy in the mouth, with his own gun - that you kept. (mark it down)
- Your crew hauled off 2-barter worth of Reese’s shit.

7-9 choose one, and tell me why you’re protecting Rose’s murderer.

On miss - moms said you shoulda been a  Driver.  Reese is gonna fuck you up, for bedding Rose, for getting her killed, mainly for alotta shit that ain’t your fault, then he’s gonna make you tell him who killed Rose, but not before your crew and buddies eat a bullet. Get ready.

Re: How much Love in a love letter??
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Step back. Ask yourself what love letters are for.

Love letters create interesting and charged situations. As such, the Battlebabe letter isn't bad because it's mean on the Battlebabe, (though a hard roll?) it's bad because unless they roll a 7-9 and get a prisoner then you've mostly resolved the situation within the letter.

Do you see what I mean? Seems to me that having a prisoner is the most interesting outcome, so I'd probably be looking at something like.

You get jumped settling in to your new crib. roll+cool.

On a hit, nice, you got yourself a prisoner. On a 10+ choose one. On a 7-9 choose two.

- you eat 2 harm in the process
- you aren't exactly gentle with them. They're going to need medical attention before they come round.
- someone is going to have to take a long look at you custom gun before it fires straight again.

(that last option feels a bit out there. You can probably think of something more relevant.)

On a miss, you drive them off. But not before they make you eat 2 harm of pain.

Re: How much Love in a love letter??
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I think I see, nice explanation & example! I agree keeping the prisoner is much more interesting and your version makes that a given on a hit - I can dig it.