Hard Moves examples - actual and suggested

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Hard Moves examples - actual and suggested
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I really like the examples of Hard Moves in the MH rulebook, but I would be really interested in more (either from actual play or just proposed). I've seen a couple of threads around for AW for people to post examples of Hard Moves or Bargains they have seen or would suggest for certain situations. As one who can sometimes seize up creatively in the moment and just settle for taking a string, I would find it useful to have something similar for Monsterhearts  (if one already exists, please just point me at it!) where we can post real examples or suggest ideas for particular combinations of Move/Hard Move.
- Separate them.
- Put them together.
- Announce off-screen badness.
- Announce future badness.
- Inflict harm (as established).
- Make them pay a price.
- Tell them the possible consequences and ask.
- Leap to the worst possible conclusion.
- Turn their move back on them.
- Expose a dangerous secret to the wrong person.
- Take a String on someone.
- Trigger their Darkest Self.
- Herald the abyss.

Here are some examples from me:

Separate them.
Turn someone on - At a night-time beach party, the target pulls the PC away from the campfire and into the dark water.
Lash out physically - In a midst of a fight, a part of the floor collapses, separating the PC from their allies.

Put them together.
Turn someone on - As the PC makes their move, bring in the rival for the target's affections (even better if the rival's a PC as well).

Tell them the possible consequences and ask.
Turn someone on - Have the target demand a dangerous favour in return, such as theft or breaking and entering into the school at night.
Run away - (In the case of a Ghoul) The monster has your arm in a tight grip, do you still want to run away?

Announce future badness
Shut someone down - The target vows revenge.

Turn their move back on them
Turn someone on - The target develops a stalker-like level of interest.
Shut someone down - The attack is so below the belt that bystanders leap to the target's defence.

Expose a dangerous secret to the wrong person.
Lash out physically - A disguised or transformed PC is knocked unconscious or otherwise unmasked, allowing the target to see their true identity.

Herald the abyss.
Run away - The PC runs away physically, but ends up running into their own mind.
Turn someone on - The abyss takes control of the target.