The (awesome) Science of Apocalypse World

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The (awesome) Science of Apocalypse World
« on: August 16, 2010, 02:46:41 PM »
Science rules! Post your Apocalypse World science inspiration goodness here! (inspired by Glendower's food preservation thread)

Some scientists speculate that should the oceanic conveyor shut down (say by the poles melting), our oceans will eventually become dead, stagnant ponds choked with deadly hyrodgen sulphide:

Now only people with protective equipment can navigate the waterways of Apocalypse World. When the wind goes a certain way, everyone locks themselves inside and seals the door to avoid being sickened by the sulphide clouds. Everyone except Kettle and his cult of wackos. They say it gives them great dreams. Meanwhile, someone or something likes living in the poison water quite well, thank you very much, and it's coming to town tonight.

By the way, Lifeboat News is a vertiable cornucopia of apocalyptic inspiration. I dare not tell my players what I have planned for them tonight. :)