[New Class] The Doomblade

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[New Class] The Doomblade
« on: July 16, 2012, 01:15:25 PM »
I've drafted up a new class, a knightly counterpart to the paladin. I hope people find it amusing! Suggestions for advancements are highly welcome.

Also, always feedback and questions are appreciated!

- Alex

The Doomblade
   Long ago, the great emperor ruled half the world and sought to rule the other half. A great war raged, the legions of human warriors led by the mighty doomblades - the elites of the emperor's army - against the elves and dwarves in their strongholds. That was over a hundred years ago; many lifetimes for a human. But the elves remember - and the dwarves! They look down upon you, grim soldier, dark knight. They look down on you in anger and fear. Can you be something more than the history of your order? Can you reclaim the grandeur the doomblades once stood for, before the great war and the mad emperor?

   Scarred face, grim face, tanned face, gaunt face
   Muscular body, lean body, crippled body, fat body
   Dark eyes, wild eyes, beautiful eyes, old eyes
   A mark of your regiment - a tattoo, a charm, a patch, a ring
   Human: When you enter a non-human steading, roll+cha. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one.
      - they fear you
      - they forgive you
      When you enter a human steading, roll+cha. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. They shower you with...
      - coin
      - adoration
      - respect
      - women or men as you prefer
      - gear and tools
      - gossip and info
   Good: Break down stereotypes.
   Chaotic: Lash out in anger.
   Lawful Evil: Enslave or entrap others.
   Neutral Evil: Corrupt or blaspheme something sacred or good.
   ____ remembers well the lessons of war, and for this they trust me not
   ____ has seen the darkness in my soul, but I can prove myself to them
   ____ and I were in academy together and had many youthful adventures together
   ____ trusted me when none other would, and I owe them for it

   Curse: When you speak an enemy's name aloud and curse them, or else stare into the eyes of a foe and ignite your hatred for them, roll+cha. By default, on a hit, they're filled with rage and anger at you and take +1d4 damage forward against you. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two.
      - they instantly take 1d4 damage
      - they instantly take 1d4 damage
      - you take +1-ongoing against them until they strike you
      - they don't take +1d4 damage forward
   Fighting Style: You've trained extensively - exhaustively! - in the art of combat. Choose two fighting styles. When you assume a style for the first time in a fight, no roll. If you assume a fighting style more than once in a fight, each time, roll+con. On a 10+, you're fine and dandy. On a 7-9, choose one.
      - you're distracted and off guard; the next time you'd take damage, take +1d4 damage
      - you're distracted and unbalanced; take -1-forward
      - you strain and push yourself; take a moment to catch your breath
   Regiment: When you call on your regiment for help, choose one you need, then the GM will choose one or two they need.
      - information
      - muscle
      - gold
      - connections
      - magic
   Staredown: When you glare at someone and put the force of your will behind, roll+cha. On a 10+, pick two and the GM will choose one. On a 7-9, the GM will choose one.
      - they attack you
      - they offer you something they think you want
      - they retreat or pull inward
      - they stand down
      - they want your services as a warrior


EDIT: Forgot to include the fighting styles!

Fighting Styles
   Back to Back: When you fight back-to-back or side-by-side with an ally and you or they hack and slash, you add your bond to damage dealt.
   Hardened Warrior: When you'd take damage from a weapon attack, you may instead take -1-ongoing until you rest (make camp or sleep in a steading).
   Loyal Guard: When you defend an ally, add your bond with them to their armor while you have hold.
   Reach Fighting: As long as you've got a range advantage against someone in melee, you deal +1 damage.
   Second Rank: When you volley while someone's defending you, take +1 to the roll.
   Staunch Defender: When you defend someone, apply your shield bonus to their armor instead of yours as long as you have hold.
   Sword & Board: When you're using a shield and your armor prevents all damage from an attack, you may inflict your damage on the enemy.