Rules Suggestions. :)

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Rules Suggestions. :)
« on: July 08, 2012, 11:24:15 AM »
Hi Guys,

I took one look at the "blow off some steam" move and made an immediate change for my game. I changed it to:

When you have some downtime and share something personal about yourself, roll plus smokes spent (0-3) etc. This change does three things IMO.

1. It models the classic "So where are you from" scene that happens in rather a lot of war films.
2. It humanises the characters in each other's eyes. (Oh no not Jimmy! You BASTARDS! he has 5 kids to feed and a beautiful wife and a retriever named Rex etc.)
3. It helps the players to get into their characters heads without having to invent more "who the hell are you" rules than a game like this probably wants.

1. An SMLE is not IMHO a carbine. (See your latest AP) It's not as long as some other rifles but it's still heavy and fires a .303 cartridge I'd count it as a Battle Rifle myself.   

2. There is no reason why a bayonet attached to a rifle is going to do more damage than one detached. It will have reach though.

3. Pistols really aren't very accurate at long ranges. It might be best to make them close combat weapons that "out-reach" all others. (possibly allow the engagement of 2 targets at hand range? Like spray only not as good?)

4. Rifle grenades are more powerful,  longer ranged and more accurate than hand grenades. I'd suggest making them the same damage as hand grenades.



Re: Rules Suggestions. :)
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Stuart, thanks for your feedback. The trigger for blow off some steam, could use some work; but, it's not specifically constrained to when you have time and share something personal. Sharing something personal is a way to blow off some steam and it's powerful narrative stuff. But, there are less gritty ways to achieve the end results of the move. I think it's also important to allow a light game of cards and scotch to trigger the move, where something personal does not necessarily need to be shared in order to heal the stress, or increase a bond, or what have you. Sometimes, just having some fun is, in and of itself, a powerful break from the strain of combat and good storytelling fodder. The three things you've laid out are all things I've seen with this move in play and that is a big part of what this move is about.

1) Yep. My bad.
2) Leverage, that's the difference.
3 & 4) The weapons section is undergoing revision, so stay tuned.

Re: Rules Suggestions. :)
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Hi Paul,

You are right. Blow off steam probably shouldn't *need* something personal shared. I still think the idea is sound though so maybe my game will get a separate move for this. :)

Have you tried some bayonet fencing? It's quite enlightening :) An unarmed man actually has a chance against one whereas against a knife, you are probably toast if the knife wielder has a clue.


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Re: Rules Suggestions. :)
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You are absolutely right that characters sharing something personal is a powerful way of making the move - no question there. As with all AW games, custom moves are encouraged. Go nuts, have fun!

No, I can't say I've tried bayonet fencing. I'll have to take your word for it.