Playing the regiment nowadays

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Playing the regiment nowadays
« on: April 26, 2012, 03:19:12 AM »
Hi everyone! So, a friend of mine is in the navy and he's also an all-out fan of war stories; since we already successfully played dungeon world we thought we could give The Regiment a try, however, we are unsure about the best suited historical periods to play in.

He says that the kit's material is totally WWII and could be easily drifted to play vietnam, but it would need heavy modifications to play it nowadays. Since I don't have a clue about past or present actual warfare, to me it would have been just fine for any modern war. For various reasons, we would really like to set the game in the present time.

What do you say? Can the regiment be used to play in a 2000s setting? And if so, someone has any idea of what should be modified?
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Re: Playing the regiment nowadays
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I'm running Black Hawk Down at The Uk Games Expo, these modifications were suggested at Story Games:

  • In mechanical terms, I'd give 1-tough for a modern helmet and vest. It helps, but you sure as shit ain't bulletproof.
  • A modern assault rifle is like a battle rifle, plus spray.

Otherwise I'm running it as is.

Re: Playing the regiment nowadays
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I haven't run a modern game yet, but I don't think you need to modify much. Use the mods that Murgh mentioned.

Modern soldiers have access to some nifty devices, like drones and satellite phones, which WWII guys would have loved to have. But I've never heard a modern soldier say they had all the intel or comms they could want. They're still in the dark most of the time.

Constant close air support is a big deal. But you can just use the Officer's artillery move for that.

Re: Playing the regiment nowadays
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Having said all that, I'd love to hear what actual soldiers think. (Or anyone else). I'm sure there are things we haven't thought of for a modern conversion.