[AP] Manufactured Orphans

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[AP] Manufactured Orphans
« on: April 24, 2012, 01:40:35 PM »
"Where you activated before or after the last human died?"

Started a brand new Apocalypse World this weekend!  

I just recently finished reading "Saturn's Children", by Charles Stross, and it planted the seed of an idea that generated the question above... I was really curious how such a "game changer" would work as a shock to the baseline status quo of "playing humans" of most AW games... cuz, as we know, there are no status quos in AW!

We recently finished (in tears) one of our three AW campaigns and the players that got together this Sunday voted to "Start a new one!" instead of continuing along with one of the other two campaigns as "key" players were missing from each.  So, I asked for some brainstorming ideas for what our next apocalypse should be like, and picked the following from the concepts presented:

    giant spiders
    half-heard whispers
    other/alien world
    burrowing bugs
    witch hunts

An interesting mix!  I definitely saw the potential for my "big question" as I looked over that list and, as the players picked their playbooks and started to make their characters, I turned to Miss Demeanour, the new Maestro 'D and asked it...

More to come!

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