AP: Gamma Road

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AP: Gamma Road
« on: August 02, 2010, 03:51:31 AM »
I'm buzzing from excitement after an Apocalypse world I ran this evening. 

This game was with a different group than my Hatchet City game, and in this case we had started the game with the first session rules.  I was still a little unsteady on my feet, but I was able to get the first session sheet filled out with information.

The first session was run a week earlier. I had Colin, who played JC the Operator.  Aaron, who played Navarre the Gunlugger, and Kyle, who played Lemieux the Savvyhead. 

I found the first session a bit tricky, but just kept asking questions.  Why did Navarre decide to conceal their gender?  Where did Lemieux get his knowledge of how to fix things?  Where did JC get his postcards from?

The questions allowed me to paint a picture to the world.  From JC's past entanglements with a woman, that was sold into slavery, we created Dremmer's Deliveries, a Slaver who's gangs of "collectors" snatched stragglers from the different hard holds.

Dremmer was a second in command to President Hugo, who killed Navarre's uncle and scarred Navarre's face. Navarre's full face helmet being the result, which also hid the gender of Navarre from others.

We found out that Lemieux scavenged his van from a museum of old Television props.  His van was the original A-Team van, from the series.

It was in this van that we started the game, driving East along the Gamma Highway.  We talked about where this Highway was, and we decided that it was one of the East-West directional Interstates, somewhere in California. 

They arrived at a fallen bridge, and began to try and cross. I didn't have any fronts, so I just kept to the moves on the MC list. After a failed "read a situation move"  I had a small group at the other side of the bridge take potshots at them with a hunting rifle. 

Navarre got shot but a thick armor absorbed the shot quite easily, the low harm roll doing the rest. Navarre then fired a sniper rifle back, (Take something by force) turning the shooter into chutney. Three others stood up and ran at Navarre, closing the distance before he could bring his gun to bear.  (activating the stuff's downside)

JC tried to stop hostilities, manipulating the situation, and calling for a ceasefire and talk.  He managed to (Manipulating) and convinced them to let his crew pass in exchange for a piece of barter (make them buy). 

From there, they headed up and over to the settlement.

So I put up Rover Ville, a small convoy of old RVs, descendents of an RV park who banded together for safety.  The original 40 RVs shrank over the decades to a lonely 5 heavily patched and modified vehicles.  They travelled from place to place, never staying longer than needed.

They entered and met with Amy, the techic, Monk, the security for King Millions, and King Millions, the massively obsese leader of Roverville.  JC made some deals with Millions (Manipulate) to protect the caravan against raiders (announce future badness). 

He made a second deal to help Amy out with her tech, and Amy invited JC out for dinner.  (Separate Them)

Meanwhile, Lemieux and Navarre found an ancient service station, the parking lot of which being where Rover Ville had set up camp.  The ground floor was a skeletal ruin, but the subbasement was never opened. The two of them eagerly opened up the subbasement and ventured into the waist deep water in the lower level.  (Offer an opportunity)

A massive crayfish rose out of the water and attacked Navarre, and I kept cutting between Navarre and Lemieux's grim struggle for survival with Amy and JC's christmas light lit dinner. It was great! Navarre proved to be an incredible killing force, taking t

By the end, we established thtrough Amy's dinner that while Millions was  beloved by the people, Monk did much of the work.  Monk resented Millions, but wasn't leadership manterial, nor did he want the job.

JC ended up having sex with Amy, gaining an obligation gig with her. Afterwards he shows her his postcards, insisting these are real places that are beautiful place to settle down, pointing especially to a place called "The Florida Keys".

After besting the crayfish, Navarre and Lemiux found a few barter worth of spare parts.  They wanted to sneak it onto the van without the city noticing (acting under fire) and ended up blowing the roll (Put someone in a Spot) as the van drives over and rips out several cable plugins, plunging the whole camp into darkness. 

Lemieux attempts to fix the broken connection quickly (acting under fire) and blows the roll, electrocuting himself (Inflict Harm).  The harm roll was a 10, so I picked that he was knocked right out.  Navarre quickly puts Lemiuex into the van and attempts to heal the damage, and bring him to wakefulness.

A +stock roll later (Navarre has prepared for the Inevitable), Lemieux was on the mend and awake.

Navarre attempted to calm the camp, JC assisting.  (Manipulate).  They get the camp calmed down, blaming the jumpy generator, but promise to keep a close watch on the area.  (Promise in exchange)

We ended there.  I was pleased with the game, and had some things written down to turn into fronts. Dremmer, Hugo, Gamma Road, Rover Ville all seemed like possible threats to hammer down into fronts. 

I'll post what I did with Fronts, and how I figured them out, in a couple of hours.  Then, I'll post tonight's second session, where all that front prep did super awesome stuff ot the game. But now, I sleep!

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Sounds like a lot of fun, and like you were really on your toes with the MC moves!

I think it's funny that you had a mini-dungeon crawl in your AW first session, though (underground chamber, fight monster, get treasure ;D)

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So did you essentially rely on asking questions and MC moves for the whole first session? It sounds like it worked like a charm!

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Kind of hilarious when I think about the dungeon crawl.  I had no idea that the service station was there, until Lemieux started looking around with his Metal detector, looking for "something valuable". Navarre really needed some jingle to help fix up his armor, which got damaged in the fight with the sniper (Make them buy), and was helping out.  The offer an opportunity move just made sense, and I really wanted to bring in a huge mutant crayfish, but forgot about it when they went over the bridge.

First session was totally all about constantly asking questions and fielding logical moves.  There was a little bit of rules confusion, I had really not grokked when Harm rolls occurred, and was rolling it for NPCs, which I later corrected when I realized that NPCs don't get harm rolls. The players preferred that I roll harm on them by the way, it made things easier to remember that high Harm rolls were bad news.  It also allowed me to roll dice, which makes me happy. 

My hand cramped painfully from frantically writing stuff though.  I hate that, my hands are slightly arthritic, and get really bad from sustained writing.  I gotta start recording sessions again. 

Hey, if I start recording sessions and put them up as a podcast, would anyone want to listen to them? I usually record so I can get a record of what happened in the game, and can make notes at a slower pace over the course of the next few weeks, but if there's interest, I can put them up.

Just about done writing up my Fronts I used for last night's game.  Fronts took a bit to figure out, but once I got it, they were awesome.  More to come!

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I would listen! I love actual play podcasts.

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Kind of hilarious when I think about the dungeon crawl.  I had no idea that the service station was there, until Lemieux started looking around with his Metal detector, looking for "something valuable". Navarre really needed some jingle to help fix up his armor, which got damaged in the fight with the sniper (Make them buy), and was helping out.  The offer an opportunity move just made sense, and I really wanted to bring in a huge mutant crayfish, but forgot about it when they went over the bridge.

Hahah, that's cool, I was mostly being silly. It sounds like you handled the MCing like a champ, keeping things rolling, finding out about the world, and setting stuff up for later. Speaking of which. . .

Just about done writing up my Fronts I used for last night's game.  Fronts took a bit to figure out, but once I got it, they were awesome.  More to come!

Post these bad boys up! I've found looking at other people's fronts really helpful for getting a feel on what fronts are and how they do and what not.

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Ask and ye shall get!  Here's the three Fronts I was working from.  I didn't use all three at once, I went from Within Roverville quite a bit and then selected from Gamma Road and the Republic of Hugo here and there, when I wanted to change things up. 

Here's the Fronts I cooked up for last night's game.  We hit almost everything, which I'll put together in my monster ap from last night (it went from 6pm to almost 1 in the morning, we literally couldn't stop playing! I haven't done that in a while)

From the initial game, I made up three fronts:

Front  One: Within RoverVille

Expresses: Fear – The people of RoverVille are terrified. Raiders and mutants and cannibals threaten them, and their rootless existence casts a constant fear of the unknown, just down the road.

Dark Future: RoverVille will fall to the next Slaver attack, and it’s people will be sold off as labor, entertainment, and food.


King Millions (Warlord – Prophet)

King Millions has a tenuous hold on RoverVille, and bristles against any threat to his rule of this place.  His huge size prevents him from walking, and he spends much of his life in the RV, attended to by his loyal servants. 

However, the people love and cherish him, and his low, regal voice gives them strength and confidence. When Millions is threatened, he tends to make snap decisions, endangering RoverVille’s existence. 

His loyal servants attend to his every will, viewing him as a sign of plenty.  So long as King Millions stays fat, it is a sign that RoverVille is still doing all right.

The Sputtering Lights (Affliction – Barrier)

Roverville’s constant movement has been a huge strain on resources, and shit keeps breaking down.  If one of the last 5 RVs breaks down, they’re stranded until they can get it wheezing to life again. 

Custom Move: When something in RoverVille breaks, there just might be enough spare parts to kludge something together.  +Wierd – 10+ found just the thing, we can keep moving, 7-9 RoverVille’s grounded for a day or two to cobble something together, Miss – It’s fucked, we keep going, but RoverVille now moves even slower than before. 

Monk’s Crew (Brute – Enforcer)

Monk is the second in command to RoverVille.  A descendant of a group of Park Rangers, he and his crew of about 10 (small gang Armor 0 Harm 2) do their best to protect RoverVille from harm. As a contrast to King Millions he’s actually competent, but has the personality of a wet sock. 

He’s increasingly worried about the leadership of King Millions, and is actively looking for someone with a similar kingly presence to replace him.  Until he does, Monk does everything in his power to ensure that Millions stays King. 


Will Monk find a successor? Will that last RV, with the leaking engine, keep limping along? Will the people lose hope in their sovereign?
Front Two: Gamma Road

Expresses: Ignorance.  The road they’re travelling takes them East across the shattered United States.  It’s an unknown thing, fuelled by rumour and speculation, as well as ancient torn roadmaps.  Who knows what lurks on the Gamma Road?

Stakes: Will the road lead to salvation or damination? What communities exist along the road?

Dark Future: The Road shatters and kills all upon it, leaving Bleached bones on either shoulder, the yellow lines a broken path to Hell.


Crine Marsh (Landscape: Breeding Pit)

Vivid green algae over burbling water, humid and gassy air rots fabric and rusts metal. The Marsh eats through the Gamma road and turns it into little islands amongst the thick green growths.
The Dustbin (Landscape – Maze)

Several Million tonnes of Lead infused dust was dumped upon a radioactive crater, in an effort to put out the eternal fire that burned. It partially succeeded, but the dust remained, getting into everything, killing all plants and animals within several miles.  It’s kicked up with a footstep, a light wind creates a cloud, and a vehicle creates a storm of deadly Lead infused dust.  The lead confuses compasses, the dust covers the road, and creates a sense of vertigo, as all around you is swirling, glittering dust. 

Custom Move: When trying to travel through the Dustbin +sharp for each day. 10 – Progress is made through the Dustbin(+2 to the countdown), 7-9 – We’re off course, and have to spend a little extra time in this horrible place (+1 to the countdown), Miss  - We’re lost, and we’ll have to spend the night here (no countdown bonus).

Movement Countdown: 3pm – within the dust trail, 6pm – the bones of a dust covered city, 9pm the crater, still hot from the flickering fires below, 10pm – mummified bodies in a convoy of vehicles, 11pm – a train wreck a mile long, 12pm Free and clear from that glittering hell.

Dust Cough (Affliction – Disease)

The lead infused dust in the dustbin is really bad for you. Like, super awful fucking bad.
For each day in the dustbin +Hard. 10+ no sweat, what’s a little dust? 7-9 Fucking *cough* dust (+1 on affliction countdown), Miss – “Can’t *gasp* breathe in this shit! (+2 on affliction countdown)
+1 if they can put together something to prevent the dust from getting into eyes, mouth, or pores, or their outfit suggests similar (acting under fire to find something in the Dustbin)

Countdown: 3pm – Hacking Cough, 6pm – Blood in spit, 9pm – Blurry vision, 10pm – Pissing blood, 11pm – tremors in the muscles, 12pm – choke to death.

To treat Dust Cough: +stock.  10: cleared up, erase affliction countdown, 7-9 partial treatment, remove one segment, Miss: the only way to cure it is to get the fuck out of the dustbin. 

Parcher’s Raiders (Grotesque Cannibals)

Parcher, Mice, Fauna and about 30 others live in the bones of the city, within the sewers.

When the countdown for the Dustbin hits 6pm, they open the manholes and creep out, encircling the group in preparation to strike.

They wear thick layers of rubber, plastic bags, and other equipment to survive the Dustbin, but their eyes shine with the same glittering glow as the dust. Their protective gear works for the dust, but isn’t effective against things like blades and bullets.

(Medium Group, Armor 0, Harm 1 (butcher knives and other meat preparation tools). They are hungry for fresh meat, and Parcher leads them, armed with a wicked polearm made from a stop sign (3 harm close).

Front Three: The Republic of Hugo

Expresses: Ambition – President Hugo hungers for more territory, more control.  His republic grows every day, and he wants all to serve him.  His army and his affiliations with Dremmer’s Deliveriesgive him the muscle and labor needed to realize his dreams of conquest

Dark Future: The wasteland in the grip of a cruel Dictator, who sows human misery, waters with blood and tears, and reaps a foul harvest of broken souls.


Dremmer’s Collectors (Warlord, Slaver)

Dremmer’s Collectors work for a company called Dremmer’s Deliveries.  They snatch stragglers from isolated communities, break their spirit, and sell them as slaves.

Custom Move: Stragglers disappear – If a larger group is travelling with the PCs, roll +sharp. 10+ some idiots wander away, but you call them back. 7-9 – One person is missing, but there’s tracks you can follow.  Miss – at the end of the day, the group realizes that someone’s long gone.

Small Disciplined Group, Armor 1, Harm 2 (guns and clubs, nets and drugs)

The Republic of Hugo Soldiers (Brute, Sybarites)

Rum and Corbett run the roving patrols that tax travellers for using the Republic’s Roads.  They’re fucking jackals.
While in Hugo’s territory, +sharp: 10+ you see and can avoid them.  7-9 – a small patrol stops you, miss – the larger patrol stops you.
Small patrol – led by Rum (Small, armor 1, Harm 2 (handguns and old hunting rifles)) – 1 barter tax for the group
Medium Patrol – Led by Corbett (Medium, Armor 1, Harm 2 (handguns and old hunting rifles) – 2 barter tax for the group.

Six Blades (Landscape, Fortress)

This holding is the main outpost for Hugo’s forces in this area.  Led by one of his lieutenants, a fucker named Grome. Hugo’s forces are resupplied here (Corbett and Rum return to this location often) and a garrison of 10 guys keep a lookout.  (small Armor 1 (+1 if in the holding due to barricades), Harm 2 – (guns and blades))

The town itself is situated around 6 working windmills, their three blades turning in the breeze, constantly charging half a hundred car batteries, stacked in a pile.  The town makes it’s jingle from recharging batteries, selling and buying batteries, and are surrounded by a wall of gutted cars, trucks, vans, buses.  Everyone lives in a vehicle of some kind, tires long taken, but the shell remaining.

the council that runs the place consists of Grome, Tum Tum (who looks after the blades) Ula, and Fuse.  Grome is leader, the rest reluctantly follow his rule.  The Red Flag of the Republic of Hugo flies on one of the windmills.

One of Dremmer’s Delivery stands are here, selling slaves. Anyone taken by the Collectors (see threat) can be found here, and sold for a price.

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This is a elegantly clear and useful thread wrt how you used the moves and put the fronts together. I like how the moves and fiction naturally flow from one to the other. And sure, put up AP podcasts!

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I love the image of the post-coital postcard scene with the Florida Keys card and JC insisting they were real places.  I can totally see it.  I adore all the scenes about hope in AW whether they are clearly false or half-dreams.

Thanks for posting your Fronts.  I'm going to post all of mine after our campaign is a little further along (with "stay away" notices for the players).  I have quite a few countdowns but seeing your Fronts has inspired me to do a few more custom moves to color my people and places.  It occurs to me that the main reason I don't have more custom moves is for lack of space on the default forms.  I'm going to transfer all of my fronts to notebook paper tonight.

While I love AP posts I don't care for most AP podcasts.  But I would totally listen to and appreciate an Apocalypse World one.

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The new 3-fold front forms are great (they're after the character 3 folds), and have lots of space.  But mostly I put stuff together on a word document, as again, writing can really hurt for me. Typing doesn't quite do the same thing to my fingers, so it's easier on me. I wish I could type at the game, but a laptop at the gaming table just distracts me too much, and we don't have a lot of space to set one up. 

Still typing up last night's session!  Lots happened, the game really trucks along when you're playing it, and with 6 hours of game time, it's a lot to process. 

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Oooh, I'm looking forward to reading about it!

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Wow, those are really well put together, evocative fronts. Good stuff!

I found this quote especially cool for some reason:
His loyal servants attend to his every will, viewing him as a sign of plenty.  So long as King Millions stays fat, it is a sign that RoverVille is still doing all right.

It struck me as just the right sort of plausible illogicality of people struggling to deal with a screwed up situation. It would have been so easy to make him fat because he oppresses everybody, but having his people love him and *want* to keep him fat is just brilliant.

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The best part of this Jeff, is that it actually happened in history.  During World War 2, it was part of something known as "Propaganda of Reassurance".  There would be public displays of the Royalty eating well, even when the entire country was on strict rations.  It bolstered the myth that the sitation was not as desparate as it appeared.

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Hah! I knew that had some hardcore verisimilitude going :)

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After I put together those fronts, I got news that Aaron couldn’t make it, and Daniel could.  So I took a look at the rules for introducing a new character.  It worked really well, and got Daniel into the action quickly.

So to recap, we had JC the Operator, and Lemieux the Savvyhead.  They had hitched onto RoverVille, a mobile holding made up of a convoy of 5 built and rebuilt RVs, led by the beloved and Corpulent King Millions.  JC was in a relationship with Amy, Roverville’s resident technician.

When Sunday’s game started, we discussed absent characters at the table.  It made sense to us that given the rather transient state of the character we had right now, players not there would be “off in the wastes, following up their own goals”. In fact, it also set an interesting precedent, one that will probably help this game be a little more resilient to when a few people inevitably can’t make it. 

We had just had a Burning Wheel game put on hold due to two players being unable to make it.  I’m thinking that with Apocalypse World, I’m pretty sure that we can keep the game going even if just one person shows up to game.  After all, the threats will loom whether they’re all together or not. 

I’m thinking of designing a custom move for each character when they miss a session, to represent what they’ve been doing.  I saw that in the game text, and thought that might be kind of neat.

At any rate, I ran Daniel down the basic idea of Apocalypse world, and gave him the remaining characters.  I have to say that the Trifold playsheets are much easier to read, those little booklets are great, but the size of the Trifolds really helped Daniel quickly put stuff together. Him not having the moves handy was tricky, though.

After some consideration, Daniel picked the Chopper.  From that was born Goldie, a transvestite that takes no shit, leader of Goldie’s Girls, a savage group of monsters.  Stinky, Lars, Diamond, Hooch, Juck, Blues, and about 10 others rode with her. Daniel choose for the gang to be better armed and mobile, which really fit the nomadic feel for the game.  Unfortunately, they weren’t healthy, so I had some disease possibilities to play with.

I was wondering what having a crew would be like, and it turned out to be an absolute joy.  These characters were so much fun for me to play, I proceeded to channel everything from Easy Rider to Sons of Anarchy to make these fuckers come to life. 

History for the new character went really smooth, using the rules from the book.  When we got started, I presented the Gamma road, Goldie’s Girls riding on it. I mentioned that a big group of Hugo’s soldiers had been dogging them for days, and they had ridden nonstop to get some distance (Announcing off screen badness).

They were low on pretty much everything, and the girls (be aware that every single member of the crew thus far are male, but Goldie refers to them as her girls, it was just a thing) were starting to look worn and tired.  (Announcing future badness). 

When they reach the fallen bridge at the Crine Marsh, they look uneasily at the two paths, one across the fallen bridge, slowly sinking in the marsh, and one path across the marsh itself.  (This is my first Threat move using the Landscape of Crine Marsh – Provide another way)

I used the crew liberally here.  Diamond became a sorta second in command, I gave him a torn wedding dress worn around his leather jacket, complete with veil that he wore over his helmet.  I got Diamond to ask the question “Shit Goldie, that bridge don’t look so good, but fuck me is that marsh nasty.  What do we do?” I bridged a lot of my “what do you do” questions to Goldie asked through the gang, and it’s a great trick to keep the world feeling authentic. 

And then Daniel spoke.  He had figured out a voice for Goldie, authoritative, husky, sexy and profane.  It was just... awesome.  When Goldie spoke, we knew it, and Daniel just knocked the character out of the park.

“I’m not risking our fucking bikes in that shit.  Stinky! You’re gonna drive across.”
Stinky was a proud moment for me.  His voice was breathy and labored, I kind of relaxed my mouth and spoke through it.  I kept in mind that Apocalypse world inhabitants just aren’t that complicated, and had him crave Goldie’s attention, kind of like a child looking for approval of a parent.  Stinky, Daniel explained, is on the heaviest bike, it even has a sidecar that contains a bunch of the gang’s additional gear.

I had Stinky drive up to Goldie, look down the slope at the fallen bridge, and then lean over to Goldie with a worried look on his slackjawed face and whisper “You’ll keep an eye on me, won’t cha Goldie? I’ll be awful lonely down there”.  (Telling her possible consequences and then asking)

I wanted to see how she treats her bikers. There’s this hard edge to her so far, how far does it go?  And Goldie... pats him tenderly on the cheek with her white, sequinned glove.  “We’ll be right here Stinky, don’t you worry.”

And then Daniel looks at me and says “All right you fuckers, we need a rope!  Who’s got one?” The Chopper’s first move! A great roll later, Juck pulls out a 50 foot extension cord from one of his saddlebags, that can be used, in a pinch, as a decent rope.

They secure Stinky and he drives down and begins to make his way across.  The bridge seems to be holding...

Now, at this point I swing over to the other characters.  They have heard the thunder of the Gang’s engines, and a worried Monk (the enforcer of Roverville) asks them to investigate.  “I wonder what Shen’s doing over there” mutters JC, as they head to the van and drive out. 

What indeed.  Shen was one of the four men (down to three) that were blockading the Marsh and extracting a toll. (Landscape move: Bar the Way) As Stinky made his way across the bridge, he begins to get shot , bullets spanging around him (Technically capturing someone) and a sniper on the other side sits up from the marsh foliage (Landscape move – Reveal something).  Screaming curses, Goldie guns her bike down the side of the embankment, screaming to her gang to “Kill that motherfucker!”. 

Violence is in the air, and after sussing out what Daniel wanted (save Stinky from getting hit) I went with Seizing by force.  And he fails the roll!  I activate Goldie’s bike’s downside, having it buck and force her to spin out to stay on.  The advance is broken, and the sniper leisurely takes a shot, Stinky takes one right in the chest, slumping on his seat. I want to make Stinky's injury an issue later, so instead of killing him I had him badly hurt. I of course had Stinky announce this with “Ah, Ahm Hurt pretty bahd.”

Meanwhile, JC and Lemieux pull up.  Recognizing Goldie from dealings in the past (We established in History that Goldie had gotten some work done on her vehicles by Lemieux, and JC had given her a job but then acted like he was in charge in front of her gang) Lemieux turns his gun on the sniper, and JC tries to get in the way to stop this, claiming that the Gang at the bridge were being hired by Hugo. 
Taking by force proceeds, and JC’s 8 on the roll means he shares in the danger. Lemieux pulls the trigger of his shotgun, and the sniper takes the hit.  (he rolled a 12 on the die, pretty insane)

The sniper dies, and since JC only got a partial hit he shares in the danger. Lucky for him the harm roll for JC is a miss.  I have him lose his footing from the Harm move, dodging the shot but then falling down the hill with the sniper’s corpse.  The tumble bruised up his back, taking 1 harm (3 harm for the weapon, minus armor and a miss on the harm move – I figured this would be a great way to explain the smaller amount of harm inflicted).  This actually adds to history between JC and Lemieux, the first time that a character has given harm to another. 

I turn to Goldie and tell her that the gang’s disorganized and confused from the attacks (Landscape move, taking away their sense of purpose)  She rallies them (using her alpha Chopper move) and one awesome roll later, leads them up the side of the opposite bank, getting her girls to surround Lemieux, Shen, and the other guy, who I named Fleece.  (Name everyone!)

JC stumbles up the bank, and quickly tried to manipulate She, claiming that the group was hired by him to help with his plans, in the name of President Hugo (It was established last session that JC is posing as one of Hugo’s officers).  Lemieux responds with an angry “fuck that guy!” and Goldie agrees.  They both roll to impede his manipulation, and both utterly fail.  Colin explains that JC makes a quick wink to both of them to silence their protest.  However, it’s only a partial hit, and Shen demands payment for killing one of his men, in the form of one of Goldie’s guns. 

Goldie takes the gun out and says “Take it in the mouth, you fucking asshole!” and fires. One 10+ roll later, and Shen’s faceless corpse lies on the dirt.  The men proceed to jump down and dismember the corpse, mounting the torso onto a broken "bridge X-ing" sign, making Shen into a grim sign with the words, written in his blood “don’t fuck with Goldie’s girls”.  This becomes an ongoing theme in the next few conflicts.  It is the first step in building up the rituals that Goldie's Girls tend to undertake.

Fleece begs Goldie for mercy (put someone in a spot), and she extends one of her long legs off the bike, putting it daintily on Fleece’s hand, not saying a word.  She then proceeds to ignore him and addresses JC. 

They argue, briefly, about killing Shen.  JC tells her that Shen was one of Hugo’s soldiers, and their death will mean retaliation.  He explained that he was trying to get safe passage for her and the gang across the checkpoint (Lemieux has a great moment of “Oooh, that was what you were doing, I shouldn’t have shot him then!”)
Fleece is still whimpering for mercy under Goldie’s boot.  She applies a little pressure, and gives a gentle little “shhh”.  They begin to talk about Roverville, and the possible work for her and her girls.  As they’re talking, Colin has JC do a Read on Goldie.  A huge success later, he asks how she’s really feeling.  Daniel thinks about it and says “Relief, huge Relief”. 

In spite of her hard exterior, Goldie was worried about her gang, suffering this long without respite.  Again, it really added something to the character.
I then have Stinky crest over the top of the bank, covered in blood “I feel bad, Goldie.” I describe the wound being a nasty one, the bullet still lodged inside of him, causing him pain. His face was pale and sweaty, he looked close to losing consciousness (tell them the consequences).

JC was quick to action, He had advanced life support to his van, and was eager to try it out.  By the way, the workshop descriptions work awesome for people, especially when I picked that it’ll take about a day, and several attempts. I describe the bullet and the patient moving, much more than a broken toaster or a damaged piece of tech ever would.  Stinky’s bellows of agony in the Van are in the background, as JC and Goldie still have their tense little conversation.

Goldie agrees to go with JC to Roverville, but demands food and drink for her girls.  JC is confident that they’ll provide it.

She then looks down at Fleece, a 16 year old scrawny boy, stained green from the muck of the marsh, and around at her crew.  The bikers, having looted the two bodies, were busy making a necklace out of the sniper’s teeth, and then having a small scuffle to see who gets it. Fleece follows her gaze (this is her going aggro move, and it's a direct hit) and Fleece surrenders with a panicked, hopeless look.  She picks up Fleece, and then gently puts him in front of her, on the bike.  In contrast to the gentleness, she says something like “I’ll enjoy this little bitch later” to the cheers of the rest of her crew. 

From there they head into Roverville.

More later!