Stat distributions and the d20

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Stat distributions and the d20
« on: January 12, 2012, 10:52:09 PM »
Hey Sage and Adam,

I was wondering why the stat modifiers (Red Book p19) are the way they are? Why not have them map to 3e +/-1 per 2 zeroed on 10? You'd have the change the standard distributions a bit but you could have the similar results. I mention this only because the +2 to a stat at level three may or may not give you a +1 to one of your modifiers. Unlike in AW where a +1 to stat advance is just what it says. When rolling 3D6 for stats, I know what the modifiers are without consulting the chart. That and if I add +2 to my 17 stat there's no value listed for 19.

A different but some what related question: why not use the d20 for move resolution rather than 2D6? AW is great because it only uses 2D6, but DW already has other polyhedral dice. I find the lack of the iconic d20 uhm, lacking.

Anyways, it'd look like this: 8- miss, 9-16 partial hit, 17+ full hit.

Crits/nat20 and fumbles/nat1 could be added as could the ol' take 10.

Just some thoughts.

PS math edit: having reviewed the probability distributions for AW Dice and d20, what the modifiers mean changes a fair bit. Like, with the d20 the odds of a partial hit stay constant unless you've got large values for the modifiers. Whereas with AW Dice, the weight shifts from miss, to partial, to full hit as the modifiers move from negative to positive.
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