Fiasco Playset

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Fiasco Playset
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:02:00 PM »
Finally finished my Fiasco Playset for Goblin World!

You can get a copy here: <<<Link deleted>>>

Why did I do this? Two reasons:
- I was working on the Ingenero character design the other day and wanted more ideas for motivations and Fiasco is really good for that.
- I'm starting to get motivated about doing a new version to allow more humanoid race options and target the incentives (eg: XP) better for longer-term play. But we sometimes play one-shot fiascos using the Goblin World rules, like the Space Hulk session, and I wanted a way to keep doing that on an ongoing basis. So actual Fiasco seemed like the best option.
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Re: Fiasco Playset
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So this is how our playtest went:

Jim played the Goblin Igor and fitting into our various curses GT and I played two Thouls (a cross between a goblin, troll and ghoul): Eddie and Grimes. We kept the concept of Thouls as the goblins whipping boys, but unlike the classic writeup we decided that Thouls were the worst possible combination of living and dead. We hungered without food, but weren't given any because we didn't need it. We were worked without rest because we could, but felt constantly tired.

We also decided that the master of the dungeon was the Necromancer that created us Thouls. The Necromancer was working on his opus, a flesh golem, but needed a fresh human brain. So we set out for a raid on a nearby goblin tribe who had recently killed some human adventurers, with Igor liberally applying the Necromancer's Thoul Whip to our complaining backs.

On the way there we passed the village and spied a happy sunlover family sitting down to a delicious chicken dinner. Igor couldn't control our hunger so Grimes smashed into the house and grabbed the chicken. Soon we were back on the trail to the goblin tribe and unthoughtfully leaving a trail of chicken bones for the pursuing sunlovers as is our usual modus operandi.

Eddie smashed the goblin sentry with a rock and we snuck in and grabbed a couple of brains and made off before the sunlovers arrived. On the way back Eddie hungrily investigated a noise in the bushes, but it turned out to be a cat! So we fled howling into the night.

We were having so much fun with the raid we decided to push it on into Act 2. As the sun rose we found ourselves in a forestlurker wood, and after we snacked on the last brain a young forestlurker came by. Grimes tricked the others into jumping out and attacking, but the forestlurker simply skipped away. We realised we had to get out of the woods quickly and went out into the burning sun.

On the way back to the dungeon we realised we now needed another brain, so we stopped by the monastery graveyard and Eddie dug up an ate recently buried elderly knight. The clerics discovered us and we fled again with them in close pursuit.

Grimes drew the short straw and had to take the brain to the Necromancer, who put it straight in the golem and started it up. Unfortunately the elderly brain was addled and couldn't remember instructions, so the Necromancer chased and beat Grimes right out of the front of the cave and into the path of the clerics.

Meanwhile Igor and Eddie, who were part of a secret society protecting the skulls of the dead goblin chiefs, went to move the skulls before the clerics got in. But Eddie had been cracking open the skulls and eating the withered brains inside, ruining them all.

In the aftermath:
- Grimes was separated from the tribe and lived a horrible existence until he was killed after smashing into another house and trying to steal a chicken.
-Eddie suffered the worst possible fate for a living / undead brain eater, he caught a mad cow like disease and lost his mind.
- I can't actually remember what happened to Igor, I think because we were laughing to hard. But clearly his secret society would not be happy with him.

Overall we were pretty happy with how this went: it certainly was the fiasco we were looking for.

Plus we got to play Thouls! Link:

Re: Fiasco Playset
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2011, 10:00:35 PM »
Oh man, I just discovered Nick Wedig's 'Keeping on the Borderlands':

It's a fantasy monster playet as well. I'm kind of glad I didn't find this before I did mine or I might not have kept up the energy to finish it.

Nicky's is really good, but I'm happier with some bits of mine. What's really interesting is the overlaps like doppelgängers.