Awesome Threats/Fronts

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Awesome Threats/Fronts
« on: November 07, 2011, 08:26:35 PM »
I don't really think I've been making top-notch Threats and Fronts for Apocalypse World. So I'd find it useful if people described their awesome threats and fronts.

Here's a Threat I liked from my game:

Fuse: Warlord/Dictator

Custom Move: +1 to seduce/manipulate him rolls if he's into you.
When you try to turn him against someone he's into, roll+hot first.
On a 7-9, choose one:
- He'll see your point, but will resent you for it.
- He refuses to listen to you, but he'll make a demand of the person he's into.
On 10+:
- He's into you.

Crap: Leads the Aztecs (3-harm 1-armor medium)

- Broken pair of aviator glasses, black leather vest and pants.

Stuff he did in play:
- Had a long history of man-on-man sexual harrassment.
- Used 'tactical discussions' as opportunities to seduce a PC.
- Asked to take over a protection tribute from the Hardholder, and when that failed, faked attacks to that group to encourage them to seek new protection
- Stole a nuke, which got lost when
- Got beheaded by his PC-ex-lover.