Moves, Mods and Crap

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Moves, Mods and Crap
« on: October 13, 2011, 02:53:00 AM »
Just bringing some of the other crap into line; updating. Consider this a work-in-progress.


I know what I want: You can spend lust that others have on you, mutatis mutandis.

YOU WANNA SEE THE REAL ME: Dissecting you counts as trauma.

Hunter-Seeker: If you hit 08-10 on threaten, you pick for them.

Hax: Always take an additional +1sync with everynode.

Slight: Anytime you deliberately give in or reveal yourself, take an extra stay.

Cold reader: When you dissect, add these questions: What are your intentions? What do you want me to do? What don't you want me to know?

The War in Heaven: When you act to preserve or judge, take +1 on-going.

Demagogue: When addressing a group you may roll moth instead of vamp or fray, respectively, to seduce or threaten.


Infomorph: You can switch bodies with time and intimacy. If it's an emergency, you can assault to forgo them. The MC gets to make a hard move, though.

Nymph: Whenever you want, you can ask: Who do you want all hot and heavy? But the answer is always gonna be you, sug.

Lazarus symbiont: With time and safety, you can uncheck []Buried.

Veritas shunt: You always get to answer if someone dissects you.

Soulstone: If you die, you're dreaming not dead.

Assault architecture: Soak the first box of trauma. Your violence deals extra trauma.

Soulstone: If you die, you're dreaming not dead.

Oracular Plugs: When you scry, or otherwise datamine, about another, roll moth and add its sync. On 13-17, pick two and take +1 sync. On a 11-12, pick two. On a 08- 10, pick one: speak of the already past, of the hidden present, of the possible future, or of the coming eschaton. The MC may ask you: how is that so? If you don't have a good answer, talk about something different instead.


Pet Spider: Before you search or grep, you may ask the MC: What node would know what I need to know? Or; Is anyone else listening in?

Violation Glove: You can dissect with moth.

Tydaller squid: If you dissect, re-write the outcomes like so: On a 13-17: You can ask any question and you get to answer. On a 11-12, you'll pick one and answer.  On a 08-10, they'll pick on from the list and you'll answer for them. On a miss, they'll ask whatever they what and they'll answer. You always need lots of time and intimacy,  violation glove or otherwise.

Mainline to Heaven: You get #augury (cf.) except replace the world's psychic maelstrom, with the eschaton.

They'll Negotiate: You can get the effects of threaten on groups of people, large or small. If they suffer trauma, at a minimum, you've got your means of choice in a populated or critical place ready to go. Feel free use other means of asymmetric warfare as you can prepare. Means: IEDs, cyberwarfare, chemical and biological agents or autonomous drones.

Insurgents: You have a squad of trusted and capable mujahideen (small 1-armor #terrorists).

Sleepers: When you reveal one of you sleeper agents, say the name of the NPC and roll moth. On a 10+, they're prepared and loyal. On a 7-9, they're either loyal or prepared, MC's choice.

Bernard: You have an autonomous all-terrain armored vehicle or a helijet medivac, either are about as smart and loyal as a working dog. Everyone in or around it gets +2 to resist.

Spawning pool: You have an infirmary, vatfarm, or warren with a dozen pods, a surgical theater, five nurses and security (small). Detail. Counts as a workshop (cf.) where you can work on biological things.