The Matrix Apocalyptical - ideas about "rules-bending"?

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The Matrix Apocalyptical - ideas about "rules-bending"?
« on: August 09, 2011, 04:25:45 AM »
I want to try and MC matrix hack for AW. While I have some ideas already, this morning I realized that I do not have a decent idea for all those stunts matrix operatives do. Of course all of them can be mapped to the standard harm-dealing moves AW already have, but what I need is some sort of distinction of how they are freaking cool against "sleepers".
Like, there is a very simple game named ThereIsNoSpoon, slightly risus-like, which says "roll 2 d6. first is usual die, second is green die. If you roll well with the first - you did it. With second - you did it 'while running up the wall', bending the rules. and if you hit with both - man, you're nearly as cool as Neo"
See? I want this very simple and easy distinction making it easy to describe all the awesomeness characters do.

What I've got so far:
 - Get them roll +Matrix(I already have this stat anyway) and get hold anytime in the scene. Until the end of the scene you can spend this hold to augment your (appropriate to class) moves, describing all the matrix wall-running shit. If you need more hold before scene ends(like when Agents or powerful Exile programs come to the town) you can roll again, but before roll +(hold spent-matrix) similarly to harm move, or lose your concentration (with all consequences you can easily imagine)
 - just give them some static bonus against normals (maybe +matrix to those rolls), which does not apply against heavy hitters as described above
 - have them count as gang in fight(as they both deal great harm, and can dodge incoming harm) except against Big Ones as above

Note: I'm talking mainly about cool battle moves as well as cool driving and maybe some other buffed-up mundane skills. Things like "stop bullets mid-air", "teleport" and other Neo-like craziness will be resolved differently

Note 2: PCs are going to be on slightly lower power level then main cast of the Matrix(Trinity, Morpheus, etc), and getting there in a due time.

Re: The Matrix Apocalyptical - ideas about "rules-bending"?
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 05:42:50 PM »
(Yay for speedy response here!)

Having played a gunlugger, I can say: in my experience, fighting against 'normals' isn't a question of giving out enough damage, unless they're gangs of heavily armoured folk (in which case either you have AP, you shouldn't be fighting, or your MC hates you).  The problem comes from *taking* damage.  Everyone's kind of a glass cannon, NPCs much more so, obviously.

So, here's a thought: retask the battlebabe move 'Impossible Reflexes' to something like (just throwing ideas out here)
When you are being cool in a fight and aren't wearing armour, act like a medium gang on defence (or 2-armour).
If you go the medium gang route, then perhaps add 'at the beginning of a fight against 'normals', roll +cool.
10+: Hold 3.
7-9: Hold 1.
6-: take -1 forward.
You may spend a hold to turn your defence to 2-armour resist AP for that round. 
But that may be making things too complicated.  Depends on your tastes.

You may want to give the move as a basic move to everyone, or not.  I mean, Mouse certainly didn't have it. ;)

The idea is it keeps things in the narrative.  They *can* do all that jumpy, wall-running stuff, regardless, and as long as they keep the narrative interesting while doing so, they get the move's bonus.  It doesn't rely on good dice to get their feet off the ground.

Anyway, they're my thoughts, take them for what they're worth.