Where to start with Goblin World

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Where to start with Goblin World
« on: May 12, 2011, 05:54:04 AM »
A quick note of clarity on where to start with this hack:

I originally wrote this hack because the version of Dungeon World (DW) at the time was limited for what I wanted to do, particularly by escalating HP. When DW rules changed I wrote a stretch goal for the Kickstarter called Dungeon World: Number Appearing. If you want a mixed group including humanoids, liches, vampires, etc then DW is the way to go.

However, we still play these Goblin World rules (which are not based on DW) when we play purely humanoids because the move types, The List and The Master mechanics, and the flavour of Forest Lurkers suits us better. The current version of Goblin World is "Backstabbed by an Extortionist" which was released 10 July 2011.

There's also a Fiasco Playset in the threads.

Steroid also included a scenario based on Goblin World in his innovative Ingenero game system, which is over here: http://ingenero.wordpress.com/

Previous versions of Goblin World:
- The playtest version "Axe to the Eye" is was released February 2011.
- The original version I wrote in a day is in the "Goblin World" thread, but I've made a bunch of improvements through the other versions since then.
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Re: Where to start with Goblin World
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Goblin World (and Number Appearing) was written to question the assumption that ?monstrous races? were always evil or unplayable.

I want to continue to encourage players to put aside their assumptions and limits of what character they can play and to explore new horizons.

However, the language I used in writing Goblin World perpetuates racial stereotypes in a way that does not reflect my core beliefs.

I apologise if my work has offended anyone, or contributed in any way to creating or spreading prejudice.

As the author I have decided to remove this title until I have the time and capability to revise and make it what it needs to be. I may also remove the threads containing rules from this forum in future.

I am proud of the artists who contributed to this work. My decision is not intended to reflect on their artwork, or on the Dungeon World game.

If you have concerns, questions or comments, please reach out to me here or at @ Wightbred on Twitter.