[Gamma Paladin] Some minor editing questions

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[Gamma Paladin] Some minor editing questions
« on: May 02, 2011, 11:56:43 PM »
Some minor questions and notes about Paladin's moves:
* Paladin's Command move works the same both for PC's and NPC's. Is that by design?
* Divine Favor mentions Dutiful Prayer move, but there is no such move in the Cleric playset.
* Beacon of Good gives +1 forward to Defend, but forward applies to the next roll. Shouldn't that bonus apply to the actual action, not the next defence attempt?
* Enemy of the Undead says that it counts your level as one higher for deciding damage, but Turn Undead damage doesn't depend on level.
* Scouring Light. How does it work exactly? For example, if you have Turn Undead and Scouting Light, do you distribute 2d6+2 damage, or all the undead that take distributed damage take +2 damage?
* Is Smite a prerequisite of Powerful Smite?
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Re: [Gamma Paladin] Some minor editing questions
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Command should be NPC only, good catch.

Dutiful Prayer got renamed and I didn't catch the dangling reference. Thanks!

Beacon of Good is actually meant to do that, at least in my head. The idea is that, using that ability, Defending against evil makes you a more powerful defender. It's not meant to be +1 to Defend when Defending against evil, but let me think on it some more.

Enemy of the Undead needs to be updated, since Turn Undead changed. It now grants you a bonus to the roll and deals more damage.

Scouring Light is badly phrased. It should add to the total damage you distribute, not to any give target.

Powerful Smite should be renamed, it's no longer related to Smite.