AP: Silo 29

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AP: Silo 29
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It's Frost (the tattooed Skinner - me), Gabe (the Angel - Julia) and Aviva (the Quarantine - Elizabeth). We live in the fucking winter from hell, somewhere in middle-flat-no-where, in an old missile silo. There are some others around, other silo-holds, each with 20-60 people.

Everything was going along just fine until Aviva showed up. Shoulda never got her out of that weird crate. Pretty soon after she got here, things started going wrong. First a big old fight breaks out in the mess, and poor Dude gets his legs broke. That sucks, but it happens. 'Cept this time Gabe and this Aviva go all mad-dog on the guys that did it, and wind up *Shooting* one of them dead. Like we have people to spare, really.

Plus I woke up day before yesterday with this goddamn TRUTH in my head, like scratched into my brain, and now I've got a fucking purpose. Not what I had expected. Not part of the plan. Aviva's part of it, but she's not really in a space to listen, dig?
And her weird friend Tammy's sucking all the heat out of the silo, curled around the generator. I better go down there and see if I can get her sorted out. Maybe get some lights back on, too.


Vincent's running, and it's delightfully scary/tense/creepy. Aviva has this uncontrolled ability to suck the heat and life out of a person, and so does her fellow soldier Tammy. Gabe's trying to save people, then his crew, and figure out what's going on . Aviva has just figured out she's part of the problem, and Frost is heading deeper and deeper into the weird dimension-shifting miasma that's spreading out from Tammy, down in the depths. I should have been tracking rolls better, and taking notes and stuff, but I wasn't. Here's some of the highlights of late:
Gabe having a little party with Wolf and ?forgot the name? as Frost was fighting off the freezing grip of an infected hold-member.
Gabe making anguished choices in the hanger before leaving to get some folks to the next silo.
Aviva making Gabe's friend shoot another hold-member because he was clearly showing signs of infection.
Aviva making Gabe's friend promise to shoot her once they got all the healthy people out.
Frost blowing a role badly and getting his hand stuck inside a metal wall when he shifted phase, pulverizing the bones in his pinkie finger - OUCH!!! He shifted perspective again and got free, but damn.

I don't think we make it out of this one alive.

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Oooh, lovely world!

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Rawk. Love the setting.  Love the idea.  How harsh is the outside? 

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Well, we have only seen a quick glimpse, but it was blinding snow and a near thing for Gabe to get to the next silo over. It's very much a place for giant furry coats and sub-arctic gear.

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Aviva and Jeep head for the containment units, 'cause Aviva figures it's something she brought with her out of stasis. Gabe heads back towards Silo 29 with help. Me, Frost, I'm standing on a reflective glass floor at the bottom of the silo, staring at Tammy/Not Tammy. Underneath the floor are these HUGE eyeless fish-things that are using Not Tammy as a conduit for sucking the warmth and light out of our world. Not a very good start to the session.

Aviva rolls well on her weird, and gets Jeep to bug the hell out of there, maybe head to Silo 41, where Gabe went. Jeep starts off through the pre-dawn dark and bitter cold.

Gabe gets back to Silo 29 by sheer dead reckoning, brushing up against the darkened hanger. They find the note Aviva left - "we're heading for the containment units to see if we can stop this thing. see you later?" - and also there's a horde of former people; 29ers who have ice on their lips and faces. They rush the 'Cat, because of the heat and energy in the batteries. The scrabbling of frozen hands on metal is not a pleasant sound. Gabe and the folks from 41 shoot their way out and high-tail it back toward heat and light and life.

I'm singing like a madman in the basement, trying to pull Tammy out of Not Tammy, but I blow a roll, she's sucking the life out of me, and everything's a whirling pit of crazy.

Aviva gets attacked by one of the giant fish/slugs, and she fights it long enough to pull it all the way out of the weird hole in space it was in. Then she hugs it to death, sucking it's life out! She's crushed and beat in the process, and hemorrhages to death in the containment unit.

The rest of them notice the death of their fellow, and that gives me the crumbling edge to climb back to reality. I get my back against the solid, real door, and say "This is not for you! Turn back!" It's not so pleased by that, and it lunges at me up the stairs, flooding the whole silo with blinding light.

Gabe reaches Silo 41, and is relieved to find that everyone he brought is still human, and Wolf finally agrees to his advances. Gabe is so surprised she said yes that he almost fumbles the deal, but eventually they head off to her rooms.

With the light stinging my eyes, I try one last stand. I grab some emergency flares, full of heat and light, and heave them at the giant eyeless fish/worm to make it stop rushing up at me. I make the roll and Hypnotize it, holding two over it, and it cannot attack me! Holy crap! I talk it down - " There is nothing but death here for you and yours. Maybe not me, but if you continue, you will die. Go back." I have to stare it down all the way back to the bottom of the silo, and I have to dump Tammy's shell into the hole after it, but it does as I say. And now it's my eyes and ears in the underworld.

I have to dodge infected 29ers all the way out, and when I finally get to the top, and dawn's breaking, I lock the doors and turn away. I gotta find Gabe, then we'll come back and blow the whole thing in. So much for Silo 29. Maybe the next place will be warmer.

And that's the game! We played I think 4 sessions? Vincent made MC Love-letters for all the sessions but this last one, and it allowed him to really drive a strong story. I love how ApW lets the party split up and do cool stuff all over the place, instead of having to stay in a little clump of PCs. We were rolling all the damn time, too, which was good, and Elizabeth and I both got to improve with just the right thing at just the right time. Any questions?
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Well, MC love letters are always interesting reading...