[AP] The Luxor: Home Sweet Holding

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[AP] The Luxor: Home Sweet Holding
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So we've been playing this game since November or so, and one of us is just getting around to doing an AP report. I'll try to clue you in as much as I can, but consider a lot of what's already happened to be backstory. This AP begins with last night's session, but I'll give you a quick overview of the characters. Elizabeth, Meg (Margolotte), Vincent, please correct me or flesh out details.

We've described our current cast of characters in character thread, but here's a quick primer.

We have Rose (played by me), the newly installed Hardholder of the ruins of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. A former Maestro D', Rose was born at the Luxor. While he's not the toughest Hardholder, he's manipulative but caring. He has a slave named Mill, who forgets her place sometimes and acts like she's Rose's girlfriend, and for some reason he seems to let that slide. Rose probably looks something like this.

There's also Keeler (played by Meg) , a gifted young Gunlugger, also a life long Luxor resident. She and Rose grew up together. She served with the previous Hardholder, Vega (played by Rob). She drives a big blue armored truck with mirrors all over it.

Mox (also played by Meg), is a new arrival to the Luxor. He's a Chopper turned Angel. We haven't seen too much of him yet. He spends his free time enjoying tea and luxe food in the Garden, Rose's old establishment. He seems to be an accidental and perhaps reluctant Angel.

Another new arrival is Ammanual (played by Elizabeth). She's a Savvyhead. She came from the Airport, a neighboring holding that a lovely young Operator named Lafferty (played by Elizabeth) had started a food for gas trade deal with, until her unfortunate and untimely demise. Ammanual decided to go where the food was and moved to the Luxor.

So on to the story!
Idle besieges the Luxor. Do, who oversees the marketplace, and his gang take to terrorizing anyone they can. The gang who runs the Stews (laundry and baths) ups their prices. Rose decides to deal with Do and his people first. I get a miss on a "Fingers in Every Pie" move, which means Do shows up at the Garden (Rose's former Maestro D' establishment, where he still resides), but with wicked strings attached. Do and his people think Rose has invited them for a party. Rose has Oh, his protege and the current manager of the Garden, serve everyone mushroom and Cheetos salad and the "special" drinks. Rose serves Do his salad personally. [An aside--a few sessions back, using the move "Just Give me a Motive", Rose served his mother--"Mom''-- Cheetos soup with syphillis/typhoid-tainted Cheetos and killed her after she finally explained to him why she sold him into prostitution when he was a 14 year old girl. Yes, girl. In a conversation with Mox, Rose says that people should learn to use their illnesses to their advantage, and gives a playful cough. We'll leave it at that.]

So Rose tries to get Do to admit that his people are terrorizing Luxor residents, to no avail. Finally, Rose puts his hand on Do's and suggests they talk in private--in Rose's suite. Do agrees and off they go (a hit on a Hot roll). Rose's slave Mill fixes them some tea and draws a bath. Rose offers to give Do the night of his life, plus a little jingle to give his gang, if he'll put a stop to the terrorizing. If he doesn't, Do will have a problem. Do can't stop talking. He talks about what people say about Rose (that he offed his mother, who was a scary-ass motherfucker), that he runs hot and cold. Rose doesn't deny any of it, and reminds Do that he's very good at what he does, and that he used to be a woman. He "knows" things. Do eventually agrees to the bargain, and is apparently pleasantly surprised at how nice sex with a guy can be. He plans to return at some point. Rose is happy that Do thinks he's a scary motherfucker.

Meanwhile, Ammanual has figured out a way to get on to a space station in low orbit that has been transmitting messages to people from the "Voice of EOS". The space station is uninhabited, stocked with food, clean lodgings, computers. Ammanual contacts the EOS and asks it to give her a job. A track of lights connects her to the communication room, where she can see the vitals, and other information of people from the Luxor....

Now throughout our game, the Voice of EOS has given our intrepid AW people trouble. The Voice of EOS used to broadcast messages to people of the Airport commanding pregnant women to cut the hands off their husbands, boyfriends, and baby daddies to give to the fertility god, who happened to be Keeler.
Ammanual repaired an abandoned helicopter (that Lafferty also worked on before she died) and took Rose and Keeler on a joy ride to try to reach the Voice of EOS. EOS shot them out of the sky and nearly killed them.
Rose set up an infirmary to house all the pregnant women, and they basically keep to themselves in a big room, collecting bits of stuff, talking about how the angels will take care of their babies. Rose opened his brain to the psychic maelstrom and saw the angels. He sent his slave Mill to infiltrate the pregnant women, but that didn't work. He moved Mill's sister from the group and put her to work in the Garden so he could keep an eye on her. EOS is a problem.

The next morning, after Do leaves with his jingle and a new perspective on sex between two men, Mox approaches Rose with a pretty bauble he found on the table where the pregnant women put things they collect. Rose opens his brain to it and hears Ammanual in his head! She's so happy and excited! She sees Rose's vitals, images from his birth, from his life, his full name* ("you killed your mother with syphillis tainted Cheetos?"). She asks EOS things ("How did you become a man?"), and EOS brings up what information it can. She tells Rose about how great the space station is. She tells Rose to ask her anything. I think Elizabeth expected me to ask about the pregnant ladies. Instead, Rose asks "Where's my brother?"** EOS replies, "Unexplained." (or something like that.) Rose asks Mox to bring him a cup of tea with vokda. He keeps talking to Ammanual, while both Mox and Ammanual answer him. Ammanual finally remembers to tell Rose that all the people from the Airport are making their way to the Luxor. Just as Keeler shows up to say that a caravan coming under heavy fire approaches.

Up at the space station, Ammanual sees the ground action on a computer screen. The people from the Airport are highlighted in red, the ones trying to kill them are highlighted in blue. OES highlights a fighter to activate it to kill one of the "red" people. Ammanual attempts to override the commands. EOS shuts her out, turns off all visuals, shuts the lights out.

Meanwhile on the ground, Keeler and her gang and Rose's gang lead by Horse go out to defend the Airport people. At first, Keeler and crew take heavy damage. Then the attackers just stop fighting...

Ammanual figures out how to control the attackers as EOS was. She continues to override the shutout command every time EOS realizes she's hacked into the system.  The ground people fend off the attackers at least. Hopefully Elizabeth and Meg will explain this scene better than I have. I'm missing some details, but I was having too fun listening, and it was late.

This game gets better and better. We keep ending with, "that was the best game!"

* Rose's full name: Rose Red Nakamura
**Rose is the oldest of 3. I originally played Pallor for one session. He was the baby, a Brainer. I created a Maestro D' instead, and Pallor became an NPC. A mindfucker, who worked at the Garden with Rose. Keeler killed him while she was possessed or something the following session. In this session we learned that Rose's middle brother is Amethyst, but his whereabouts are unknown, even by EOS.
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Re: [AP] The Luxor: Home Sweet Holding
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Every time I read AW actual play reports like this I want to go forward in time to our next scheduled game. I mean go forward in time faster than real time.

The stuff going on in Vegas is pretty trippy.
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Re: [AP] The Luxor: Home Sweet Holding
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I explained what was going on with the battle in the PC-NPC-PC thread, but I'll copy it here to keep things together in the Luxor AP

Amanual (savvyhead), Voice of Eos (NPC whatever-the-heck), Rose (hardholder), Mox (angel). Amanual has found a way to get up to where VoE broadcasts from. Cool! After some fiddling, Amanual figures out how to over-ride (or maybe ride along?) on VoE's signal, and gets in touch with Rose via an odd bit of sparkle that Mox picked up in the room of the NPC crazy-preggo-ladies. Suddenly Rose and Amanual can talk! But Mox has no clue what's going on, because Amanual is talking to Rose's brain, and Rose is talking out loud. A hilarious scene of misunderstanding ensues. Then just when Amanual is about to tell Rose something actually useful, VoE realizes she's piggy-backing on the line and switches signals. Ergh! Later, Amanual watches as Keeler heads into a potential ambush...

Because Amanual (savvyhead) made a deal with Vonk the Sculptor (NPC) that Rose (hardholder) would welcome Vonk and his crew to the (relative) safety of the Luxor if Vonk brought enough tech and jingle along. Rose didn't authorize that At All, but here they come, through a hail of bullets rained down by VoE! Crap! And Keeler doesn't want to see civilians die within sight of the Luxor, plus they are bringing a busload of useful stuff, so she rides out with her crew, towards said potential ambush. Thank goodness for Rose's lieutenant (NPC) who was in communication with Keeler, and between the two we could pinch the shooters. We still woulda maybe lost, except Amanual found a way to watch the action from VoE, and discovered that VoE was puppet-stringing the shooters! Yikes! So Amanual hacks frantically for the right codes to turn off the shooters while Keeler scrambles to get the refugees through, and every so often VoE cuts her out and she has to hack back in! Casualties were within reasonable limits, but it woulda been a bloodbath. And now Rose has to deal with Vonk et al, and Keeler and Mox have to deal with wounded folks, and Amanual's still up/on/in VoE, plus who the heck keeps stringing up bodies in the ruins?