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the nerve core / Re: Apocalypse Fuel - an AW random-generation tool
« on: June 16, 2017, 01:13:17 AM »
Apocalypse Fuel is now up to version 9, and has become a lot more web-friendly (and mobile-friendly, for that matter).

Borogove: you are not the first person to suggest this, but I feel like the Maestro crew thing is already straining the possibility of coherence to pretty near its limit.

the nerve core / Apocalypse Fuel - an AW random-generation tool
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:08:51 PM »
At the prompting of a friend who's new to MCing, I made Apocalypse Fuel, a random generator that barfs forth brief, prompt-like descriptions of NPC gangs, hardholds, maestro d' establishments, cults and the like: The idea is to produce raw material that can be changed around, torn down for scrap, and built on; not any better than what you could come up with yourself, obviously, but perhaps at least something different that you might not have thought of. Or, y'know, if you just need some kind of raiders real quick.

Here's some sample output:
the Mad Bullet Girls are an allied gang, associated with a hardhold but keeping some independence from it. They are a large gang - 60 violent bastards. They're well armed, including at least one taser; and heavily armored in pre-Fall riot gear. They are savage. They mostly care about fear - they're terrified of someone or something. They are under the unwavering leadership of Ravager Bai Lockjaw. Just now they're planning a broad-daylight raid on the encampment of Claw Spine.
Notable members:
Hookhead: much too nervous for this shit; deadly with a wood axe
Quick: looks stunning in aviator shades and a thong; into shoe-collecting
Annsdotter Rough: always tweaking; after your job

I honestly don't know if it'll be helpful! I've had some MCs say that it will be, but no actual play reports yet. (I plan to keep adding to it, so if anyone has suggestions I'm very eager to hear 'em.) If nothing else, though, it's a quick way of producing a whole lot of apocalypse-y names in a hurry:

Rowdy Lem Needle
Godking Kim
Fist Em
Milan Rocha
Premier Line
Scragger Abe
the Engine Speaker
Saffron Liberty
Dry Raven
Alice Ghost
Dank Alice

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