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brainstorming & development / Stat pools
« on: September 22, 2015, 06:19:19 PM »
I did a search and couldn't find if anyone had talked about this but I haven't looked at every post.

I'm interested in using an AW base for a game but I really like the idea of stats as pools (from numenera), so that you could use points in that pool to help with a task like pushing something heavy or figuring out something complex and that would impact your "hp" because your stat pools are your HP. 

I am really hoping Vincent sees this and barfs forth his thoughts on that kind of modification to HP. I've kicked around a few game idea's before and I think I'd really like to make an AW hack for one.  I'm concerned because I'm not a full time game creator and I'm not sure what kind of impact that would have on game play. I know it would take some stat modification as the numbers are pretty low in AW.  It might have to resemble DW with stats and bonus' but I'm not 100%. 

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