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Apocalypse World / Re: An Arresting Skinner
« on: February 21, 2015, 05:30:50 PM »
When I read the move, I immediately pictured a smoky and dangerous bar where the skinner goes to work to allow another PC to steal the thing, or sneak through to the back room. A relaxed situation where it's possible to gain and hold the viewers' attention without them feeling threatened.

The way the ability is written I feel it's too open to gamey abuse. Where it says '...can do nothing but watch..' I'd add in 'provided they don't feel their lives, property or welfare are under threat.'

The way it's written, someone on fire will stand and watch a skinner take their gloves off.

Maybe Skinner should be SO BEAUTYFULL, that someone on fire will stand and watch...? ;)

Once more to the "NINJA WAY" ;)..:

What about the move "Artful & gracious" with SWORDMASTERY? I mean, can it be used to attack people like in the Asian movies - all with the outcome "has to give a gift" meaning hold over (any) weapon (any) enemy got before the move? Even NOT TO really HARM anyone - just to GO THROUGH them... See some kung-fu movie, where the hero goues through enemies, taking their weapons - and after that all are ALIVE (and even not hurted)... It is more SKINNER move then Battlebabe (or even Gunlugger), not?!

Apocalypse World / Re: Artful and Gracious to stop brewing mob?
« on: February 21, 2015, 05:24:08 PM »
What about the move "Artful & gracious" with SWORDMASTERY? I mean, can it be used to attack people like in the Asian movies - all with the outcome "has to give a gift" meaning hold over (any) weapon (any) enemy got before the move? Even NOT TO really HARM anyone - just to GO THROUGH them... See some kung-fu movie, where the hero is going through enemies, taking their weapons - and after that all are ALIVE (and even not hurted)... It is more SKINNER move then Battlebabe (or even Gunlugger), not?!

Apocalypse World / Re: How do you limit An Arresting Skinner?
« on: February 21, 2015, 05:03:22 PM »
What about the move "Artful & gracious" with SWORDMASTERY? I mean, can it be used to attack people like in the Asian movies - all with the outcome "has to give a gift" meaning hold over (any) weapon (any) enemy got before the move? Even NOT TO really HARM anyone - just to GO THROUGH them... See some kung-fu movie, where the hero goues through enemies, taking their weapons - and after that all are ALIVE (and even not hurted)... It is more SKINNER move then Battlebabe (or even Gunlugger), not?!

I know, thah my question was more about Skinner ART (not "An Arresting Skinner"), but still I would like to know opinions of the othesr (I will put this q. also into discussion about Skinner - playbook focus...)

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:37:14 AM »
I put the 6 as AVERAGE only (so the RULE of 2-4 GIGS even as wide as 2-12 barters is not broken by that). I hope, that the *1 for 6* is in balance with the Maestro D income (and all around).

By the way, what about the rule "change crew" - do that mean also ADD A MEMBER? (especially if the crew was embattled and someone died etc.).

Also if you be so kind and help me with some Macaluso questions - especially for CHANGE THE PLYABOOK. If the Macaluso changed for example to the Operator, then there will be 3 (or more) of them?! ;). Or one Operator and other NPC (multibody entity)...?

Also I would like which playbook is for GENERATING SUPPLY - I mean from where getting the VALUEST FOR BARTER...? The Operator is JUST FIXER, not a creator (can cretate only indirectly by"honest work" or "technical wo - or is there more possibilities?). The Savvyhead looks more creatively (can have a garden or so) and maybe the Driver ("utility vehicle" - something for MINING etc.?), then the MAestro D if his establishment really can generate somethink - a fishermas base, hunting lodge or so - could it be that way?

I am looking for values that the Operator (and others) can OPERATE WITH... :)

Also the Angel player asked me if he can have a BEE HIVES and herbs etc. as part of Infirmary (true *natural medicine*) for being able to resupply medical stuff without barter(ing) - or ONLY bartering at least.

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: April 26, 2014, 11:00:30 AM »
Pardon, dear Vincent, for so spamming. I wanted other opinions - mostly YOURs :) to my "solution" for the GAME BALANCE. Because I counted it with the Maestro D in consideration and with rules for gig, BARTER etc. - therefore I was thinking about it as worthy comment-LINK in associated forums.

Did I reach the BALANCE - fair play? Because the 2 to 4 gigs (meaning 2 to 12 barters) is too wide for my (and I mean near for anyone) narrative consideration...

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbook focus: The Operator
« on: April 26, 2014, 10:32:27 AM »
Please, help me with the rule "change your crew" - do that mean also ADD A MEMBER (making the crew stronger, even as a GANG)...?

Note, that I hopefully resolved AN AVERAGE BARTER INCOME FOR THE 1 BARTER CUT for the crew. By the Maestro D i "counted" that after full 6 barter income 1 barter of cut to crew should be paid. More about that GAME BALANCE = FAIR PLAY see it in

Apocalypse World / Re: How do you limit An Arresting Skinner?
« on: April 26, 2014, 10:25:59 AM »
What about the move "Artful & gracious" with SWORDMASTERY? I mean, can it be used to attack people like in the Asian movies - all with the outcome "has to give a gift" meaning hold over (any)weapon (any) enemy got before the move? Even NOT TO really AHRM anyone - just to GO THROUGH them... See eome kung-fu movie, where the hero goues through enemies, taking their weapons - and after that all are ALIVE (and even not hurted)... It is more SKINNER move then Battlebabe (or even Gunlugger), not?!

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: April 26, 2014, 05:38:02 AM »
Would not be great, having at least  an AVERAGE IN BARTERs made by the Operator and his crew WHICH ARE FOR THE 1 BARTER CUT?
Because for 2 to 4 GIGS it can be 2 to 12 (!) barters for 1 barter cut. Wildly wide! :(

My solution for now is based at the Maestro D: "Your regulars include these 5 NPCs (at least)" and the rule of 1 barter for 2 normal events or one ("1-barter will also cover your cast & crew’s cut of a spectacular event or two" - the "cast", which is new term, should be meant for a security person(s)l etc.). And the base barter rule - 1 barter for night in luxury and company ;).

TOGETHER it should mean: 5 NPC + 1 Maestro giving luxury and company for ONE night (i feel that as SPECTACULAR EVENT - 1 barter payment to the crew and cast), which are for 6 barters income. I assume, that for the "giving company" (and luxury) no more than 6 customers can be cared for by the above mentioned 6 persons. Also I assumed, than taking 1 barter from each customer should be for SPECTACULAR event (see above). Normally, MORE CUSTOMERS are allowed, but (much) LESS PAYMENT from each of them. Like someone just stops for some drinks and chat...

Therefore AN AVERAGE for now is 1 barter payment for each 6 barters income (full).

By that way, also the Angel can be asked for something after making that much income with help of the crew (although Angel has the crew for free literally by he rules!). Maybe because it is an honor to work with the Angel?;). The GANGs of the Hardholder and of the Chopper can also asking something by that "rule", not? By the book, it seems, that he gangs working for free (they taking their cuts by the work i think). The Chopper can even taking vales from his gang (by he move "Fucking thieves")! The gangs support themselves as it seems...

Do that sounds good as for BALANCE = FAIR PLAY?
, especially in consideration of the Operator as a MIDDLE MAN - more important, than seems. I am thinking about the Operator as about the one needed to got anything not normally available. Who other can support or even reSUPPLY "bustling market"? (Also the Maestro D seems as be able to run a marketplace, but still need someone for resupply etc.).

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:06:24 PM »
I understood, that Vincent posted "up to me", but after choosing any way for the Operator - what about GAME BALANCE and FAIR PLAY for other characters? The Angel has half crew (2 people if I remember well) and do not have to pay them! The Maestro'D has crew but paying only for events made (like gigs from the Operator). So after SETting the Operator's speed of income, what about the others?

My question therefore is, what is average crew's cut (etc.) for good game BALANCE with the other characters - possibilities?

Migty Munin :), as you wrote, for "rich" seting that means allowing the Operator paying 1 barter for even as much as 4 gigs (which can be 3 barters each!) and having help for obligation(s) for free (!). But after that, then also the Angel could got Infirmary (and crew for free for it) easyly and also the resupply (!) etc. Shortly: enough barter for any character - and now I mean by the word barter something practical and not only some shared value nor undefined valuable(s)-service(s).
    Did I undertood your post well? It sems strange, but it ínterested me - the idea of RICH BUT APOCALYPSE WORLD ;). "Barters are enough as it seems, but is there enoufgh of-from YOU to prevail, progres, procreate (3p;))...?" Do you like that idea also?

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: February 19, 2014, 08:24:06 AM »
I bought als the LE boks and I am even using MC playbook "The Afterborn" (young adults n Apocalypse World). I have scenarios "Hatchet city" (authorised by you, dear Vincent, if I understood well) and "Sunken Sydney" (also authorized?) and "The Bowl" (well within the rules of AW) and other sources. So for start I just want to prepare some SPREDSHEET WITH RESOURCE RELATED RULES for making SETTINGS, SCENARIOS etc.

Now I have text file with NOTES WITH ALL RESOURCE RELATED rules and posts as authorized as possible. For related posts I was in much more forums then I posted into, because I want find answers myself much more then bothering anybody with my qestions. I am sending my Gratitude to all who was and si (and will be) posting (and answering me) :). When I make the file organized and even nice enoughf for not feelin shame weh put i onlne, then I will put it online and I will LINK THE FILE HERE also. :) I am thinking about Google Document with editing rights for anyone who heped r want to help with that. I will welcome other and especially beter ideas :).

I understand that you, Vincent, want to keep the rules as *open* as possible. But you put SOME SETTING RULES and even DIRECT RESOURCE RULES in AW (I mean all AW as above mentioned :) ). And as I understand the AW, it is not just rules, but also a setting(s) - at least an *atmosphere* (feelings) which needs some sources SET(ting) ;) ).

So the question about how much is the average cut for the crew from barters done by gigs* is also wider question about how high possibility and speed ror RICHness of the Operar should be allowed.
     Because the Brainer is somehow rich from beginning and in rules is mentioned, that the Brainer can got the barters "easy", but being weird and socially out (scaring even etc.) could be enough for FAIR PLAY. The Hardholder IS RICH BY THE ROLE of being the Hardholder (see sex move ;) ) and the move WEALTH speeks for itself ;).
     The Operator is allowed to reach richness by the Moonlighting - but HOW FAST he can be RICH and HOW? I see the Operatr somewehere between he Hardholder - having "emloyees" (crev X gang) and the Hocus - operating more directly with people (followers + the "Fortune" move). The Operator is closer to the Hocus I think..:
     The Hocus has influence for another people directly (the "Frenzy" move) and also indirectly (throuh the follwers). If the folowers are scattered aroud, independently of the Hocus and of each other (for example one follower in a gang and another in the crew and each other elsewehere), then the followers can make even greater infulence - not focused (as would be if the followers was not so scattered) but very wide.
     The Operator has not such influence, nor the crew (much less people then followers are). So for fair lay, "at least" some (more) barters should be coming for the Operaor, not? :)

Pardon for so long *thinking aloud*... At least anyone ca see how the AW is FASCINATING! :)

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: February 17, 2014, 06:25:54 AM »
Thank you both, Decivre and Daniel! :)

I am happy more than enough for even some answers - even if they do not mechanical help and just put the question into roleplaying as Daniel posted.

But the rules should be for fair play and easier imagination - narative, roleplay etc. So if the word CREW seem to me more as employers (remember, that I have such crews in my real life and I am paying them etc.), but for fair play they should NOT SUCH BELONG to the Operator, than it should be noted in the rules. So on one side crew as employees - even PART TIME JOBs ;) as it sems - could be LESS LOYAL to the Operator than a gang of COMRADES etc. is LOYAL to the Chopper. On the other hand the Chopper seems like need some lever to the loyality - se the "Alpha dog" move, therefore the gang NOT BELONGS to the Chopper as he is NOT PAYING the gang etc. He even can GETTING VALUABLES FROM THE GANG by the move "Fucking thieves". Therefore I am not sure, WHAT IS  FAIR: to let the Oparetor USING the crew as tool - like employees, or only as boost - participating as posted before.

I am open for each solution and even other solution for other scenario, but I want to  be sure that the players see each solution in appropriate scenarion as fair play.

Lastly, please remember, that I am preparing SUPER SCENARIO for "RESOURCE -RESUPPLY RUN", which will need also the gig - barter - cut questions answered. If you got all AW books (Limited Edition, the AW book for CHILDREN I AW and even scenario from Vincent - *Hatched city*) and go through the rules more times as i did (!:)), you will see some SCENARIO RELATED RULES - some pieces of Apocalypse World how it was imagined by the author of it. For example see the Chopper fluff text giving even MORE THAN ENOUGH AMMO and and weapons into the game as whole - that means, it should be that way in each scenario, because Apocalypse World without shooting scenes will be like a modern movie without colors ;(.

I prepared sample scenarios from nearly absolute apocalypse, to apocalypse as nice as possible for being still the Apocalypse World ;).
     The first case - *absolutely AW* ;) : 1 barter for living expenses means just some shleter, nerly not enough of nearly not drinkable water and nearly not edible food - or DIY like rat traps and a knife, lighter and permition for using it all with wood scavanged (better Do It Yourself = DIY).
     The secon case - *alright AW* :) : 1 barter for living expenses means squat standard according present time, drinkable water even for some washing (hey, we are washing in drinkable water in my country - asking Apocalypse to happen, not?!:(...), food functional also for the taste etc. Instead of DIY approach, there is more community conections, services and SUPPLY CHAINS. Just few and short and not much and long as in present time, but so short and so few as would be after even "nice" apocalypse.

But 1 barter in each scenario is 1 barter FOR ALL usage - RULES: In the 1st scenario are also less weapons and therefore good gun is for 1 barter and also it is not easy to take over a shelter (remember the traps) and therefore also the shelter is for 1 barter. In the 2nd scenario is more guns but also more of other supplies, therefore although good gun is cheaper than in the first scenario, but also the other supply is cheaper, it is easier to take over a squat (not mentioned just a shleter) and so on.
     And I can change the economics in a way that in 1st scenario would be more guns and still letting good gun for 1 barter - because although gun can be obtained more easyly, than it is not so easy to use, having repaired - and some sheleter(s) can then be obtained easily than by take over. Also in the 2nd scenario can be less guns, but then for not letting a gun cost more than 1 barter, I could just change the other values in opposite direction as above mentioned. /// Uff, do you see it all? :) ///

Therefore it IS IMPORTANT at least for me and the super scenario ;) how much of BARTER FROM ANY VALUABLEs the Operator is giving to the crew in measure of how much the crew making for (even as WITH) the Operator.

Is anyone willing to helping me more directly with the SUPER SCENARIO?! :)  - also as TEMPLATE for scenarios making as was the 1st and 2nd mentioned above.

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: February 13, 2014, 11:38:16 AM »
Dear Decivre,

even the author of AW, Vincent himself, answered me, that the Operator is involved in the gigs (THANK YOU AGAIN, dear Vincent!:)).
     Decivre - but your idea about the crew as only suport seems as too hard for the Operator. Because even with the starting Monlighting = 2 juggling, the Operator could do 2 profitable gigs (if obligation is unwrked) and they can be for 3 barter (only murders are for that much barter) and 2 barters (technical work for example). Do that two comlex-hard gigs with just some support sem as to much, not? But the Operaor should like the idea for being rich so fast :).

I am thinking about the Moonlighting move as about working late evenings and until (or even THROUGH) nights (MOON light ;) ), so "offscreen" could also means that, not? Or something as was in feudalism - 5 days working for landlord and 1 day for self and 1 day for rest (church visits etc.). Also in present time is working week (5 days working for some company or so) and wekend (2 day for your self etc.). I remember when my parents had weekendhouse - NO FREE WEEKENDS in that time, even no rest ;(.
     I am doing that "Monlightong" (and much more) in my real life - without emlpoyees (crews) and comrades (gangs;)) it would be impossible to doing as much as WE (and smetmes mre "THEY") are doing...

It is possible to got +1 juggling WITH gig (SEE SEX MOVE of the Operator ;) ) or as independent advancement? (now I do not ave he rules with me), but anyway, the Operator wih 3 and MORE JUGGLING should have more than just support from the crew, not? See the Angel with Infirmary - it looks like the crew is DEDICATED and NOT JUST SUPPORTing (If I understand the rules text well;))...

* If your character is constantly busy, they won't be able to run gigs at all. * - I think, that the Operator should be (or at least COULD BE) busy more with OPERATING (with crew etc.) than in other stuff (especially if not connected with the ROLE of the Operator). The crew of the Operator is also like the gun(s) of he Gunlugger and not just like the gang of the Chopper (although the gang is for he Chopper like the guns for the Gunlugger, not?;)). What I mean is relationship as crew BELONG to the Operator (as present time EMLOYEES) and not just PARTICIPATING (as the gang with the Chopper - even as alpha role).
     The Hardholder is also the employer (and LEADER) to appropriate gang. Which means, that the Chopper can BE WITH a gang (and alpha...), but the whole gang can BELONG to the Hardholder (true leader). It also means, that a gag member can think about the Chopper as about the alpha dog, about the Operator as about (middle;))manager - employer and about the Hardholder as about the top employer - leader. Having cuts form more jobs is (the only) way for even the lowest gangmember howto make full 1 barter monthly (and sometimes more). And that 1 barter monthly is needed for living. And because the living likes a HOLD, then the Hardholder is perceived as the top, then because living likes some SERVICES (safety, production of food etc.) - which are OPERATIONS, then the Operator could be perceived as (middle)manager - (sub)employer.

--- Uff, it was not easy to think about it even in my native language ;). ---

     For example to "avoid someone" with 4 people helping is much more easier that to doing it without such help, not? ;) And what about "paying debts" with valuables given together from (or at least WITH) the helpig crew (as ANTI-CUT ;) )...?

Apocalypse World / Re: Gigs and how they work
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:41:00 PM »
All answers helped me - thank to all of you...

But also Vincent himself answered me (!:))

The cut is from 2-4 gigs, which is still too wide for me (2-4 gigs times 1-3 barters). And BATER IS MORE FIXED VALUE than is posted above - it JUST DEPENDS AT SETTING, but BY RULES IT IS DEFINED AS ONE MONTH LIVING EXPENSES and other BASE RESOURCES. The quality of living (from just some shelter to squat standard of present time;)) also depends at the setting, but it is 1 barter monthly anyway. Also even with pacifist community, the 1 barter for good gun is still valid - beacause of hunting at least. And pacifist commnity in Apocalypse world sounds strange (but it is interesting;) - see the Solace, or at least the Skinner).

Which is interesting (or even important) also is Vincent's answer for that the Operator has to participate in the gigs! So my imagnation of also independent usage of he crew was too much :(.
     But I am still thinking that way, beacause I am doing that (living that way) in my real life and I am quite sure, that I will be able to proceed with that even after the Apocalypse. I am well prepared - and I am using the AW more like psychological simulator than just a game ;). Also that is my reason for being more PRECISE - the other reason is my prearation of "RESOURCES RESUPPLY RUN - SETTING SCENARIOs" :). Example efect: *Guns and ammo is here (see the Chopper), but who making the new ones (if any NEW GUNS and not just amo)?*

We should not forgetting how long are the supply chains - or is somene from you able to make ammo (at least) by self (handmade)? ;) By the way - I think, that the Apocalypse is coming also because of that, :(.

Apocalypse World / Re: Can someone please explain the malacuso?
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:55:58 PM »
Much thanks for all answers!:)

As I posed before I agree with Ebok and now also with Munin - in my first post I was too ecstatic becouse I got LE book just few days before...

After more study including answers above I think, that now just the question of CHANGE THE PLAYBOOK is unclear - at least to me.

On the other hand, also the Skinner's move "Hypnotic" should be somehow more powerfull when SHARED by more Macaluso bodies, not? ;)

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbook focus: The Operator
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:41:24 PM »
I am sending my gratitude for all answers and congratulation to Vincent for so great game!:)

I hope, that I will be able to make nice negotiation etc. with the *"A couple three four" is a colloquialism that means 2-4.*. But it is still to vague to me. Dear Vincent, thank you for the GIG ANSWER etc., but I asked more BARTERs QUESTION - because one gig can be 1 barter or 3 barters.
     So 2-4 times 1-3 is still too wide for me - othervise AW is quite precise - especially in the question of what any character can do... I can imagine cool crew asking for 1 barter after 4 gigs - if the "hardest" gig in the set is for 2 barter and if that gig is no more than 2 times in he set. But what about  cruel crew asking 1 barter after 2 gigs for 1 barter each? Operating crew which s more cool or more cruel - new valuse for AW? ;) - is much diferent, even to much - not?
     I am trying to tell that the rules should be more helpfull in that part for making "manual" or at least "borders" for posibilities - narrative etc.

But as I showed above, I can just describe members of crew and therefore the crew as whole by the cool / cruel values. And because of he Apocalypse, then even the cool would me more "cold" ;).

Because I am preparing "RESOURCE _RESUPPLY RUN SETTING - SCENARIOs", than the barter and gigs questions are very important for me. The rules HAS SETTINGs for example with guns and ammo - so someone has to making them, which could be gigs from honest work to technical work etc.

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