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AW:Dark Age / Re: questions on Outlaw Heir
« on: March 06, 2014, 11:06:39 AM »
Uhm, I guess also this could be answer also for the first quesiton, if I don't miss something.
It could be a MC moves.

AW:Dark Age / questions on Outlaw Heir
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:10:12 AM »
1 - the fortune move applies also to safe passage and sanctuary? if not, when the bounty and the want come in play?

2- the heir start with 1 supporter, when does he adds other supporters?

AW:Dark Age / Re: WarHerald and war-band
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:12:03 AM »
So everywhere the options already checked do not replace your choice, they add to them.

AW:Dark Age / Re: Wolfspell
« on: March 05, 2014, 07:27:28 AM »
do you mean that it is not an oversight? I was intended to be left blank?

AW:Dark Age / Re: Wicker-wise
« on: March 05, 2014, 07:01:19 AM »
yes, it states "Performing a charm takes only a few seconds, but you must choose and make 2 sacrifices"
So I don't see problem if you make a sacrifice in a brawl.
But it does not mean that you are able to stop the same brawl...

AW:Dark Age / Re: Wicker-wise
« on: March 05, 2014, 05:25:26 AM »
my take is that you must be able to perform the sacrifice in order to get the charm.
You must inflict the 2 Harm to your enemy. I don't see how you can do that if you are tied to a tree.

AW:Dark Age / WarHerald and war-band
« on: March 05, 2014, 04:55:20 AM »
A couple of things I do not understand about the warband

there is already a vulnerability signed (low muster) and you have to choose two
does it mean that the warband start with 3 vulnerabilities?

What does it exactly means "low muster"? you have the lower number of warriors? e.g. 12 instead of 16?

Dungeon World / Dungeon Starter: The Battlefield
« on: August 06, 2013, 03:24:46 PM »
cross posted on G+

Hi all
I have to run a three hour session of DW so I'm trying with this Dungeon Starter

It is the dawn of a decisive battle on the plain
who fight this battle?
you enlisted?

-if you enlisted
which of you insisted to enlist as mercenaries?
with whom?
what are the rumors about the ruins east of the battlefield?
Who is to blame for the fact that you are losing?
In what regiment are you?
what is the suicide mission for which you volunteered?
Which reward they promised you?
What do you think will happen to the loser army ?

-if you did not enlist
how come you came out from the ruins through a secondary exit?
What were you looking for?
who prevented you from getting it?
which of you triggered the trap that brought down the exit tunnel as you went out?
What do you do now that you are facing a cavalry charge?

-the armies lined up at dawn, with banners waving
-the tortured bodies after a massacre
-the smell of the blood, carried by the wind, even at the entrance of these ruins
-abominable beings awakened by this smell
-forgotten ancient ruins beneath the vegetation
-ragged vagabonds frightened by fog
-the darkness in the subsoil
-the camp buzzing with activity
-the general who gives orders to the officers, concerned about the trend of battle
-wounded people who complain, devoid of hope
-the rumble of the charging chivalry
-distant sounds in these tunnels otherwise uninhabited
-a race against time, other adventurers in search
-the last bastion of resistance
-crypts of ancient heroes
-the official arrogant and incompetent
-the leader bloodthirsty and ruthless
-prisoners dragged in the mud and / or sacrificed
-havoc in the night in the field
-the dawn of a victory
I will think also some custom move, like
When you are in the heat of the battle...

Critics or suggestions?
Many thanks

brainstorming & development / Custom Move for a Fantasy Hack
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:53:44 AM »
I am running a Fantasy campign Hack of AW. I am using the Game of Thrones Playbook of Pheylorn ( but it will not be a Game of Thrones campaign. I only needed some fantasy playbook, and those suited well

I plan to introduce three costum moves

The first is quite simple:

When you travel in the wild and the MC tell you to do so, roll+sense. On 10+ you managed to find yourself in a good and defendable place and you are well alerted. on 7-9 it is only one of the two.

The second uses monsterheart strings:

The first time you enter in Xiago, the city of the dead, the Elder of Xiago gain a string on you

With the third I try to have more dynamic fights:

When you swashbuckling in the fight choose one:
You arrive in any position of the fight stage
You evade, parry and avoid the multiple attack of your enemies
You use a piece of the stage to obtain something otherwise not reachable
You make someone fool of himself
Describe the athletic feat that let you to achieve this result and you did it.
On 10+ you obtain your result and gain +1 forward
On 7-9 as above but either you or one of your friends is in immediate danger, your choice
On 6- you did your athletic feat, but the MC can revert the move against you with an hard move?

Any feedback is welcome

blood & guts / Re: Fantasy reskin
« on: February 08, 2013, 09:58:56 AM »
Many thanks

Finally I opted for some fantasy playbooks, (less work to do ;) )

But I keep your suggestions as I suspect that my players will ask something more..

blood & guts / Fantasy reskin
« on: January 31, 2013, 12:01:09 PM »
In the search for an AW fantasy reskin (I don't want to start an hack) I come up with this idea.
Instead of come up with different playbooks (rewriting the playbooks of AW or others hacks) to offer to my players, I would like to ask them to tell me what kind of character they like to play and what kind of moves this characther would do.
The final version of the player moves will be mine as MC, but based on player's idea.

What could possibly go wrong?

edit grammar

Apocalypse World / Re: Advice requested
« on: June 27, 2011, 07:46:08 AM »
You can also try some supplement, like the maleficent seven of Jonathan Walton:

In any case a Gunlugger doesn't lose his moves and stats, so what's the problem? You'll end with a gunlugger battlebabe.. not bad, I think...

Dungeon World / Re: fighter signature weapon
« on: June 01, 2011, 04:37:07 PM »
We are currently working out a low speed pbf Dungeon World and, until now, we are using the signature weapon with stacking both base tag (of the base weapon, like +1dmg) and improv tag of fighter.
We would like to keep the things this way and let you know how it is. This could help?

Dungeon World / Re: problem on Ranger Command
« on: June 01, 2011, 05:01:56 AM »
Up the question, if someone could answer and I add

To have the companion perform the trick (e.g to get the +1 to follow a trail) you have to roll Command or they get the trick automatically?

Apocalypse World / Re: Real life battlebabe!
« on: May 25, 2011, 04:21:06 PM »
I'll be honest, I don't think to the battlebabe as a.. parkourer(?) parkourist(?) tracer(?), but I think it would be a great supplement or a wonderful new playbook

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