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I have a series of questions about the Symbiote playbook.

How exactly is " I have access to ??s infirmary, and I can work on people in it." intended to work mechanically? Do you count as an npc medic? Can you pull off Angel level stuff as long as you are in the infirmary? Our Angel has decided never to heal the Show and I have a body with this exact circumstance.

How much freedom is the Symbiote supposed to have when writing the circumstances of the blank sections? So far I have been pretty liberal with it and the MC has been cool with that but surely there are some intended limiting factors.

How much can you do with HoTH (ii)? Good and bad luck is incredibly vague. Something I did with this was alter the way the Show's pandering worked so that it would literally rip oddments from the maelstrom instead of bankrupting the hardhold (which was a fantastic thing for the Hardholder). Someone recommended to me that "incredibly shitty luck" for the Show could be him losing his powers, which seems too lame to actually do.

Thank you in advance for any answers to these questions.

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