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Took your comments and second-drafted it. Aimed for less Slasher Movie and more towards Wronged (but it's your own damn fault in a way). More of a criminality/self-destructive play style to the Fugitive.

General thoughts?

Hi there, new guy here. I'll save the introduction for a more proper thread but suffice to say I've been lurking here for a couple weeks and I diddled up a draft for The Fugitive. I'm still getting the hang of how things work and this was more of a 20 minute draft that went a little more towards the serial killer part and less the "serial killer of MONSTERS" part.

I'll try to get a more proper draft up tomorrow as I've got a buddy willing to playtest it during a one-shot I intend to run this weekend. I realized a little too late into making it that you can't really stat-harm an enemy (such as reducing their effective Cool stat), but I'm looking into greater source material and this seems like a fun project to jump into.

The Fugitive:

Once I figure this out and fix it all up I'd love to take a crack at either The Risen or the Escaped. The Freak seems like too much of a carryover with The Monstrous or the Summoned, but I like the angle of discovering ones origins/purpose for creation. Maybe it's just the Abe Sapien comparison that threw me off, as it feels more like a Roger than an Abe issue. Though I haven't looked at those comics in a long while, so I might be way off base.

Hope it's a decent enough framework, I'll get back to you with something better as soon as humanly possible.

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