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Monster of the Week / Re: Typo eradication
« on: June 22, 2014, 11:25:09 PM »
It makes sense. I just misunderstood. Maybe it does need more explanation but I may have just missed it.

Monster of the Week / Re: Typo eradication
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:19:25 PM »
Hey I know it's late but pg 92. It says bystanders have 7 harm capacity like a hunter. I assume it should say 8.

Monster of the Week / Re: Mystery sheet as a form
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:21:52 AM »
If you have the original form template I can see what I can do.

Monster of the Week / Re: Monsters! EEK!
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:18:06 AM »
We will see how crazy on sunday. We are doing a drop in drop out thing with a large group so I will see how truely crazy it gets.

Monster of the Week / Monsters! EEK!
« on: May 24, 2014, 11:09:46 PM »
So I ran the first game of  my new Monster of the Week.

Everything went well, I will put the AP recording up somewhere when I can.

We ended up with an ott group
 El Azule Pantero - The  Luchadore
Victoria Proudmore - The big game hunter
Rosa Esposito - The action scientist
Abel - The summoned
Hiram- The divine.

the game started off with the Action Scientist detecting a gravitational anomaly that pointed the group in the direction of a local bookstore that contains a lot of "old books that ended in - inomcon".  They arrived and found the building on fire and having to deal with the police straight away that ended in the big game hunter calling in the police chief to give them access to the still burning building.

The divine teleported to the roof ( a recurring theme) when he saw a cloaked figure on the roof, followed by Abel ( a 10 ft tall black demon)  noticing summoning circles and having some banter with the figure.
After Hiram left the roof (teleporting again) to find out what caused a thump from below  and grabbing Pantero and Rosa first leavinf those two inside the building while teleporting back to the roof to help Abel.

things get confusing but here are the highlights - Hiram grabs the cloaked figure and slips off the building  to be saved by Abel, who grabbed the cloaked figure  who was holding up Hiram.

Rosa and Pantero are in the smoke filled 2nd story Pantero does the normal thing and drops to the ground to see the little fire demon legs running around causing trouble . Rosa whips out the electricity cannon and corrals them in the broom closet.

About now Victoria who has just finished talking to the police ( Officers Friendly and Shrewsbury as well as Chief of Police Amy Yang) and sees Hiram and the cloaked figure hanging off the building and misses badly on her read a bat sitch roll so decides to run into the burning building.

During the scuffle upstairs Hiram and Abel are in a tumble with the cloaked figure a girl with amber coloured eyes. Pulling a knife and stabbing Abel who lets her stab him and puches her off him and scrambling to the edge again chasing after a scary looking book.

Hiram jumps after the book and the cloaked figure and falls down after the book grabbing it and teleporting to the first floor just time tumbling up with Victoria before making their way to the 3rd floor where Rosa and Pantero are.

Whipping the door to the broom closet open , Hiram swing his sword at the combined group of ifrit. only half of them get away but there is a bunch friends around who whip out fire extinguishers and kill the rest.

Abel looks over the edge of the building to see the Cloaked figure hit the ground hard, the body of the girl left behind as the cloak flew off to find a new host.

Downstairs Rosa and Pantero find they are trapped by the smoke and must escape out a nearby window swinging down with a batman like grace.
people thrown off buildings/ out windows : 4

The Sprawl / Re: The Sprawl: Alpha Version
« on: September 01, 2012, 07:01:26 PM »
Hey I really enjoyed reading through the game last night.
I hope it goes well

brainstorming & development / Re: Samurai World
« on: June 13, 2012, 09:11:36 PM »
Hi all due to looking for a new house, loosing a hard drive and expecting a baby this has gone on to the back burner I am going to drop what I have here over the next little bit.

I will be back though.

brainstorming & development / Re: Samurai World
« on: March 06, 2012, 12:09:11 AM »
i hope this happens

thanks for the vote of confidence.
Paul, I really like this idea.

When we talked in the weekend, I asked you whether you would bake a starting situation into this hack, and you mentioned that you might set in the middle of a war between two kingdoms or imperial families. Is that still the plan?

The creation of 'Situation' is definitely one thing I'm still not clear on when it comes to AW hacks. With Monsterhearts, it seems to come from the backstory between characters and the origins of their monstrous sides. With Monster of the Week and Dungeon World, it's inherent in their premises ('kill monsters'; 'go into dungeons'). With AW, I think the situation comes from scarcity and the aggressive destablisation of status quos.

I'm looking forward to seeing your basic moves. One thing that might help you with that: what sorts of conflicts (both the obvious ones and the subtle) do you see happening in the movies that are inspiring you?

the Situation and motivation I have been thinking of might be easier. If I have the default setting be taking down "the empire"

I was thinking that the characters are a group formed for that specific goal. If there is a defined goal then it has a goal. That way we can have people of shame and people of honour working for the same goal.

I am working on the basic moves, at the moment just looking at the basic moves from AW and MOTW renaming and reflavouring them.

the definate one I need to add is to TAKE BY STEALTH. this way I can have NINJAS!

brainstorming & development / Samurai World
« on: March 05, 2012, 03:27:40 AM »
So I am starting a Kurosawa samurai film styled hack.

Death is a constant threat anytime someone puts hands to steel, so I am thinking of a move to deal with Dueling.

Here is what I have already.

Stats to be reskinned as the japanese elements.

Earth -Immovability-  (Cool)
Water -Absorption/Mutability -(Smarts)
Fire  - Violence and passion  (Hard or Hot)
Wind -redirection-(Smarts)
Void -Emptiness and spirit (Weird)


Code: [Select]
Roll +void
Duels always end in death. do not break out these rules unless you are willing to kill the other character or your own.

When faced in a formal duel the participants step out after compasing their death poems and writing a letter to their Daimyo

1) they announce their names and lineage
2) they would bow and show respect
3) they take form and their postures
4) death

Roll +Void
on a 10+ you choose to kill the other opponent or end the duel in their dishonour
on a 7-9 you choose one of the following and win the duel but not decisively
on a 6 or lower your character dies and choose 2 from the following

- a visible scar to show your shame
- Loss of  hand or limb

anyone have ideas for additional things for the list?


I am also looking at the basic moves and rewriting them for the feeling then I am going to move on to the first playbooks.

Thanks so far to Steve Hicky, Mike Sands and Charles Chinn for their advice and allowing me to steal their ideas.

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