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Tomorrow, friday, we at Skepnad will launch a Kickstarter for the swedish translation of Apocalypse World (2nd ed).

Tag along if you are curious, want to learn swedish or want to get a book with new apocalyptic art! Oh, and if you are a Swede learning about this, here, for the first time, h?ng med och gl?m inte att ber?tta f?r alla du k?nner!

Thank you!

Jimmy Ringkvist
for Skepnad

It is so cool to see this project continue! I´ve been thinking about it now and then since you mentioned it was going to happen, and it is a serious undertaking to tackle the grammatical style of the original game and try to make it work in Swedish. Kudos.

Jerry: I still have a spot reserved for you! Say hi here: jimmy (at) ringkvist (small filled circle) se - and I´ll suggest sumthin' cool.

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