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Apocalypse World / The part of the secret
« on: June 05, 2011, 03:21:10 AM »
If the MC is to always say what honesty demands, I'm wondering myself about the players own honesty regarding their characters.

Players in Apocalypse World are not bound to this rule. But are they bound to play their characters with transparency ?

Are their gameplay choices known to everybody around the table?
What about dark secrets? Secret relationships? Quiproquo?

In my tabletop game, secret was a good choice. The angel could keep her love relationship with Snake, the mindfucker, a secret for the whole characters. And it surely was fun for the brainer to excavate her mind in looking for her feelings.

On the other hand, secrets totally ruined a pbp game which ended before beginning.

What are your experiences with secrets in Apocalypse World. I'm sure it will help  starting a new game all over again.

Many thanks.

roleplaying theory, hardcore / AW... grammatical RPG?
« on: February 07, 2011, 03:59:02 AM »
While discussing how to translate some idiomatic and necessary parts of AW in french in order to open the game to a larger audience (and to our nonenglish-speaking french friends), I got, what I think, is a kind of insight about Apocalypse World design.

The words you used, Vincent, are really a headache to translate... :P
Let's begin with the stats?

How to express in a single short word the ability to keep cold in a tense situation? We've got the word "flegmatique", but it's far to long and the color isn't there. We've got the term "relax", but it's far to smooth. We've got the word "calme" but it's so colorless... "Zen"? Why not?...
Sure, "Dur" isn't the good word. What about "bal├Ęze", "couillu", "ferme", "brut"?...
Isn't easy to. We got propositions like: "sexy", "bandant", "classe", "canon"...
As far as I am concerned, I will use:
Cool: Zen
Hard: Brut
Hot: Canon
Sharp: Vif
Weird: Zarb'
One of us suggested to use common nouns in place of adjectives, that's where came my kind of insight.
My first reaction was to say:"No! Adjectives participate in the color first design that vincent wanted for Apocalypse World! The name of the stats are here to be colorful."
Adjectives have the role to qualify the nouns. The nouns, the subjets of the sentences are the player characters, the playbooks. What about the verbs? Aren't they the moves?

Rules for apocalypse word are ways to regulate conversation.

Couldn't we postulate/imagine/believe that, designing a narrativist color first game, uses grammatical rules rather than mathematical and statistical ones?

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