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AW:Dark Age / Playtesting: One on one with a troll-killer
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:43:29 AM »
I got to play for a few hours last night with Carly. We only played one on one, so apologies if that makes the playtesting less useful, but that's how I play a lot of games that I get immediately enthusiastic for! And really it didn't seem to change the game at all. Oaths were pointed at NPCs and that's it. It also made drawing the map super fast and simple.

Be sure to tell me your favorite part, your least favorite part, and the most surprising part.

My favorite part was establishing details about the troll-killers land and allied NPCs. It ended up being an ancestral farmland, passed down by the Old Blood from mother to daughter, so his older sister (second eldest sibling) is set to inherit it while he runs around becomes a legendary warrior and monster slayer. So the setting building stuff, and the details already provided and the way they get filled out in play.

My least favorite part was keeping track of all the hanging +1 forwards. It may be my imagination but it seems like there's more in this game and we kept losing track. I think this is something that we'll remember in time, though, so consider this a frustrated grump more than a request that it be changed. We both forgot a few as we were playing, and then I remembered some more that we forgot while I was showering this morning.

The most surprising part was how much mental overhead I felt that I needed to put into tracking genealogies. Keeping track of who's relative to who and who has what rights based on which inheritance system only came up slightly, but I immediately realized that I am going to have to put some serious work into family trees in order to make it something that's relevant and interesting and if I don't want to step on my own feet.

If there's other details you'd like to know, let me know. The only other thought I really have is that I was itching for was something similar to threats and fronts. I introduced some playbook inspired stuff (there's a dragon cult and a mysterious wood witch) and while I don't need some between-session prep guidance I sure would appreciate it.

AW:Dark Age / When you use something...
« on: March 03, 2014, 02:47:07 PM »
"When you use something on your character sheet, mark it for experience. When you mark the 7th, improve and erase your marks."

This seems kind of vague (when exactly am I using something?) and also a bit fussy, like I'll be marking 3 or 4 things all at once.

For Oaths in particularly, is "using" it when you follow it, or when someone else determines you've followed it at the session's end?

roleplaying theory, hardcore / The Function of System
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:19:58 PM »
Don't get mad at me for asking this. It's not a trap. I don't have an answer.

What is system for?

This is probably already answered somewhere in diagrams or essays. If I am being uselessly vague let me know and I'll think about what I'm asking. It is kind of abstract though.

Apocalypse World / Take a Sex Move from another Playbook
« on: September 29, 2010, 10:58:41 AM »
Does that include sex moves?

Apocalypse World / Babies
« on: September 28, 2010, 10:13:42 AM »
So, one of my players is like, "So, Saffron is doing it with people. Is she going to have a baby or what?"

I have been trying to figure out how to deal with that. The getting pregnant part I'm like, "Well, I guess I could just say you get pregnant." That doesn't seem right though. I don't want to be responsible for that decision!

Delivering a baby is totally a custom move, though. That's easy.

brainstorming & development / Gorkamorka Hack
« on: September 20, 2010, 03:50:17 PM »
‘Ard - experienced, scarred, tough
Cunnin’ - sharp, thinkin’, plannin’
Brutal - mean, savage, nasty
Git - sneaky, dirty, thievin’
Weird - crazy, psychic, explosive

Ork Size, only applies to brawls. Size stages damage up and down in the same way that group sizes do. A boy does -1-harm against a nob, and the nob does +1-harm against the boy. These coincide with group sizes, so a small gang of boyz will be about an even tangle with a couple nobs. (I’ve considered a step between boy and nob - skarboy - but that might be too many). Some playbooks will have the ability to gain size through advances.
- Grot
- Yoof
- Boy
- Nob
- Big Boss
- Warboss

Standard ork kit - 1-armour - a metal plate over your belly or maybe a big spiky metal shoulderpad.
‘Eavy Armour - 2-armour - metal plates here and there, and probably a big metal gob.
Mega Armour 3-Armour - big power armor with a power klaw and all that business. Dead stompy.
Weapons to follow.


Act Under Fire
As per AW-core. Roll +ard instead.

Get Stuck In
Roll +ard when you’re in a brawl. On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9 choose 1. Getting stuck in when the other boyz have got guns will often require a prior Act Under Fire roll.
- If you had a goal, you achieve it. Otherwise, you don’t.
- You inflict terrible harm (+1harm dealt)
- You receive little harm (-1harm dealt).

Dakka Dakka
Roll +cunnin when you’re in a gunfight. On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9 choose 1.
- They get shot up. Inflict +1harm.
- They gotta keep their heads down and hide behind cover.
- You’re dead-eyed. Inflict harm on a specific target of your choice.

I’m Da Biggest
Roll +brutal when you’re trying to get your way. Against NPCs, on a 10+ they do as you say. On a 7-9 they do as you say but MC chooses one:
- They need a thumpin’. Inflict harm on each other as established. If you would kill them, you can optionally choose to inflict no harm on each other and they are terrorized into doing what you say as though you rolled a +10.
- It won’t be cheap. You need to pay ‘em 1-teef.
- Yeah but it ain’t wot Zadgul wants me doin’, ‘n he’s bigga. ‘E’s not gonna like dis.

Sneaky Git
Roll +git when you’re trying to sneak somewhere or steal something unnoticed. On a 10+ you succeed! On a 7-9 MC choose 1:
- They know you’re up to something, but what?
- You get away but you’ve left your grubby fingerprints all over. They’ll figure it out, and they’ll know who.
- Offer a cost or a hard bargain or sumfing like that.

Open Your Mind to Gork... or is it Mork?
Roll +weird when you stop flapping yer gob for a minute and listen to the gods of the orks.
On a 10+ the MC will give you an itch towards what Gork or Mork want. Take a +1 to rolls towards that agenda. It’ll be something either cunningly brutal or brutally cunning. (that’s how you can tell who it is) On a 7-9 take the above, but take S-harm. That’s why you normally leave this business to the weirdboyz!

Playbooks to come

Unlimited Playbooks:

Limited Playbooks:
Nob (though this might be fulfilled through advancement of the Boy playbook)

Apocalypse World / AP:Limits
« on: September 14, 2010, 08:31:37 AM »
The Cast:

Carly as... Saffron, the Maestro'D
Jared as... Nero, the Operator
Matt as... Buzz, the Angel
Joe as... Batty, the Gunlugger

Saffron co-owns a club with Gams, a little place called Secrets. There's burlesque-style performances and pictures all over the walls from old 1950's books and magazines - an aesthetic Saffron is trying to recapture. There's old mostly destroyed statues from a museum that she looted, and there's a still and some really expensive drinks from Before. It's an evening before the show.

Nero is there doing companionship work with a dancing girl named Dallas who's new and friendless and throwing drinks and barter at him for the pleasure of his company.

Batty is at a table in the place making a deal with Tarry. Core, who leads Tarry's gang, wants him as extra security and muscle at the Overpass Market in a few days. He thinks Moses and his crew are going to try and make a move. Batty agrees.

Meanwhile, Buzz is talking with Bosch who's Saffron's bouncer. He wears an old cosmonaut suit that was looted from the same museum as the statues. It's giving him a rash and Buzz could you look at it? Buzz looks into the maelstrom, sees this rash is no big deal, but sees a cluster of bullet wounds in Bosch's torso that haven't happened yet. He's like "You need to head inside, Bosch."

That's when guys with guns bust in led by Big Stan, one of Moses's crew. They open fire on Buzz and Bosch and Buzz shoves Bosch out of the way and gets shot up. He's laying there bleeding and he's like, "What do you want?" and they're like, "You're coming with us." All this is happening in the foyer outside of Secrets. There's a secure door between Big Stan and co. and the inside.

Meanwhile, on the inside, when they hear the gunfire going on outside, people start to get freaked out. Nero notices that there are a few people on the inside of the club who are not startled at all. Nero sees that a guy at the end of the bar, Coach, is eyeing Saffron like he's about to do something and Nero shouts at him, trying to distract him. It works and he gets shot a couple times by Coach as the people in the club start to pull weapons.

Saffron ducks under bullets and grabs the arms of dancers and gets them all safely to a secure upstairs area. The patrons can fend for themselves. She grabs Dallas who's screaming and reaching for Nero and hauls her away too.

So then Batty gets up from his drink and he's this guy in SWAT team gear, and he just walks through the crowd to get his assault rifle which is in a cabinet by the door. Bullets are wizzing by him and plinking off him and he stumbles a bit when a shotgun blast hits him in the back, but he keeps going and puts a few knives into people on the way to the cabinet killing about half the people who are starting shit in the club. They freak out and hide behind tables.

Nero uses this opportunity to fuck off from where he was pretending to be dead and sneaks up the stage and rolls behind a curtain to stay safe while Batty gets his assault rifle and, terminator style, walks around the club dispatching the remaining guys with several rounds from his assault rifle. A couple try to run and they don't make it to the door.

Oh, but outside Buzz hears the gunfire from the inside and so he starts taking shots at the gang outside. He manages to land a few shots but they charge his room and Big Stan breaks his arm disarming him. She's dragging him away and he hears gunshots coming from inside his room where Bosch was hiding out.

That was our first session! Carly thinks it was bullshit that people infiltrated her club, but hey they have been planning this operation for MONTHS. Also, Jared doesn't like it when I say, "... in the fiction."

Next week: I wonder what's going to happen to Buzz? I wonder if Bosch survived his encounter? I wonder what Nero's crew has been up to?

brainstorming & development / Tribe 8 hack
« on: September 03, 2010, 03:57:22 PM »
First rough pass. Moves need tuning. What turf means needs to be detailed. Also, sex moves? Not sure what to do with them. Thought about making them based on Outlook but had a total brain fart for them.

Also, general power level is way higher than Apocalypse World and the original setting. Might do something like "may use move once per session" and allow you to ratchet that number up as an advance.

To do:
weapons and crap tuning
Z'bri moves
maybe a synthesis rating as a way of scaling things? dunno

Anyway here it is. To those not familiar with the original setting, a lot of this probably needs explaining that is not explained. Sorry.


Open your mind to the Psychic Maelstrom replaced by Open Your Mind to the Dream

Additionally, you may Enter a Trance to gain an appropriate +1 to any roll based on your eminences. Roll +weird. On a 10+ you gain the bonus. On a 7-9 you gain the bonus but expose yourself to danger, cost, or retribution.

Choose Your Former Tribe


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+1, Hard+2, Hot=0, Sharp=0, Weird=0
Cool=0, Hard+2, Hot=0, Sharp=+1, Weird=0
Cool+1, Hard+2, Hot=-1, Sharp=+1, Weird=0
Cool+2, Hard+2, Hot=0, Sharp=-1 Weird=-1

Choose an Eminence: Fury or Devotion

Choose two Moves:

Battle - Ritually prepare for battle. Roll +hard. On a 10+ hold 3. On a 7-9 hold 1. Hold may be spent during the battle: to grant a +1 to a roll to go aggro or seize by force or to gain 1-armor when you would take harm.

Righteousness - When fighting the Z’bri, the MC may not use custom moves against you that represent the Z’bri’s special abilities and you gain +1-armor against Z’bri attacks.

Sacrifice - You may take wound’s taken by others on yourself. This must occur on the moment it is inflict. Roll your +hx with them or +hard if they are an NPC. On a 10+ take one less than the amount inflicted on the target in ap harm and everyone within. On a 7-9 take the full harm. If you take 3-harm or more, all nearby allies take +1 forward.


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+1, Hard-1, Hot=+2, Sharp=+1, Weird=0
Cool=0, Hard-1, Hot=+2, Sharp=+1, Weird=+1
Cool+1, Hard-2, Hot=+2, Sharp=+1, Weird=+1
Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=+2, Sharp=0, Weird=0

Choose an Eminence: Sensuality or Conflict

Choose two Moves:

Manifestation: whenever you want to appear as someone you have seen in the past, roll +hot. +weird. On a 10+ your appearance is flawless. On a 7-9 you succeed but the MC may say that the deception fades at an inopportune time. In either case you may take +1 forward for an action where you are utilizing your deception.

Nitrous: you may enter the dreams of a target. On a 10+ you may hold 3. On a 7-9 you may hold 1. You may spend 1 hold to ask any question which will be answered by the dreamer’s mind.

Passion: you may place someone in the throes of ecstasy by rolling +hot. On a 10+ the target is incapacitated (a PC is acting under fire). On a 7-9 they take -1 forward or otherwise flinch and stumble.

Treason: if you wish to find a weakness in a target, roll +sharp. On a 10+ you find a mental and a physical weakness and may take +1 forward to go aggro, seize by force, or seduce and manipulate the target when acting on the weakness. On a 7-9 choose one or the other, mental or physical.


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+2, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp=0, Weird+1
Cool+2, Hard+1, Hot-1, Sharp=+1, Weird=0
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot=+1, Sharp=0, Weird+1
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot-1, Sharp=0, Weird+2

Choose an Eminence: Illusion or Motion

Choose two Moves:

Dahlia’s Doorway: to open a hole in any material, roll +cool. On a 10+, you may open a hole up to the size that a loaded wagon could drive through. On a 7-9 you open the hole but it only lasts an hour.

Dance of Masks: to become to all appearances a person that a target trusts, roll +weird. On a 10+ your appearance is flawless. On a 7-9 you succeed but the MC may say that the deception fades at an inopportune time. In either case you may take +1 forward against the target.

Metamorphosis: when you wish to transform an object, roll +weird. On a 10+ you may physically transform an object up to man-sized into something else of similar size. On a 7-9, you may only present the illusion of a transformation.

Puppet Show: you may summon up the shadows of a target’s worst fears by rolling +hard. On a 10+ they are a small gang, 2harm(ap close) 1-armor and the target must act under fire to attack them. On a 7-9 they are insubstantial, but the target must act under fire if seeking to do anything but flee them.


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp=0, Weird+2
Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp+1, Weird+2
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot-1, Sharp=0, Weird+2
Cool=0, Hard-1, Hot-1, Sharp+1, Weird+2

Choose an Eminence: Capriciousness or Inspiration

Choose two Moves:

Hide and Seek: when you do not wish to be seen or found roll +sharp. On a 10+ you may travel through or escape danger without being seen or found. On a 7-9 the MC may choose 1:
- You are spotted after it’s too late.
- You may have gotten in but you cannot get out the same way.
- An opportunity or hard choice presents itself, but you must reveal yourself to pursue it.

Luck: at the beginning of a session you may roll +weird. On a 10+ hold 1. You may spend that 1 to gain an automatic 10+ on a roll (before rolling). On a 7-9, you may spend it for an automatic 7-9. On a miss the MC holds 1 and may spend it to make you automatically fail a roll.

Naivete: roll +weird to bring out a childlike naivete in the target. On a 10+ they are incapable of taking complex actions and are likely to revert to their childhood selves for the rest of the sessions. On a 7-9 this effect only lasts the scene. When used on PCs, for as long as this is in effect they may gain an experience for playing and get a -1 to +sharp rolls.

Wonder: when you wish to summon playmates out of the rubble and debris around you, roll +weird. On a 10+ they arise and will accompany you, acting as a small gang (2-harm, 1-armor) who will also give you advice, should you ask for it, giving you a +1 to actions following that advice. On a 7-9 they will only last for a scene.


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp=+2, Weird=0
Cool+1, Hard+1, Hot-1, Sharp+2, Weird=0
Cool+1, Hard+1, Hot=0, Sharp+2, Weird-1
Cool=0, Hard-1, Hot+1, Sharp+2, Weird+1

Choose an Eminence: Truth or Wisdom

Choose two Moves:

Tradition: when you wish to know the truth about the past of a person or object, enter a trance and roll +sharp. On a 10+ hold 2. On a 7-9 hold 1. You may spend your hold to ask a question about the past of that person or object which must be answered truthfully.

Truthsaying: when you wish to compel someone to tell the truth, roll +hard. On a 10+ you may ask them a question. If their answer is a lie they take 2-harm (ap) and -1 forward. On a 7-9 they take 1-harm (ap) if they lie.

Habeas Corpus: When trying to find an answer to a question, roll +weird. On a 10+ the MC must frame a follow-up scene with you that contains the lost item or answer. On a 7-9 the MC will frame a follow-up a scene with a clue leading to what you are looking for. The MC is under no compulsion to not make these scenes dangerous.


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp=0, Weird+2
Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot=0, Sharp+1, Weird+2
Cool=0, Hard+1, Hot-1, Sharp+1 Weird+2
Cool+1, Hard=0, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2

Choose an Eminence: Death or Fate

Choose two Moves:

Celtic Cross: when trying to divine information about someone, roll +weird. On a 10+ the MC will reveal a secret they are hiding or an event that will soon occur to them. On a 7-9 the MC will do so but in symbols or impressions.

Dream Travel: To travel as a spirit while your body sleeps, roll +weird. On a 10+ you may travel the world unseen or inhabit the body of an animal. On a 7-9 you may still do so, but your body is at risk and vulnerable.

Curse of Dream: you may curse a target, roll +weird. On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1.
- Their appearance is altered in some unpleasant way for a session.
- They take -1 for a session
- They take 1-harm(ap)


Select one of the following Attribute sets:

Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird=0
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot=0, Sharp+1, Weird+1
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot=0, Sharp-1, Weird+2
Cool+2, Hard-1, Hot=0, Sharp+2, Weird-1

Choose an Eminence: Life or Empathy

Choose Two Moves

Anima - To heal someone who’s wounded, roll +sharp. On a 10+ heal 1-harm and ease their suffering. On a 7-9 do one or the other.

Piggyback - You may ride into the spirit world by merging with a spirit that already inhabits it. Roll +weird. On a 10+ you join with the spirit and may travel with it. Note that you can only make moves with the spirit’s permission while you have joined it. On a 7-9 choose one: the merge was incomplete, you may make no moves while inhabiting the spirit, or the spirits is hostile to your presence..

Smother - When you wish to end life, roll +hard. You need only touch the target. On a 10+ do 2-harm (ap). On a 7-9 do 1-harm (ap) or inflict 2-harm (ap) but expose yourself to risk, retribution, or cost.

Choose Your Outlook


Choose an Eminence: Freedom or Recognition

You get the following possible advances:

- get +1 Cool (max cool+3)
- get +1 Hard (max hard+3)
- get +1 Hot (max hard+3)
- get a new move from your Tribe
- get a gang and Pack Alpha
- get turf and wealth
- get 2 gigs and juggling


Choose an Eminence: Mystery or Shadow

You get the following possible advances:

- get +1 Cool (max cool+3)
- get +1 Sharp(max hard+3)
- get +1 Weird (max hard+3)
- get a new move from your Tribe
- get followers and Fortunes
- Get the move Celtic Cross
- Get the Move Shadowstepping. Shadowstepping: you may step from one shadow to another by rolling +weird. On a 10+ you make the journey without problems. On a 7-9 the shadows take something from you or give you something to take with you.


Choose an Eminence: Vengeance or Bravery

You get the following possible advances:

- get +1 Cool (max cool+3)
- get +1 Hard(max hard+3)
- get +1 Sharp (max hard+3)
- Get the move Righteousness
- Get a gang and Pack Alpha
- Get turf and wealth
- get 2 gigs and juggling


Choose an Eminence: Unity or Conviction

You get the following possible advances:

- get +1 Cool (max cool+3)
- get +1 Hot(max hard+3)
- get +1 Sharp (max hard+3)
- get a gang and Leadership
- get turf and wealth
- get followers and Fortune
- get 2 gigs and juggling

roleplaying theory, hardcore / No GM Rolling
« on: September 02, 2010, 09:05:46 AM »
So what does removing the ability of the GM to roll do for a game? I've seen it in a few games - Lacuna, Don't Rest Your Head, and Apocalypse World. I mean, the GM can call for rolls ("Okay, sounds like you're going aggro") but there's something about the dice being in the hands of the player and the rolls being solely about PC actions and that affects the way the game runs?

Non-PC actions become more about how the PCs react to them, rather than how the PCs are affected by them.

The game world seems to spin around what the PCs decide and often be summoned or created as consequences of player rolls, giving them more agency or emphasizing their effect on the world.

Hindrance to GMs to run the game based on their pronouncements. It's still possible! I think that GMs that don't want to do this become more aware of their interactions with the game when they can only describe fiction.

The one problem I've run into in other games, though, is that when players realize they can turtle and you do not have a stick to poke or wack them with. Apocalypse World gets around this by allowing you to inflict Harm as long as you've set it up in earlier moves. In games like DRYH and Lacuna, when some players discovered that I couldn't hurt them if they didn't roll, getting them to act when their characters were in danger was difficult.

Apocalypse World / AP: Careless Whisper
« on: August 25, 2010, 10:54:00 AM »

So I was rereading the rules and there was an audible 'click' in my brain and I feel like I get moves harder than I did before, and I finally get moves snowballs. Some friends of mine were visiting for the weekend and we ended up playing something like two six-hour sessions of Apocalypse World.

The cities are ruined. Acid rain comes down constantly. People stay inside old ruined buildings and subway stations. If you go outside for too long you get sick. The only people who seem to constantly trudge around the city are the Hazmats, the boogeymen, trudging around in groups and dragging away anyone who they notice. And then in the subway system you have the Hacksaws, rolling around in old subway cars and emerging howling and screaming.

People are organized into clans or tribes based on the building they live in. Glenview is one of those clans, in a giant tenement building holding over 100 souls. They're lead by a council of elders based on the old tenants' association. The elders make decisions for the good of Glenview, enforced by the Violent Fuckers, who are named descriptively. Glenview has a water filtration system and an old pool that they keep their fresh water in.

The cast.

Boo is a strange man. At night he sometimes steps out of the building or into an abandoned subway station and plays the saxophone. The only song he knows, though, is the saxophone part to Careless Whisper by George Michael. He listens to old vinyl records on a handcrank phonograph and earns his keep by delivering babies and patching people up. He says that angels taught him how to do this.

Burroughs lives on the roof under tarps held up by poles. He eats rats that come to him, seemingly willingly. He is mostly left alone, but sometimes the elders ask him to look inside people's brains to find out what's inside them, but they only do this when a crime has been committed like when Jakoby killed his wife. People who are found guilty of these crimes - violence, murder, thievery, etc. - are thrown from the room. He wears an old fireman's suit, complete with hat and mask.

Dusk is sex. She travels around to nearby apartment buildings and meets with men and women. She sleeps with them and they give her the plastic pretty things that are used as currency and trade. She doesn't sleep with the people in Glenview. It makes things too complicated.

More later.

blood & guts / So, why not make Barter a stat?
« on: August 16, 2010, 10:30:46 AM »
-3 to +3, goes down any time you roll it, goes up whenever you get goods through a beginning of session roll or loot. Has this ever been tried? It just makes it more consistent with the rest of the game, so I'm curious.

other lumpley games / The Problem(s) with In a Wicked Age
« on: August 16, 2010, 10:19:27 AM »
Vincent, I've heard you (and Joshua Newman too) say elsewhere that there are problems with In a Wicked Age. I was wondering if you'd say what they are, because I love that game and think it's brilliant and haven't had any problems with it.

Apocalypse World / First Campaign, Lessons Learned
« on: August 11, 2010, 08:45:59 AM »
I'm about eight sessions into my first campaign of Apocalypse World. On Story Games, Paul B just asked for "best practices" and I wrote up the following that I've been thinking about lately. These summarize the things I've learned, from the mistakes I've made and the things that weren't clear to me in the book without having played it a few times. Also some things I've picked up from you all. The next game I run will be a better one because of these.

- Ask more questions. The book tells you to ask questions and give the players room to answer. I wish I'd done this more. GMing impulses and traditional authority setups will leave people looking to you to fill in setting details, and your impulse will be to do that. Look for more opportunities to have the players fill in those gaps rather than doing it yourself. Do this as much as possible.

- Make all NPCs Threats. After the first game you'll have a bunch of NPCs. They all need to be Threats. Do not handwave this. If you're like, "Well, they don't seem to belong to any of these Threat types," either make them a member of a Warlord's cast and make the Warlord the Threat, make them a Brute and figure out a larger group that the NPC belongs to that's a Threat. After every game when an NPC is introduced, go through after the game and make sure they are Threats.

- Wait. Make everything a Threat. Think about all aspects of your world as threats. The town the PCs live in? Landscape threat. That religious belief that came up in play? That's an Affliction - Delusion. The strange characters that populate the Psychic Maelstrom? Threat. The Psychic Maelstrom? That's a Threat too.

- Fill out the world with your Fronts. Different people have different numbers of Fronts that work for them. I generally have three - one that's fully manifesting, one that's being hinted at, and one in the back of the fridge. In each Front you're supposed to have four Threats. To begin with you'll maybe only be able to stick one or two existing Threats in there, so make sure to fill it out with two or three Threats that you've made up. Spin up a Warlord nearby, a Grotesque lurking in the town tht nobody realizes, etc. Once you've been playing for a bit though and if you follow the last two steps, you'll have more than enough Threats. Still, leave maybe one spot in each Front open to introduce something new.

Apocalypse World / Durrrp, let me check the MC Moves
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:58:37 PM »
I feel like, at least a few times a game, I get hung up and have to sit and stare at the MC moves and Threat moves for a bit to figure out what I can do/what's permitted for me to do. A lot of times I fall back on "announce future badness" though that can leave things kind of limp if you go too long without someone getting gut-shot.

Thank God for Mr. Harper's MC cheatsheets. It means I don't have to keep the book bookmarked on those pages. Still, it slows things down sometimes.

Apocalypse World / Re-Situation Moves
« on: July 28, 2010, 02:42:55 PM »
There've been a couple times when custom session-opening re-situation moves have really saved my butt. For instance, if Iris is getting bogged down in a thing her player hates just because her player can't see a way out of it, a custom re-situation move might really help.
Who's used these and when do you normally deploy them? Like in the book it seems like something you'd use after an in-game or out-of-game downtime. Would these still be appropriate under normal circumstances?

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