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Dungeon World / Monster Factory
« on: March 05, 2013, 05:10:47 AM »
The lab is ready, the drooling, hunchbacked assistant is ready, the stars are right: Lets create some awesome monsters!

Here's a funny zombie:

+++Carneomancer's pet zombies+++
Group, drooling, foul stench, you know, much like the usual zombies.
D6, 11 hp, 1 armour.
Here's the extra fun:
+On low hp, followed by a character's miss: Corpse explosion! The zombie(s) explode in order to make short work of their opponents! Bits of zombies and bones fly everywhere! Other dead zombies also explode!
+Corpse explosion: (1d6 x nr of nearby zombie corpses) +1, near, piercing 1.

Dungeon World / Some new races
« on: March 01, 2013, 06:27:18 PM »
I use "Ravnica: City of Guilds" as setting for Dungeon World, where there are a few different races. I chose these listed below, ruling out some other strange creature types than are very few. There is one I forgot that I'm working on, which is the Vedalken, rather tall blue humanoids that are very intelligent.

+Tribal Goblins prefer to live in clans or huge families, and usually like to keep away from cities. The are quite the pranksters, but their humour is difficult for nongoblins to understand.

*Tribal Goblin racial moves:
Thief: Same as Halfling.
Druid: Whenever you use your Shapeshifting to Discern Realities, take +1.
Fighter: Same as Halfling.

+Goblins that have lived for centuries in urban environments are a different breed than their tribal brethren, they have adapted to living in a city and almost forgotten about nature. They still love to have a laugh at the cost of others though.

*Goblin racial moves:
Wizard: Wanton destruction and mayhem is your very essence. +1d4 damage when the area around you is burning uncontrolled.
Thief: You are the supplier of illegal and special goods. Take +1 when you Supply from a Shady Trader.
Fighter: Same as Halfling.

+Wild Centaurs are tough creatures that roam the wastelands. They have a nomadic lifestyle with strict shamanistic beliefs. Whenever they feel like it, they trample into a city district to loot and burn as much they can, before rushing out into the wilds.

*Wild Centaur racial moves:
Fighter: Thanks to your tremendous strength, you are able to wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
Druid: You disgust spellcasters. +1 magic resistance.
Ranger: You live for the hunt. Whenever you Hunt and Track, take +1.

+The other variant of Centaurs are working hard to help both civilization and nature to prosper, and are more peace-loving in general than the wild ones. Centaurs like to atune themselves to the spirits of nature and work as healers or otherwise defend ideals of peace.

*Centaur racial moves:
Cleric: Whenever you heal an ally or yourself, on a 10+ their armor is improved by 1 magic for the rest of that combat, to the maximum of +3.
Paladin: Whenever you Defend and use your great size and speed, take +1.
Fighter: When you Defy Danger and use your great size and speed, take +1.

+Mutants have been human, goblin, what have you, but was the victim of experimentations of Ravnicas many biomancers. The character mostly look like whatever it once was, but with some new twisted features. This is mostly a cosmetic change to give the character some ideas for background story.

*Mutant racial moves:
Pick any on the character sheet, except paladin.

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