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Apocalypse World / Combat
« on: January 22, 2013, 02:05:57 PM »
Firstly, yes, i have searched for a good answer to this and have found some but none answer my question to my satisfaction.

I understand how the moved work in principle and how 'combat' flows. But i'm not clear on which moves to use.

The situation went something like this. Chopper in town bar with bystanders. Rival gang turns up, lays claim to town. They trade Words, rivals open fire. Chopper acts under fire to dodge, and then a second time to save a bystander.

So far so good.

Then he wants to dive through the window shooting the bad guys, why - because it sounds cool...and he wants to kill 2 of the gang. [i think this is where i started going wrong - still used to other games where the why is because i want them dead]. He rolls seize by force, messed up the roll so took damage. Fair enough. and if he had made the roll he would still have taken damage - which would have made sense.
Another PC turns up to help him. he rolls seize by force to rescue friend and hits a bad guy, taking tiny damage himself. This also makes sense as he walked into harms way. He then fired his gun to scare off pursuit by going aggro.

So for this, the moves worked. But...
What if the first or second PC wanted to take pot-shots from behind cover at the bad guys. would this still be seize by force if they are trying to kill them? Cos if the rolls were the same they would have taken damage from defensible positions...which seems odd.

I can see how it works most of the time, but there are others where i am thinking, what are they trying to seize, and mostly, why are they taking damage?

am i just used to other games where PC can deal out damage with nothing in reply?

help is much appreciated.

Dungeon World / dragons and other threats
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:00:57 AM »
How do you handle a dragon or something similar?
In many other games the dragon has high armour, is hard to damage, and hits easily.

In DW characters could make their hack n slash and defy danger rolls and the dragon is dead.
Is there some way of just saying, you can't attack it?


Apocalypse World / alternate dice
« on: January 09, 2013, 12:45:03 PM »

just got Dungeon world having had AW for a while and not really getting it. Having r
read guide to DW, it all makes sense now.

My group and i have a thing for using all the dice, so just 2d6 would kind of bug us.

I thought about doing 1d6+another dice depending on +/-
-1 would be d4, 0 = d6, +1 = d8, +2 = d10, +3 = d12

doing the number the ranges are obviously wider with bigger dice but the average still falls on the same number and the probability of hitting 7+ or 10+ stays pretty much the same.

Although d12+d6 hits higher than 2d6+3, i can't see any reason why that matters as the average is 10 either way.

Anyone see any reasons why this wouldn't work - i fugure i haven't read the rules well enough to be sure

(not really interested in wether this makes sense - purely the mechanics - game-breaking or not)



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