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Monsterhearts / The Kickstarter was funded!
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:58:08 PM »
Old news, yeah, but I figured if anyone missed out they'd still like to know, and it's a nice way to see who else is still checking this old board.

You can bet I'm taking this to KublaCon 2017. My Monsterhearts games from previous years have had to turn folks away, they attract a lot of interested players.

Monsterhearts / Tips for running a convention game
« on: April 17, 2015, 06:19:56 PM »
Hello all.

I'm sure there must be a thread like this, but I need help. This would be my first time running Monsterhearts at a con, so I'd like specific dos/don'ts ("This skin really doesn't work in con play... Try to run this kind of scene... Common pitfalls are... ")

I'm fairly experienced with running AW at a con, so I'm mostly concerned with knowing how to 'shift my gears', as it were.

Anybody got cool websites/blogs/junk that they browse for inspiration?

I only gots a few to share, myself: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion, Abandonedography (photos of abandoned places), and People of Earth (photos of different folks around the world). I also have a Tumblr page where I collect images and stories, here's a few things from real life, and I have a lot of inspiration for landscapes.

Apocalypse World / Custom Move - Old Hand
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:53:14 AM »
For various reasons, I've been thinking of a move that lets you 'borrow' a move from another playbook. My intention is that this is for a character-type who's kind of a mentor - powerful and wise but time is catching up with you, and this move shows that they learned damn near everything back in the day but it's just not as easy, you know?

My original idea was to have them roll to take a move from another PC's playbook, and if it was a weak hit or failure then there's some kind of drawback or penalty - not as young as you used to be/long time since you had that job/etc.

But it sounds complicated and not very fun. The quicker and dirtier way is to, at the start of the session, pick a move from the PC you have the highest Hx with (player's choice to break ties). But that might be a little... bland, it really doesn't have the Achilles's heel I imagine this character would have.

Thoughts, folks?

Apocalypse World / Love letters, or sweet dreams?
« on: January 17, 2013, 08:26:26 PM »
I'm gonna run another AW at a con. Last time, we just winged it - with my humble suggestion of a post-apocalypse Seattle as the setting (an homage to the first game I MC'd).

I've heard of hits and misses from pre-game preparation, yet I want to try it for myself. My idea for a variation on love letters or starting Hx was to ask the PC's what they've been dreaming about, and assign Hx on that in lieu of the normal questions.

For example,

"Name one PC you've been dreaming of every night."
"There's a PC who keeps dying in your dreams, and you're never able to save them. Who are they?"
"You dreamed that one PC was trying to tell you something important, but you woke up before they could say what."

If anyone is interested, I thought of making a "sweet dreams" list for most PC roles (Brainer, Savvyhead, Gunlugger/violent bastard). I'm open to feedback, suggestions, apocalyptica-filled dreams you've had lately, etc.

Apocalypse World / What's "Rabbity"?
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:49:23 PM »
The core book gives it as a downside a motorcycle might have, but I haven't been able to easily find a definition of what that's like. Downsides like "guzzler" are obvious, and "picky" is defined as "needing specific parts/special care", but I'm really drawing a blank on "rabbity". Sounds to me like the shocks might be bad, or that it doesn't stop or idle for long (i.e. acts like a scared rabbit), but are there any savvyheads out there who know more than me?

Apocalypse World / My gang isn't human. Literally.
« on: March 11, 2012, 08:16:55 PM »
Nod to the Brainer is a Dog thread before I begin, because it reminded me of a not dissimilar experience...

So in the first game I MC'd, our Savvyhead (who turned out to be more like a Brainer, but it's cool) is on the run from his former crew after he botched a direct-brain whisper projection, giving one of them a seizure in the process. But Weird was his highlighted stat, so that did give him just enough experience to make an upgrade, so he racks his brain for an out...

Savvyhead: "Says here I can have a gang."
MC: "Eyup."
Savvyhead: "... what about those rats we fought?"

I had the whole group get a rude awakening when nasty rats got into all their food and supplies. Didn't think anyone would want to revisit that... but maybe that was the point. I had him find some Old World tech that let him command the rats, and told him they were a 1-harm Medium gang with no armor. I figured the advantage was, swarming one poor dope with a killer rat horde would keep him from fighting back, while a small gang of humans might be better in a flat-out battle.

So... non-human gangs. Thoughts?

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