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Dungeon World / Using Dice - Best and Worst - Question
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:47:47 AM »
Hi guys,

I got a question about the "Best and Worst" thing in using the dice (page 8).

"If there's a "·b" at the end instead of adding them together you take the best one ('b' for 'best'), so 2d6·b+1 means "roll two six-sided dice and take the best one and add one to it." A "·w" at the end means you take the worst result, so 2d6·w means "roll two six-sided dice and take the worst one."

I understood the mechanics (DnD next is using something close in advantage and disvantage rules), and I liked it, but I didn't see this much in the moves rules. What happened? Are you still implementing it or changing something we don't see yet to add this rules?

Maybe it'll be great for certain Class moves... "hey i'm __ class, I'm good at doing ___, so when I roll for ___ I get the best dice."

Or, using DnD next as an example, tweak this rule a little bit to something like. When you have an advantage roll 3d6 and choice the best two.
When you have a disvantage roll 3d6 and choice the worst two.

So, lets say, bards are good at deceiving people (the silver tongue bard custom move I use to replace charming and open). When you try to deceive other you got advantage in defy danger. Roll 3d6 and choice the best two dices.

Dungeon World / Custom Moves Compendium
« on: May 31, 2012, 10:43:35 AM »
Hi Guys,

Have you ever made some custom moves for your house games?

Wouldn't be cool for us to share ideas on custom moves on this thread? It makes easier then searching the hole forum (I've spend about 30 minutos right now searching for a cool custom move I've seem on another thread)

I haven't created any yet  (the ones I drafted weren't very good =/ )

Dungeon World / Beta 2.3 Questions / Feedback
« on: May 22, 2012, 10:00:50 AM »
Hi guys,

I have some questions / feedback about beta 2.3 version (I won't repeat the previous questions / feedback I already made in other threads, even if I still think the Bard needs little tweaks in his moves):

1- Carouse: I see a problem about how much coin you have to spend to "throw a big party"... To me, 100 coin is too generic. It's very expensive for a lvl 1 character and too cheap for a lvl 10. Maybe, as a suggestion, you have to spend your level x 10 coins to throw a "big" party (so the "size" of the party could be "proportional" to some intern measurement, your level).

2- There's a bug in "Vicious Blast" (Bard's Advanced Move): The text says it replaces Vicious Cacophony. If it replaces, the bonus granted by the Move should be +2d4 damage, not +1d4 (by the rules on page 169).

3- I liked the changes in Cleric's Moves, but Apotheosys seens too loose and powerful to me.

4- The Cleric's Spell list had it's Tags removed, but "Speak with the dead" still has the Death Tag (on the book and character sheet).

5- I like the new rules about Ranger's Animal Companion Ferocity and Archery Moves. I've seen some other very cool Archery Moves on anoter thread too (but I don't remember the names of these moves right now).

6- Prices for bows, elven arrows, rapier and dueling rapier are way too expensive in comparison to other weapons.

7- Shields costs and weights more than a chainmail??? What's the logic about that? 

Dungeon World / Beta 2 Questions / Feedback
« on: March 22, 2012, 12:05:51 PM »
Hi everyone,

As requested, here is some feedback for Beta 2.

It's my first toughts about beta 2 (I didn't read the entire book yet), but there's some questions/feedback I would like to adress you.

1-   New Advancement XP Rules: The new rule about “Current Level + 7” to level up is too fast. The old way “current level x 10” was too slow. So I propose a new option – Next level x 5. It makes level advancement more balanced between the beta 1.1 and beta 2 rules.

2-   XP on a miss: I think letting players gain XP every time they miss isn’t correct. I would put some limit on it, maybe once per Stat, or, only once by session, like Alignment XP. So XP will be only granted at the “end of Session” move: 1 for resolving Bond, 1 for fulfilling Alignment, 1 for Miss on move, and 1 for any “yes” in the 3 questions.

3-   Hack and Slash move: What “…and the enemy makes an attack against you” exactly means? It will deal static damage, roll dice, make a hack and slash move? I think it needs better clarification.

4-   Defend move: wouldn’t it be right to add +STR in “Deal damage to the attacker equal to your level” line? Doing only your level, in first levels won’t be any effective cause monsters have armor too. Why would I use this option if I know it won’t do any effect?

5-   Parley move is missing the last paragraph: “This move doesn't force you to keep your promise, mind. It just requires that you make one. What you do afterward is up to you.”

6-   Make camp move is missing “If you don't have a ration to consume then you don't heal and take -1 forward” line.

7-   I liked the old +HP roll on level up move. Why removing it?

8-   The bard’s gear line doesn’t fit the new musical instruments position in the text, because now instruments are in the gear list: “Your Load is 5+Str. In addition to your instrument you get one from each list”. You should remove this bold text.

9-   Bard’s “Friendly Face” advanced move is missing. It is mentioned in “unforgettable face” move, but isn’t anywhere in the bard’s moves list.

10-   Bard’s “Metal Hurlant” move is weird and too strong: 2d6 damage + deafened. 2d6 damage for a scream or loud noise is too much! It’s better than a Fireball!

11-   There are 2 Bamboozle moves for the bard (one replacing the other). It would be better to rename one of them.

12-   Bard and Cleric “Multiclass Dabbler” moves are missing the text: “For the purposes of Multiclass Dabbler the Wizard's Spellbook, Prepare Spells, and Cast A Spell moves count as one move. The Cleric's Commune and Cast a Spell moves also count as one move. If you gain the ability to cast spells you cast them as if you were one level lower.” Like the fighter’s move has.

13-   Bard’s Multiclass initiated and Master are missing: Requires Multiclass dabbler.

14-   Is it intended for clerics only having multiclass dabbler as 6-10 advanced move? They don’t have multiclass initiate or master?

15-   Paladins, rangers, thieves and wizards don’t have Multiclass moves?

16-   Cleric’s “Divine Intervention” and “Divine Invincibility” are way too powerful! Hold 2 and 4 to negate damage for every commune is too much Godly, even for the cleric.

17-   Cleric’s Damaging Spells “Inflict Moderated Wound”, “Inflict Critical Wounds” and “Harm” cause too low damage. I suggest 2d6, 2d8 and 3d6, respectively, since you have to take an advanced move to cast damaging spells.

18-   Bundle of arrows is listed as 2 weight in Ranger’s gear. It’s only 1 weight.

19-   Why reducing Fireball’s damage to 2d6?

20-   Why reducing the quantity of illusory images in Wizard’s Mimic Spell?

21-   The Crossbow is still missing in equipment’s lists. Horse and Warhorse too.

Ok, I stopped in chapter 11 by now.

I’ll take some time this weekend to playtest with my gaming group and to analyze the other chapters.
Paulo Segundo 

Dungeon World / Questions and feedback
« on: March 01, 2012, 06:36:16 PM »
Hi guys,

I'm a new forum member and this is my first topic (long topic, btw).

(Obs: I'm from Brazil and english isn't my native language so forgive me for misspelling or other minor mistakes in my writing).

I recently got my hands at DW Beta 1.1. I read it and got some questions / feedback I would like to share with you for debate in this forum.

I've numbered the questions/feedback for easy reference.

1- Where’s the Druid? He is an iconic and classic epic fantasy character.

2- What happens if a character has more than score 18 on an attribute (by leveling up)? Is it possible? Which will be the correspondent modifier?

3- I liked the changes about how to earn XP, but I think that the "end of session move" shold give players 1 xp for free (automatic, after all the world is fantastic and characters lifes are full of adventure - by the GM's Agenda).
And the "Did we defeat a notable monster or enemy?" line could be replaced by: "Did we faced some danger (monster, enemy, trap, threat, calamity...)?"

4- Why “Last Breath” Move don’t use Constitution Modifier? It makes sense, since Constitutions means your health, stamina and vigour.

5- Why “Carouse” Move don’t uses Charisma modifier? It makes sense, since the results are obviously social, and Charisma Stat means “The character's force of personality and charm. Used for social moves.”

6- I think Bard’s Fascinate move is too weak, and would be better like this to escale in higher levels: On a 10+ a number of targets equal to your level+3. (…) On a 7-9 a number of targets equal to your half-level+1 (…).

7- Cleric’s Penitent move is too weak on higher levels, and would be better like this: “When you take damage and embrace the pain, you may take +your level damage. If you do, take +1/2 level forward to Cast a Spell.”

8- Fighter’s Signature Weapon base weapons didn’t match the equipment list on page 101. Axe, Hammer and Spear are all 1 weight, not 2.

9- Why limit the Fighter’s Signature Weapon list to only those? Why you can’t choose any weapon you’d like to be your signature weapon?

10- I didn’t understand the “Choose a range” on Fighter’s Signature Weapon. It means you can use your weapon with another additional range?

11- And about meele weapons ranges, what happens if one character is using a hand range weapon agains another with a close or a reach weapon? He's Defying Danger?
12- The Fighter’s Signature Weapon Enhancements aren’t balanced. Why should I pick “Hooks and Spikes” instead of “Serrated Edges”? And “Shape” +2 piercing is too powerful, +1 would be better (the rules in the chapter 12 say that +1 is the realm of mundane, more than that is magical).

13- The Fighter has few Advanced Moves from level 6-10, and they aren’t very useful. “Charge”, “Staunch Defender”, “Setup Strike”, “Weapon Specialization” and “Hamper” moves from Paladin would be great for a Fighter too.

14- I think Thief should consider the Dagger as a Precise Weapon as an initial Move. It’s very iconic a thief using a dagger to backstab.

15-Why Backstab uses Strength modifier instead of Dexterity?

16-Why the Wizard doesn’t have Moves equivalent to Cleric’s “Serenity”, “Penitent”, “Vicious” and “Providence” Moves?

17- Wizard’s Spell list is lacking some damaging spell. It has too few spell to inflict damage.

18- Equipment Tag Glossary has a “Reload” Tag, but no weapon that uses it. Wouldn’t it be used for Crossbows?

19- What “Awkward” and “Messy” Tags really means in mechanics terms? Why don’t they look like “Clumsy” Tag description?

20- Where’s the “Masterwork” (gives +1 armor or +1 ongoing to “Hack and Slash” or “Volley”) Tag? (I remember reading about a "masterwork" dagger somewhere in the text)

21- Why don’t list Crossbows in equipment’s lists? It’s great and iconic for Dwarves and Thieves.

22-Why Elven Arrows are so expensive? Should them have the “n piercing” tag?

23- Are Sword, battle axe and flail two-handed? They are much better than short sword, axe, warhammer and mace for only 2 gold and 1 weight more. Wouldn’t it be better with a new “Versatile” Tag. You could use it one-handed or two-handed. If used two-handed it deals +1 damage.

24- I think the Weapons list should do a better use of Tags to differentiate the weapons (it looks like the list is incomplete or it didn't matters much what weapon are you using).

25- I think that 100 Gold for a household month's upkeep is too expensive.

26- Where’s the Horse, Warhorse and other animals in the pricelists (and their stats)?

Well, that's it. I hope you find it useful.

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