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The Regiment / Bonds?
« on: February 12, 2013, 03:31:54 PM »

I'm not sure I get bonds correctly. I know AW well and some other hacks, but only skimmed DW yet. As far as my research told me bonds stems from DW?

So my understanding is that you define connections/bonds you have with other characters (to one character you have two bonds, to 2 other chars one bond). Each bond is a sentence that describes how these characters are connected (like "Oh boy, that recruit is so green, I'll have an eye on him")

In DW there are prewritten bonds in the playbooks, but it encourages to write your own. I assume The Regiment (at least now) goes all the "write your own" way?

Am I right so far? Or is BOND much more like Hx from AW - once its determined its mostly a numeric value? Are there any helpful posts out there how to write good bonds?

Are there any other uses for bonds than the AID move and the XP gain on bond +4?

I totally know that this is an alpha version, so it might be just a matter of "not done yet", but both Hx and DW-bonds give you lots of guidance to fill your backstory (creativity kickstart). Is this left out on purpose here?

Other than this topic I'm really excited about this (especially colonial marines, as I dont dig WW2 much). The VOF/damage part took me a bit to figure out and I have to see how the battle plans will work in play but I think I reached a solid understanding there. Just bonds missing ...

Monsterhearts / Do I roll enough?
« on: November 18, 2012, 07:13:09 PM »
I  just had my third session of monsterhearts (I'm MC) and the game is great. Its surprising and entertaining and full of awesome character play. It has great momentum and we really enjoy it.

But we dont have very much rules interaction. I called for 4 or 5 basic moves in a 5-6h session. We rarely use strings and never use conditions.

We had much fun with Darkest Self ... that worked great.


1) I'm wondering if we play it wrong.

We are fine the way it works - the setup is amazing and when we call for the rules they do bring the game forward. So .. I'm not really asking if we should change our game - its great, we have lots of fun. I just wonder if other MH games run differently and if we might miss something.

2) the way we play the players dont earn much experience ...  with 4 players and 3 long sessions we just had 3 advances.

If the way we play creates less experience than usual I think I should hand out some bonus experience.

Apocalypse World / Mobile Hardhold and Fronts - Problems?
« on: March 09, 2012, 12:59:24 PM »
Hi all,

tomorrow I finally have the chance to host my first AW session as MC. Now my players came up with this awesome idea: a complete hardhold on two linked trains. They are really into this and already have plans and layouts drawn :) I  totally like that but I think it is complicated when it comes to fronts.

So any tips how I can handle this are welcome!

Inner-hardhold NPCs are no problem and these can probably make fine threats. But I guess thats not enough.

How do you establish NPCs/threats and fronts when the PCs can just run away/walk away?

Sure thing, I can make running away difficult. Broken tracks, running low on fuel, broken bridges, barricades ... but holding them against their will all the time gets quickly boring and frustrating.

I guess asking "Where do you get ..." questions maybe provide some go-to-addresses they would return to. But just maybe.

I think I have read about similar setups in threads around here - but the topics I find with the searh  aren't much about my problems.

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