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Gravitas / New Basic Moves
« on: June 29, 2010, 01:21:48 PM »
We've only got one so far, but any more we think of will go here!

When you navigate the Lanes, roll+weird. On a hit, choose options. On a 10+, you get all of them. On a 7-9, choose one:
1) You get there
2) the trip took half as long as you thought it would
3) your trip remains incident-free

This one is used when anyone, pilot or no, guides a ship through FTL travel. No-Shit-Pilot will add the ship's Power to the roll, and Weather Eye (barring further changes) will let you use Sharp instead of Weird.

Gravitas / Privateer (Operator)
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:02:24 PM »
Empty space and raging seas, pirates and raiders comin' in from all sides, and then there's the Privateer. A death trap, a nightmare, that's what the galaxy is now. But the credits are still around, and there's lots of 'em to be made in a galaxy where everyone's afraid of everyone else, and nobody so much as trusts
their mother. There's money to be made, and few know how to really make it.


Time was a merchant could run the lanes with nothing more than a glorified tug and make it from Salzeider to Corrican without waking up. That ain't work no more. You wanna run the lanes these days, you best be a smooth, sneaky sumbitch or the hardest fucker in the skies, and pray to whatever god you worship your crew's up to the task.
One wrong step, and you're space dust.

Choose one set:
• Cool+2 Hard=0 Hot-1 Sharp+2 Weird-1
• Cool+2 Hard+1 Hot+1 Sharp=0 Weird-1
• Cool+2 Hard-1 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird=0
• Cool+2 Hard=0 Hot=0 Sharp+1 Weird-1
(unchanged from vanilla)

You get:
and choose 1:
Easy to trust
Eye on the door

(no change to the class moves)

(Profit / catastrophe)
Choose 3 paying gigs:
• Bodyguarding (100 credits / embattled)
• Surveillance (100 credits / deceived)
• Raiding (100 credits / embattled)
• Enforcement (100 credits / overthrown)
• Honest work (100 credits / impoverished)
• Companionship (100 credits / entangled)
• Deliveries (100 credits / bushwacked)
• Infiltration (100 credits / discovered)
• Scavenging (100 credits / impoverished)
• Brokering deals (100 credits / shut out)
• Technical work (200 credits / shut out)
• Fucking (200 credits / entangled)
• Ship/System Security (200 credits / infiltrated)
• Doing murders (300 credits / embattled)

And choose 1 obligation gig:
• Avoiding someone (you keep well clear / they catch you in a bad spot)
• Paying debts (you keep up with them / they come due)
• Revenge (you victimize someone / they humilate you)
• Protecting someone (nothing bad happens to them / they’re gone)
• Pursuing luxury (beauty in your life / you wind up in a bad spot)
• Maintaining your honor (you keep your word and your name / you cross a line)
• Seeking answers (you get a clue / you chase a red herring)
(main change is barters to credits, and Compound Security to Ship/System security)

(remains unchanged)

9mm (2-harm close loud kinetic), or a signature weapon (detail with the MC)
• oddments worth 100 credits
• fashion suitable to your look, including at your option a piece worth 1-armor (you detail)
• at your option, and with MC approval, a starship (detail with the MC)
(big change)

Hx, the Special, and the Improvement list remain untouched.

Gravitas / Pilot (Driver)
« on: June 24, 2010, 10:43:21 PM »
There was a time, way back when, that pilots were dime-a-dozen. Back when it was 'safe'. Send the galaxy to hell and back, though, and the ones that survived either gave it up or got real good real quick.

And those are the ones the galaxy wants. The kind that can navigate a raging storm of Gravitas in a rustbucket, and come back to tell the tale.

• Cool=0 Hard-1 Hot+1 Sharp+2 Weird=0
• Cool+1 Hard=0 Hot=0 Sharp+2 Weird-1
• Cool=0 Hard+1 Hot=0 Sharp+2 Weird-1
• Cool+1 Hard-2 Hot=0 Sharp+2 Weird+1

you get this
A no shit pilot: when behind the controls... (etc.)
and pick one:
Good in the Clinch
Weather Eye
My other craft is a warmachine:
you get an additional craft. Give it an assault package (3-harm close/far) or bomber payload (3-harm area loud) and +1 armor.

You get:
• 1 handy weapon
• oddments worth 200 credits
• fashion suitable to your look (you detail)

• Handy weapons (choose 1):
• Hand blaster (2-harm close cooldown loud energy)
• 9mm (2-harm close loud kinetic)
• big knife (2-harm hand kinetic)
• spreader (3-harm close cooldown messy energy)
• naval sword (3-harm hand kinetic)
• heavy blaster (3-harm close cooldown loud energy)

Choose one of these profiles:
Power+2 looks+1 1-armor weakness+1
Weapons (optional): Medium lasers (2-harm loud energy close fighter)
or missiles (2-harm loud kinetic far fighter)

Power+2 looks+2 0-armor weakness+1
Weapons (optional): Medium lasers (2-harm loud energy close fighter) or missiles (2-harm loud kinetic far fighter)

Power+1 looks+2 1-armor weakness+1
Weapons (optional): Light lasers (1-harm loud energy close fighter)

Power+2 looks+1 2-armor weakness+2
Weapons (optional): Medium lasers (2-harm loud energy close fighter) or missiles (2-harm loud kinetic far fighter)

Choose its type:

Choose its frame:
Spacefaring: One-man fighter, two-man fighter, shuttle, freighter, frigate, yacht, dropship, scout ship
Planetside: Speeder, walker, tank, car, truck

Choose its strength or strengths:
Fast, rugged, aggressive, tight, huge, long-range(ship), all-terrain(land), responsive, uncomplaining, capacious, workhorse, easily repaired. Choose as many as its power.

Choose its look or looks:
Sleek, vintage, pristine, powerful, luxe, flashy, muscular, quirky, pretty, vicious, shiny, garish, handcrafted. Choose as many as its looks.

Choose its weakness or weaknesses:
Slow, fragile, sloppy, lazy, cramped, picky, guzzler, unreliable, loud, jumpy. Choose as many as its weakness.

Hx, the special move, and the improvement list remain unchanged.

Gravitas / Quick intro/general discussion
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:00:59 PM »
Gravitas is, put simply, a space opera hack of the regular Apocalypse World game. In terms of changes, we've reflavored and renamed the classes, and come up with a few minor mechanics changes to incorporate spaceflight and space combat.

For the most part, the classes remain unchanged. The Driver, Hardholder, and Chopper got the most changes, but at their core, they remain the same. As we go, we may expand on these.

We don't have the classes quite ready to post for this forum, so those will be forthcoming as we get them reorganized.

Apocalypse World / Custom move: Brainer
« on: June 12, 2010, 04:59:03 AM »
Something like two months after we got into Apocalypse World, my fellow player and I started work on a space-age hack for it, which we will eventually post in the appropriate section.

HOWEVER, this particular move is applicable outside of the hack, and (I think) is a cool little addition to the Brainer's toolbox:

Mindspeak: You can speak into the mind of someone you know, from a reasonable distance. They know it's you speaking to them, and if you're close, they can tell where you are.

In the hack, the Brainer gets this move by default. They don't have to sacrifice any of the other cool Brainer stuff to get it. This is also why it does not require a roll (a Brainer with Weird highlighted can easily progress at a frighteningly fast pace... they don't need any help in that area), and why it specifically states that the recipient of the message knows who and where you are. The advantage it has is that nobody except the recipient can hear the message, and I don't think I really need to point out the benefits of being able to send a completely private message.

Obviously an MC can tweak it as they please. I just thought this was cool and wanted to share it for people to use however they want.

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