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brainstorming & development / Lonely World
« on: April 02, 2013, 02:46:22 PM »
a new hack I am working on. I'm intending to crowdsource and publish it.
i welcome any comments

   The End of Everything: Everyone in the world is dead except you and some strangers you met. Or maybe they aren't strangers. Maybe they're your friends, lovers, or enemies. But you need each other to survive because there's something terrible out there. And it's coming for you.
   The Invaders: The Invaders caused the End of Everything. This is their world now. A world populated almost entirely by them. They run the streets, they control everything. What they do with it is entirely up to them, and you have no chance of stopping it.
   The Invaders could be anything. Do you like zombies? Martians? Robots? Barbarian hordes? Maybe it's not a person, maybe it's a thing: pockets of radiation, destructive weather patterns, swarms of flesh-eating insects. As long as it's good horror.
   The Survivors: You are a survivor. You lasted through the End and the time that followed, watching humanity's numbers dwindle to nothing from behind a window. However you made it doesn't matter now; that's in the past. The world before is like a dream you can't remember and the world now is a nightmare that never ends.
   The Signal: That's what you call what remains of the grand information infrastructure that once connected the world. All of the collective knowledge of mankind was out there in the ether, and all you needed was a device that could touch it. The signal is still broadcasting from somewhere, maybe a lot of somewheres. And you can still get to it, to answer your questions and dull your pains, provided you have the tools.
   The Lonely Struggle: All you have is a small band of people just like you: survivors, alone in a world that doesn't belong to them anymore. But unlike the billions who have perished, you will last. You can find what you need to keep going. You can create hope and love in this world. You will have a reason to live.
   When you meet the Invaders, you kill them. Simple as that. They are the enemy. They threaten your life and the lives of your friends. Kill them and run and never look back.

Why: Because it's dark and cold and dreary. You have little hope of making it through the year. Death and ruin are everywhere. There is silence all around, shattered only by the inhuman chorus of the Invader.
   The Invader did this. The Invader put you here. Whether you fear them, hate them, respect them, or need them, they don't care. They've killed everyone else and they won't ever stop. You've made it this far; you've outlasted the whole world. But they won't ever stop coming for you.
   It's good drama, and it speaks to a rugged individuality we all carry with us. Up against the world, you will find a way. Even if the number goes down to just one, you will be that one. Because one of the survival guides speaks to you and shows you the path to transcending the Hell all around you.

I'll be posting playbooks, moves, some rules, and MC material later on.

roleplaying theory, hardcore / breaking old habits
« on: April 12, 2012, 03:10:20 PM »
So i've played Apocalypse World before, as a player. Even had two characters going at once. I loved it. I read the rules, figured I understood them enough to start running my own game with a different group.
But i'm also an RPG veteran who is far more used to the "kill badguys, take their stuff" style of play that so thoroughly permeates the industry. As a player, i can break out of that mold. In fact AW was really the first time i've been able to taste some fresh blood in a long time.
The game I've started to run has been going well... sort of... I suppose. I think I am having some trouble getting my players into the AW style of play, and it is in turn making me revert to the old way I used to run games.
And that's not really working for me. Yesterday we had a session where the Gunlugger and the Operator were heading out to investigate the source of "demons" fucking around with the holding. And by "investigate" of course I mean, "Blow them all up."
The players all saw this as "the combat session" or "the dungeon crawl" or "the boss battle", whichever term you want. So they all jumped aboard, even with no real reason to do so other than "let's kill badguys and take their stuff".
Which is not necessarily the problem. I did remember to ask them enough questions to respond to their temporary total abandonment of the holding with some fuckery for later.
It's just that the mood of the game suddenly changed. And I changed with it. They busted in the old chapel where the demons and their followers were engaging in a blood orgy. The Gunlugger, Operator, Angel, and Brainer proceeded to attack the cult leader while the Hardholder and Maestro'D tried to get the demons to explain why they were acting like demons.
We went around and everyone rolled Sieze By Force over and over again, which resulted in trading blows with the cult leader. It was, in essence, a D&D-style boss battle.
The problem was, it was so wretchedly boring to run. And the players got tired of Siezing by Force. "do massive damage, take little damage, impress the enemy.", all day. I had non-combat characters throwing themselves into a fight with little incentive and few rewards. I feel like, as the MC, i fucked this one up, but i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.
As if that's not enough, things are escalating next session when more demons arrive. But I don't want to run an extended, pitched battle that takes forever. With initiative rolls and taking turns and all that shit.

I'm looking to break those old habits and run AW the way it is meant to be run. Or should I swallow my pride and give the players what they want? Advice?

Apocalypse World / Trailer Park Boys
« on: February 15, 2012, 04:08:48 PM »
The Firefly thread gave me this idea. The show Trailer Park Boys follows the storytelling format of Apocalypse World pretty well. I've only seen the first 3 seasons though. Many of the characters fit AW playbooks nicely.

Julian = Operator
Ricky = Hocus
Cory and Trevor = Ricky's Followers (bring forth smokes!)
Mr. Lahey = Hardholder
Randy = Mr. Lahey's gang
Bubbles = Savvyhead
J-Roc = Skinner

that's all I've got so far. Really wish this series had a Faceless.

brainstorming & development / Chaos Earth
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:27:49 PM »
I'm MCing Apocalypse World for our group starting this sunday, and im running a Chaos Earth hack (more like an aesthetic than a true hack). I'll be posting some of my material here to get the opinions of other Apocalypse World fans. I've been running other various games for years, but this is my first go with Apocalypse World. I'm really looking forward to it.

First, here's some custom moves:

NEMA characters do not receive Barter, but they do get a move that allows them to try to get some equipment from NEMA. Whether or not you can get something depends greatly on how well you can convince the command structure to give you what you need. There's not any red tape anymore. It's all about your respect, importance of your mission to the command structure, and how well you can schmooze the guy at the storage vault.
   When you go to a NEMA storeroom to requisition gear, roll+sharp. On a 10+, yes you can get it, but only for as long as you need it. 7-9, but there are complications. The MC picks one of the following:
it's going to take some barter to get the ball rolling...
there was one on its way, but the delivery never arrived. Here's the last known location...
nope, don't have it, but here's what I do have...
sorry, it's been checked out by someone else and they never returned it...
I've got it, but its not in great condition...

If you need to push, you can drop some credits, name-drop or make it worth their while, They all have the same effect, and you can only choose one. To drop credits, roll+barter (max roll+3) spent. To name-drop, roll+Hx of any NEMA character on your list. Making it worth their while is to use the seduction or manipulate move. On a hit, the item comes to you, no strings attached. On a 7-9, you get it, or something pretty close. On a miss, it comes to you, with strings very much attached.

   Salvage allows you to recover important or valuable materials from the ruins. This includes things like vehicle parts, scrap metal, comm gear, velvet pictures of Elvis, and so on. It also allows you to get your way into a vault, safe, untouched storeroom and warehouse, or abandoned bunker. By default, you find 1-barter worth of useful scratch, you are seen, you need a crew, and it takes you all day. Roll+sharp. 10+, hold 3. 7-9, hold 1. Trade hold one-for-one to get the following:
instead of scratch, you find high-tech goods worth 2-barter
instead of scratch, you find one valuable item worth 2-barter
instead of scratch, you find scrap materials worth 2-barter
you find more scratch, worth 1-barter
no one sees you while you work
you don't need a crew
it takes you only half the day
On a miss, the M.C. can choose from any of the following:
you come up empty-handed
something dangerous sees you
your crew is useless (or dead, or run off, or mutinous)
it takes all day and most of next day too
you uncover something weird or chaotic

Conduct Rescue
   Digging people out of ruins, applying aid to large groups, escorting survivors, performing an extraction from a live combat zone, etc. Roll+sharp. On a 10+, the operation is a success and the survivors are stable.'re not out of the woods yet. The MC get to pick from one of the options below.
First you'll have to get/build/fix/figure out_
you're going to need _ to help you with it
the best you can do is a fiasco of a rescue. Infections and injuries abound
it's going to mean exposing yourself and your colleagues to danger
you're going to have to take _ apart to do it

On a 7-9, the MC picks 1, 2, or 3 from above.
On a miss, the M.C. can choose from any of the following:
all or most of the survivors suffer 2-harm during the rescue.
something collapses or explodes
if there's a fire going, it spreads. If there's not, one starts.
something dangerous witnesses the operation
you uncover something harmful or evil
the only exit has been cut off

next, I will post some new playbooks.
Opinions and criticism are welcome, but please no bashing of Chaos Earth, RIfts, or Palladium Books.

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