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Apocalypse World / Angels and Hard
« on: September 24, 2011, 09:40:49 AM »
I don't know if anyone else has observed this before (probably), but I just noticed that all angel stat lines have either Hard=0 or Hard+1, meaning that there's no such thing as an angel who's bad at violence (especially considering that they get two +1hard lines, meaning an angel will never be created who doesn't have an easy path to Hard+2 at the least).

This has been starting to bother me, because I've been playing an angel who's a 98-pound weakling, and a Hard of even =0, let alone with the potential for +2, is becoming more and more plainly absurd. But there's no way to have a Hard below =0 without going out of my way to get crippled, and that's just... well, crippling myself for no reason.

So I'm not sure what to do about this, or why it's this way at all. Any help?

Apocalypse World / Problem: gunlugger that's not a gunlugger
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:09:29 AM »
So, I committed the cardinal sin of starting with a concept rather than starting from the game rules as written, and ended up with a conflict. I'm playing a character for whom I chose "gunlugger" on the basis that she's supposed to be, yes, an exceedingly hard-ass human being who excels at getting herself embroiled in battles with the odds stacked against her and then fighting her way out. Also slipping and accidentally punching ten dudes to death, but that was an accident, I swear.

The conflict is, the concept never included really included guns (she has NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH, meaning she can inflict 3-harm, before the bonus from Bloodcrazed, regardless of her armament or lack thereof). They aren't at odds with it, but when her class is named gunlugger, and one of its starting boons is access to munitions that other characters have to bend over backwards in-play for, the toys start feeling less like extra bits and pieces that don't define her and begin to feel more like tumours that have attached themselves uninvited. (Yes, I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth. No, I never claimed to be sane.) It doesn't help that the character concept is supposed to be poor, yet she gets a small fortune in toys. I did bully the MC into giving my character debt problems--I was pretty pissed that she gave them to another character, but never once thought to offer them to mine--but that's still a whole lot of junk for someone who's supposed to have trouble scraping by. Particularly from the start, and particularly when access to some of those items is restricted and not available to other characters short of them making a mission out of it (the fuck-off big guns and the armour-piercing ammo, particularly).

So I'm honestly a little lost here as to what to do about my gunlugger who isn't a gunlugger. Just suck it up, submit to sanity, and staple on a rationalization as to why she has the crazy-expensive-and-hard-to-obtain-toys and is called a gunlugger (the skinner she's in a relationship with offered that they might have been a gift from him when he was doing better financially, but this is a machine gun and AP ammo we're talking about), or ditch them/let other characters have them? In particular, I'll admit just having her called a gunlugger is getting to be a burn at this point, and I would strangle a small army just for a different class name that does not bring the idea right back around to toys. I'm even considering dropping the custom 2-armour I came up with for her in favour of Impossible Reflexes at her next improvement, though that may be my emotions and not my good sense talking.

My apologies for so much rambling about something so insignificant.

NINJA EDIT: Yes, I took the guillotine chokehold as my "backup weapon." Now if only I could take an "embedded move" like that for my FOBG, too.

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