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Dungeon World / Dungeon World PBEM
« on: May 24, 2011, 05:58:15 PM »
So I'm going to run a PBEM Dungeon World game for some old college buddies of mine. I've only had a little experience playing AW, and none running it. Also this will be the first indie-game that these guys will have experience with. They're pretty hard-core 3.5 players and I'd hope that this will be a nice way to stay in touch as well as expose them to some of the awesomeness that is going on outside of the mainstream.

I have the following questions:

Does anyone have any advice on how to run a PBEM game in general, but especially in reference to AW. How do you think it would be best to deal with beginning of session/end of session stuff as there will be no sessions, per-say.

How best do you think to run the first few games for a bunch of 3.5 players? How much should I prep them for how differently AW runs? Should I just throw them in and see how they swim? If you do believe they deserve some warning, what points do you think would be best to give them (without getting too deep into theory knowing that they'll just skip that stuff anyway).

Thanks in advance!

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