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Apocalypse World / Custom Moves in the Eternal Winter
« on: December 01, 2011, 02:32:28 PM »

I'm working on Custom Moves for me and my group's ongoing campaign in a Gothenburg stuck in an eternal winter (read more about it Here if you want to). I want to make the ice and snow a real threat for my players, and I really think that Custom Moves is one good way to achieve that. I didn't find a thread were you could discuss Custom Moves, so I started this one in hopes of getting constructive critique (and maybe new ideas, or maybe that cool winter move that you've made up?)

Right now I'm working on a custom move for the risk of getting frostbitten right now. Please let me know what you think:

When you’re out in the snow for too long without proper clothing, roll+hard. On a 10+, you’re freezing like crazy but you don’t have to add segments on the Freeze Clock. On a 7-9, add 1 segment. On a miss, add 2.

The MC may ask players (as a move) to re-roll this move if they don’t find warmth in time.

Freeze Clock

    1- Exposed body parts are cold and feel numb.
    2- Exposed body parts are very cold and feel like they’re burning.
    3- Exposed body parts are fucking cold and it’s difficult to use them or think properly. Doing this anyways means acting under fire.
    4- Exposed body parts are suffering from frostnip and are turning white, red and yellow. 1-harm and acting under fire when straining yourself.
    5- Exposed body parts are suffering from frostbite and are turning blue with a marble-like appearance. 1-harm and acting under fire when straining under fire.
    6- Exposed body parts are suffering from deep frostbite and are turning purple and black. 2-harm and acting under fire to stay conscious.

You run a high risk of getting gangrene if not treated properly after 12 o’clock (on the Freeze Clock). This may, in turn, cold mean amputation or death.

Apocalypse World / Our 1st Session (and some question marks)
« on: November 08, 2011, 09:48:56 AM »

So, we had our first Apocalypse World session ever last night. I've wanted to try this game for a long, long time and I was finally able to find time in my group’s schedule for some apocalyptic barfing. We met in a moose infested part of Sweden (mating season = moose armies everywhere) and jumped right into character creation and world ideas. We ended up with a shy, ugly Gunlugger called Lars; a blunt, tired Angel called Balder; a weak but quick-witted Operator by the name of Glenn and a hard as fuck, occult Chopper called Satan (of course). And the world they live in? A Swedish city frozen in ice, where wolfs walk the snow searching for pray and people live in smaller holds where the weather hasn’t devoured everything (the city is our beloved home town Gothenburg).

It was a very fun, exciting and creative 1st Session. Balder strangled a man badly hurt by a knife wound to end his suffering (the man’s son attacked Balder later on), Lars went to his secret love Lana and found her fucking the gang member Kebab, so he killed him and fled the hold (Kebab was the one who stabbed the man Balder took care of, Lana likes dangerous partners...), Satan and his gang searched for their lost gang member and found him beaten to death in Lana’s room (Satan opened his brain and saw Lars...) and Glenn, he came to the hold to meet a member of his crew but had to flee from both Captain Red and a crazy, rabbit loving maniac (unworked obligation gig and random apocalyptic).

It’s cool to see the rules "in action", especially the Hx-rules and how they really creates bonds and flavour between the PC:s before play. It's a fast-paced system and I had only a few problems MC:ing it; the 1st Session worksheet was one of those problems. I didn’t have time to take notes on the threat map or write down NPC:s motivations, that’s something I’ll rather do after the session. I forgot the Harm and Session end move too, but hey I’m human.

After the session we had a couple of question marks remaining, maybe someone can help us out with some of them:

- First of all, I don’t really get the Operator’s gigs and crew. What happens with a gig if you succeed, do they disappear or stay? Is Improvement the only way to get new gigs or can you get them any other way (other then, I guess, through the fiction)? And the crew... Is there anything mechanical about the crew? What do they do (as crew members), how do they influence the Operators work?

- The Chopper’s gang got a Vulnerability, do I get to activate it or is there a rule for when to do it?

- The Gunlugger counts as a gang... In what way?

- When shit’s going down and people are fighting, how is harm distributed? Say that Glenn is fighting against two others, he rolls to seize their lives by force and he succeeds with his roll - does he inflict his harm on both of his enemies, and do they both get to inflict their separate harm on him? And while we’re on the subject, if Glenn’s enemies survive and are still in the game, can Glenn roll another Seize by force to inflict more harm, and another and another - or should one roll solve the whole fight?

- When to PC:s fight, who rolls the Seize by force?

Apocalypse World / Questions from a rookie
« on: May 16, 2011, 06:26:58 PM »

This is my first post in this forum and it's a bunch of questions... No cool and interesting thoughts/ideas, sorry. I'll try to contribute with such things in the future though, promise!

I have no prior experience with AW since I haven't played/MC:ed the game before (just read the book). My questions will therefore be pretty basic; some will probably be pure misunderstandings from my part and others will be more of a "how do you do" than "how's it meant to be done?". Enough of my mumblings, here goes:

1. Who creates the world?
I love how the "cog wheels" of AW work. Everything from the PC's moves to the MC's principles inspire and helps everyone too create a unique world together, but there's one thing that's been bugging me; who should create the basic idea of the world? I'm speaking about ideas like "the world is a big desert and the sun is boiling" or "earth is a piece of ice, it's cold as fuck and we live in igloos".  The book mentions that the MC should allow himself to daydream about apocalyptic imagery, but the basic idea should be something that the group invents together, right? How do you and your group do this?

2. Apocalyptic Roadtrip?

Well, I've read both the book and a healthy dose of Actual Play-threads by now, and it seems like the game depends on the PCs living in a rather small area (hardhold, city, camp etc.) to flow like it's meant to. The book gives an example of a travelling PC group, but I don't see how that would work since much is based around reoccurring NPCs and such. Hey, let's presume that the PC group consists of a driver, a chopper and a savvyhead who wants to do a roadtrip post-apoc style... what would you tell them?

3. Hold?
Hold. It's mentioned over and over again but I never seem to get the hang of it. You can get hold through moves and spend them to learn shit but you lose them if you lose the opportunity, am I right? Every playbook got this little Hold section too, what should the players write there?

4. 1st session worksheet
This is a really cool part of the game, but it feels like I'm not quite getting it all. The worksheet is used to show in which way the NPCs can be a threat to the players. Does that mean that every NPC the PCs meet is a threat and should be noted as such on the threat map? If not, who and what is it that should get a spot on the map?

5. Fronts
Okay, fronts are hard. I'm not sure why, maybe because I'm so used to the old "play a written adventure"-style of roleplaying. First of all, one front consists of several threats, linked by a single threatening situation. That's what it says in the book, but what I don't understand is how all these threats get connected in the first place? It seems like the 1st session threat map is meant to grow into the first front, but how do you link all these NPCs and places together? Should you only have one front in play every time (and then create a new when all of its stakes has been answered)?

Well, those are the questions that's been stuck in my head the last few days (I'm sure that more will pop up in due time). I know that it's probably a bit diffuse, and I'll be happy to clarify what I meant if there's something you don't understand.


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