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Dungeon World / use devide and human bards
« on: May 10, 2011, 02:09:33 PM »
two things i noticed while looking over the new rules quickly.

use device now lets the thief use dwarven hard tack, and thats about it. not really worth it imo. the way i could still this being useful is if there were magic items (like wands) that were class specific (to cleric or wizard).

human bards racial is still the ability to use complex piercing weapons. complex weapons are gone (i dont know if this was intentional or not)

Dungeon World / Healing, bard v cleric
« on: May 04, 2011, 12:04:44 PM »
i think my math is correct
NOTE::: this chart ignores a few things the three for the cleric being empower spell and the spell heal, which the cleric gets at level 7 and heals the casters max hp. (im not sure id use empower spell as a cleric because you have no freebies like edict memory gives the wizard, but i havent played one so i dont know). the third thing ignored from the cleric list is martyr which allows you to take n damage to heal n extra wounds. this could be huge, im not sure... but as its variable effect it would be hard to really use in a chart like this as the max healing would always include a + (current hp -1) to all the spells.
the one thing ignored on the bards side is the bards ability to cast all cleric spells one level under the cleric. (so at level 6 the bard could be casting cure crit wounds for pretty much the same amount as the cleric, the bard still has 1 multiclass so it could take comp healer if it wanted to.)

with these caveats noted, i think the chart shows that bards can reliably get close to the average healing of a cleric other than levels 1 and 6. i also want to note that at a lot of these levels taking this level of healing pretty much excludes most other spells from the cleric list, as taking the best healing spell will fill the entire allotment while bard always retains its full range of abilities. (also note that both classes spend the same number of moves to achieve this)

max healing by level
   bard   cleric(min:max:avg)
1   2   1d8(1:8:4.5)   
2   6   1d8+2(3:10:6.5) cleric takes comp healer, bard takes healers tune
3   12   2d8+2(4:18:11)    bard takes hospitaler cleric get cure mod wounds
4   14   2d8+2   
5   16   4d8+2(6:34:20)    cleric gets cure serious wounds   
6   18   4d8+8(12:40:26) cleric gets saintly
7   27   4d8+13(17:45:31)bard gets saintly, cleric gets hospitaler
8   30   4d8+14(18:46:32)
9   33   4d8+15(19:47:33)
10    36   4d8+16(20:48:34)

cleric healing with heal:
7: 35+6(con)+(0 to 12)
8: 40+7(con)+(0 to 14)
9: 45+8(con)+(0 to 16)
10: 50+9(con)+(0 to 18)

Dungeon World / where has all the bard gone?
« on: May 02, 2011, 10:09:51 AM »
just one thing, if you havent noticed. the bard character sheet is missing from the non hack version of the new DW rules!

Dungeon World / wizards mucking up the gears
« on: April 25, 2011, 10:13:16 AM »
this week presents us with some wizard related questions.

mystical puppet strings in an amazing move. (for those of you that dont have the pdf on your smart phone it allows the wizard to choose how and when holds from parley are spent) but we are in dispute on just how powerful it is. basically it come down to how magic the move is. is it compulsion to the point where you can get attacked by raiders and parley one of them into defending you against his comrades or should it follow normal common sense rules of making people do stuff. (wont do anything they are super opposed to or that goes against their nature)? this has been kind of a get out of jail free card so far and i think its getting on agony's nerves...

the whole mystical puppet strings thing led into another issue we had. the situation was our party trying to talk a neutral/semi hostile dog man into letting us copy down a scroll he/she (the debate is still out on this one) had that would allow us access to new and more dangerous dungeon areas. the wizard decided he was going to end this and cast telepathy to use parley (and subsequently mystical puppet strings) on our opponent. now the question comes down to this. the dog person was a very powerful shaman (if it had been a character it would have been around level 5 or 6 while we are level 3). are there any suggestions for dealing with non damaging magic spells being cast at higher level entities/magicians? we had floated an idea of the difference in levels being applied as a modifier to the roll (so if it was level 5 the roll would take a -2 penalty) but i dont know how good that is. (also i think it was only going to apply to other magical peoples) this one im currently at a loss for, i dont really like the above mentioned solution but i do think that there should be something there...

oh, also adept hirelings are insane!(again for pdfless can add their level to damaging spells or if the spell is not damaging can add 1 to any other roll, extend the range or add another target as long as the spell is their level or lower)  we just really started using hirelings and so far have seen the protector, the tracker and the adept. the tracker was useful but just allowed us to do things we couldnt otherwise (we have no ranger) the protector works, but it seems like at higher levels it would be a lot more useful. (we are currently level 3 so the protector is level 2. we have been doing hireling HP as 5 + (d4 +1)/level so the protector has around 8hp but after being equipped with plate mail and a shield she can usually survive 1 hit.) but the adept is crazy. the multiple targets ability seems very good and adding 1 to any roll in a non damaging spell (we have ruled this cannot be the to cast roll) is very very good situationally (it has been used with telepathy to get an additional +1 to parley). one question is are adepts limited to wizard spells? we have used it with cure light wounds (cast by our wizard, but hes an elf so he can get access to it)

thats all i can think of for now, maybe the other will weigh in with their thoughts on the issues we encountered.

Dungeon World / thoughts after another session
« on: April 18, 2011, 10:02:37 AM »
we had some good situations in this last session and it brought up a few more questions/concerns.

in a dungeon, how exactly is trap expert supposed to work? if you roll once per area then you can find at most 3 traps? or are you supposed to roll once per trap?

when attacking a group, how does the warrior move killer work? it says you kill opponents of a lower level outright on a hack and slash roll of 10+? (this didnt come up, as i dont have this move but we fought hordes of little guys so i am curious on your thoughts of this.)

the thief took poisoner and his damage increased a good chunk. it is still behind HnS (mainly because he cannot double it) but he doesnt take damage for it. (comparing 2d8+4 to d10+d6)

we fought one large bad guy and it was a hard fight. unfortunately if it had hit anyone besides my fighter they probably would have died in one go. (it was level 5 we were level 3) there were three of us, my fighter, a wizard and the thief. it should have killed me too, but i was able to down some health potions to stay alive. this is probably a null point because you are redoing the hp and dmg systems.

we used the -1 ongoing to spell casting option instead of 1/2 potency. i think it worked out rather well. it made the wizard really think on if he wanted to cast the spell and if he did roll a 7-9 he actually chose to put himself in danger a few times, and forgot a spell! (or maybe the MC made him forget the spell... dont remember) but he did take the -1 to spell casting a few times and it does just get harder and harder as you choose that option. while resting would have easily overcome that burden, the fiction didnt really allow it (we were in the bowls of a falling down temple to a demoness that was infested with little gray goblin things) hopefully combathobo will comment on what he thought of the rule (he plays the wizard)

we also used carry limit rules. i think we are using 6+ str mod for ranger fighter paladin and 5+ str mod for everyone else. this is still rather hap hazard as we are making up weight values on the fly for things. it does have its downfall because most of the people in our group dump statted str (we didnt start with this rule) so people cannot carry much. the thf doesnt carry a melee weapon because he doesnt have the slots for it...
currently we are having 5 small items (rations bandages etc) having one weight. adventuring gear takes 1, d8 weapons weigh 1, d10 weigh 2, plate weighs 2, chain weighs 1, bows all weigh 1, 100 gold weighs 1.
i dont mind the rules, but i have 9 slots. the thief hates it, and not just because he only has 4 slots (he does not like encumbrance rules in general)

all in all i think it went well. i am still looking forward for the new rules. the only real game breaking thing that we are experiencing is the hp/dmg thing. anything that can threaten me will demolish everyone else!

Dungeon World / thief with bows
« on: April 12, 2011, 11:11:11 AM »
in our game we have a thief who decided he wanted to primarily use bows. unfortunately this means that he is more or less ineffective in combat next to my fighter and the mage who will soon be able to fireball things into oblivion. there are several things i have thought about on this issue.

* there is no + damage for taking a penalty on a 10+ for volley.
now i am not sure that volley should get a 2x multiplier for damage like hack and slash because for HnS you always take damage while for volley you get put in a dangerous position or loose ammo. but the ability to beef you damage makes HnS leave volley in the dust damage wise.

* allow some sort of sneak attack with bows (maybe a move that needs to get taken)
leave all the restriction of a normal sneak attack but let it be made (at close range) with a bow. i do not think that any of the options for sneak attack would have to change, even the "dont get into melee" one could still work (you shoot them with an arrow and they get super pissed and charge you)
***also on backstab*** do you think it would be an issue if a thief with a rapier used dex on backstab instead of str as they have a precise weapon that lets them use dex for HnS? (maybe another move for graceful backstab?)
(i mainly ask these things because our thf took a super low str and has not used backstab yet...)

poison is the only way to currently boost damage on ranged attacks for a thf, i think its pretty neat but ours has not taken it yet (i think the randomness turns him off even though its on average way better than the warrior damage boost which gives a static +2, he may also be concerned with price/application time)

Dungeon World / fighter signature weapon
« on: April 04, 2011, 11:02:16 AM »
one thing I've noticed about the fighter signature weapon:

the attributes that can be selected seem a bit imbalanced. mainly the single + 2 damage entry and the two +1 pierce entries. for balance sake it seems like it should be the other way around, one +2 piece and two +1 damage as the +2 damage does everything that the two +1 pierces do and more for a single choice instead of both of them.
also, are there any plans on expanding the choices given to the signature weapon? just curious, but maybe a +1 armor entry (a +1 to hack and slash seems a bit OP). i bring this up mainly because we have two fighters in our game and we both were going to have the exact same weapon, but the other guy changed his to a +1 pierce instead of +2 damage for the sole purpose of being different.

any ideas/comments/thoughts?

Dungeon World / one man army(fighter) and use device(thf)
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:48:56 AM »
question about two skills.
one man army for fighter reads that you take damage as a crowd, how does this work? perhaps we are just bad at reading rules, but all i can tell for damaging crowed is that damage rolls over if you kill one of the members.

use device says something like the thief can use any item. is this supposed to include weapons or armor? our thief player rhetorically argued that he could when we were discussing this skill because there is no real rule entry for activating magic devices.

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