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hosted on the Github repo here:

This document describes some ways to make  a Powered By the Apocalypse game.
It should support reskins, GM's looking for setting ideas, and help building a custom class.
It also supports deep hacks that play with the fundamentals of the game.

There's three ways to use this document. One is around a table and build the game the table wants to play together. Another is to pick and choose bits from it to help you explore an idea. I like to pick randomly at each stage, forcing just the right amount of constraints that there can only be one solution for each thing from stat to archetype to individual move, taking me outside where I can get normally.

It's a write up of the way I've developed for writing hacks. It's personal, and will need fleshing out. If there's an example you want, or a different way of doing it that you want added, please let me know :)

brainstorming & development / Cyber_Peripherals
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:43:18 PM »
What is this?

Cyber_Peripherals is a stand alone game of stories for 3-5 players in a cyberpunk world. Most of you will play the roles of neon slumdogs and one of you will be the Master of Ceremonies (MC for short). The game is a conversation between you all, with the MC to facilitate and fill in what is needed for the story. From time to time, the story will reach a point where the outcome is interesting and uncertain. The dice help out here, and add a sense of tension as their fall changes the fictional world and sparks new directions for the conversation.
The story will center around a community of individuals and how they live under the various pressures of a Zaibatsu dominated future. You're unlikely to be pulling off Shadowrun type missions, and if you are, you'll want to take a  look at the rpg The Sprawl, which is built for that. This rpg is designed to be compatible, but is more interested in the kind of stories that came later in the cyberpunk genre, those of Greg Egan or Tricia Sullivan or Nalo Hopkinson.

In fine cyberpunk tradition, this book is pirated hackjob. Bits of the Sprawl, Urban Shadows and Apocalypse World have been recycled, paired up and duct taped together with Simple World. The playbooks are mostly original, but precious little else is. A favour is owed to the designers, testers and editors of those books.

Why play Cyber\_Peripherals?
Play if you want to play to find out what happens in a neon and chrome cyberpunk future.
Play if you want to create a story about everyday folk living on the peripheries.
Play if you are playing the Sprawl, and want to follow your Killer character home to see how they do the groceries.
Play if you want to struggle against the Man, in a world where 'Man' needs citation marks.
Play if you want to win sometimes, lose sometimes, and explore the future twenty minutes from now.

How does Sprawl compatible work?
The hack is focused on community not missions. So the world where your contacts live, where your
sprawl characters crawl home to sleep in. Not mission based, more episodic drama than heist film. Mechanically, it is to be AW gangs and holdings, Urban Shadow Debts and Sprawl Stats and Cyber/synth. Play centers around community storytelling, from the favela to the spires. It's only a vertical klick after all :)

I am thinking it needs to use the same stats and handle item/cyberwear the same way. Even the basic moves would be different. The questions Mega3 the infiltrator asks when looking at a target are very different to the questions they ask when doing their groceries...

There's a bunch of new playbooks, becuase I was thinking almost all Sprawl characters would fit inside a single archetype playbook in the hack - "the Professional". No stat assignment because you bring it over. 'Moves' focusing on the nature of your safehouse, garage, dependents ect...This would be in addition to straightforward slumlord characters who in turn are the people who turn up in the Sprawl when you Hit the Streets.

If the table is approaching it the same world from a different viewpoint, "Dangerous neighbour" might be the  move to establish your Sprawl character's presence nearby, equivalent to  "Declare Contacts" in the sprawl does the reverse.

Written in Tufte-Latex, hosted on github. As always, this link should always point to the latest pdf.

brainstorming & development / Escape the Dungeon
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:06:01 PM »
Escape the Dungeon.

An inverted fantasy dungeon crawler:
In this game you are in a typical fantasy dungeon. The overlord is dead \footnote {citation needed}. You were one of his underlings. You were a monster. You still are, but for the first time in a long time, you're able to ask "Why?" So can all the other underlings.
\smallcaps{What do you do?}

written in tufte-latex, hosted on github

In the current PDF: Agenda, Philosophy, basic moves and the first few playbooks.
Still to do - rest of playbooks, GM playbook(s),  and playtests. Hoping for harsh critisim and warnings of sufferings.

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