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Apocalypse World / Determining whether or not a situation is charged
« on: March 16, 2017, 09:55:40 AM »
So on my first game of Apocalypse World (write up link below) there was a scene where the Savvyhead had hired a group of simple laborers to scrap a nearby location for some resources to use to improve his garage. I used the move "Announce future badness" and said that they could hear the sounds of an engine roar and tires squealing, a car approaching.

The player wanted to know whether or not this was a charged situation, I told the player that it was charged but I wasn't sure what move to ask him to use for the character to use to determine the danger. I had the player roll "Read a sitch" which he failed, so I told him that his character assumed that the car was a patrol from the nearby hardhold that he has a good relationship with, so his character wasn't concerned with the car. When the car pulled up and some strangers got out, it caught his character off guard. The practical implication being that he was caught flat-footed and had to be responsive to the aggression.

He ended up telling his laborers to take what they had and run, I told him that the risk of doing that would be that he would act under fire and might lose some of his workers to the thugs in their slowed escape. He was willing to take that risk and ended up losing one laborer to the thugs.

This scene hasn't set well with me. I feel like there should've been a better way to determine whether or not the car was a threat. Thoughts or suggestions are welcome! Our second session is coming up next week.


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