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The Regiment / Run me through a typical fight
« on: September 15, 2014, 02:49:59 PM »
I'm gonna run The Regiment Colonial marines as soon as I get the chance. possible next week.
Pretty sure I can do decent job of it.

So how does a typical fight go?

How much harm will a xenomorph do? how many wounds will you normally give a xenomorph?
And how hard is it to take one down?

Long title well I'm basically trying to run this
modern day soldiers during old school DnD style dungeon crawls.
It can work pretty much exactly like colonial marines with a lot more monsters than Xenomorphs. But I've run into a few problems.

Magic, items, Melee weapons, Traps and going native.

first of traps this what I'm thinking

Traps. The Asses move can be used to asses a room. on a hit you get to know something. 10+ the gm answers truthfully to the best of his ability and a few follow up questions.
like "is there a trap in this room?" "yes, there is actually 2" "will I be able to disarm them?" "how dangerous are they?" and so on.
7-9 you get a straightforward answer.
6- Gm will tell you something true but incomplete. If there is a trap the gm can not tell you but will tell you something else.

When you asses a room you can also ask about the architecture and things like that to gain intel (which could help you when using Petition) or get an idea of where the good stuff is hidden. (which could help you when Scrounge)

A new move called Disarm Trap is needed
on 10+ choose 2 on a 7-9 on 6- you fail, the trap can do whatever it is supposed to.

- You disarm the trap
- you learn something about the workings of the trap
- you do it quickly
- you do it quietly

next items

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