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Apocalypse World / ANGEL: Sixth Sense + Healing Touch
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:19:25 AM »
Hi all.

I don't know if this has been discussed before, if so, please excuse me and point me to the corresponding thread.

I was just thinking about the combination of the Angel moves Sixth Sense and Healing Touch.

Sixth Sense allows the Angel to roll+sharp when opening her brain to the psychic maelstrom and Healing Touch allows her to heal someone by opening her brain to them.
I know that by the letter of the rules, opening your brain to someone is not the same as opening your brain to the psychic maelstrom, but as an MC I would still allow an Angel with this combination of moves to roll+sharp when using Healing Touch.

What do you guys think? Would this make things too easy for the Angel player and the group as a whole, as this would surely increase their survivability?

The Regiment / Colonial Marines: Synthetics – The Perfect Aides
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:28:11 AM »
Our Synthetic player used a nasty loophole in the rules…

Aiding an Ally says:  "6-: Choose one below if you take 1-stress."
So, an aiding android rolling a 6- marks experience and still helps without negative effect as he is immune to stress.

I am thinking of the following solution:
Change "Immune to Stress" into "Resistant to Stress" – Whenever a Synthetic suffers stress, she slashes an overload box. If she suffers multiple points of stress, a slashed box becomes crossed and she proceeds to the next box… Slash-cross-slash-cross. She is still not subject to fight/flight/shock.
This way, an android is a) still tougher than humans but b) not too powerful c) the "gain 1-grit" improvement makes sense again. ;-)

The Regiment / Colonial Marines: Gunner
« on: April 18, 2013, 04:52:51 AM »
Hey there.

For our weekly game I split up the Trooper playbook into Trooper and Gunner, including the changes below. Note that most of the Moves are recycled from classic Regiment moves of other playbooks:

The Trooper

Stats: BATTLE+2, +1 in another Stat.

Special: You Always Were an Asshole: When you die, use up your remaining gear to make an attack with +1d +area but expose friendlies to 1d incidental fire from that attack.

Moves: Choose two more
  • x Marines Go First: When you put the mission first and follow the orders of your superiors into danger, mark xp.
  • o Battle–Tested: You get +1 BATTLE (max +3).
  • o Comrade in Arms: When you aid someone and choose assist, they take +2 forward instead of +1.
  • o Eye for Supply: When you scrounge for ammo or weapons, roll+BATTLE instead of roll+LUCKY.
  • o Heavy Weapon: Spend 1–supply from the unit surplus to equip a heavy weapon for the mission: Incinerator, smartgun, rocket launcher, or explosive charges.
  • o Fight Back: When you keep it together, roll+BATTLE instead of roll+GUTS.
  • o Stone Cold: You get 1–grit.
  • o Forward Observer: When you observe the enemy from a concealed position and report their movements and disposition up the chain of command, roll+TACTICS. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7–9, choose one. Your unit gets:
    • Intelligence: Gain +intel.
    • Tactical initiative: +1 forward to an engagement move.
    • Target coordinates: +1 forward to fire support Officer move.
  • o Close Quarters Battle: At tight or close range, do +1d.

Loadout Choose one
  • o Pulse Rifle (3d close/near spray) w/ under–barrel grenade launcher (3d AP near messy indirect reload ordnance), rifle and smoke grenades.
  • o Pulse Rifle (3d close/near spray) w/ under–barrel shotgun (2d tight quick), frag and smoke grenades.
Choose one (unless you use the Heavy Weapon move):
  • o Extra Supplies: Additional ammo, grenades, bandages, etc. Single use, replenish 2 Gear.
  • o Recon Gear: Motion tracker, binoculars, sidearm (2d tight quick), flares.
  • o Intrusion Gear: Electronic lock–picks, welding torch.
  • x Basic: Helmet w/camera and light, commlink, combat knife (2d tight), ammo, hydration packs, nutrient packs, barter items worth 3–smokes, 1–personal item

The Gunner

Stats: BATTLE+2, +1 in another Stat.

Special: Come get me!: When you die, move into the open and use up your remaining gear to make an attack to draw the enemy’s attention to you. Your attack deals no harm, but the rest of your team is not subject to enemy fire for the next move.

Gunner Moves Choose two more
  • x Covering Fire: When you provide covering fire, spend 1–gear and roll+BATTLE. On a hit, you rake the enemy’s position with fire, giving friendly troops an opportunity; but, your VOF is reduced by one step. GM chooses: The enemy is suppressed (-1 VOF) or the enemy is pinned (cannot act) but finds cover and/ or concealment. On a 10+, you also give the allies you cover +1 forward. When you kill an enemy in this way, mark xp.
  • o Angel of Death: When you’re front and center carrying the fight to the enemy, everyone on your team who can see you gets +1 grit.
  • o Battle–Tested: You get +1 BATTLE (max +3).
  • o Explosives Expert: When you detonate an explosive you set up, spend 1–gear and roll+TACTICS. On a 10+, it works just as you planned. On a 7–9, it works, yes, but the GM will introduce some hitch, delay, or complication right now.
  • o Get Some!: When you attack or assault against a determined foe that outnumbers or outguns you, gain 1–tough and +1grit.
  • o Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning: When you use an Incinerator, increase its range to tight/close.
  • o Rattlesnake: When you use a smartgun, increase your default VOF by one step.
  • o Spray & Pray: When you assault, you can spend additional gear 1–for–1 to take +1 to your roll.
  • o Stone Cold: You get 1–grit.

Loadout Choose one
  • o Smartgun (3d near/far autofire IFF indirect), sidearm (2d tight quick), smoke grenades.
  • o Incinerator (4d tight messy autofire burn terror), sidearm (2d tight quick), frag and smoke grenades, helmet.
  • o Rocket Launcher (5d HEAT AP near breach messy reload ordnance), sidearm (2d tight quick), smoke grenades, helmet.
  • o Pulse Rifle (3d close/near spray) w/ under–barrel grenade launcher (3d AP near messy indirect reload ordnance), explosive charges (5d AP tight messy breach ordnance), rifle and smoke grenades, helmet.
  • x Basic: Camera and light, commlink, combat knife (2d tight), ammo, flares, hydration packs, nutrient packs, barter items worth 3–smokes, 1–personal item (detail).

Your comments, ideas, criticism are welcome.

Apocalypse World / Combat & Combat Types: Help, I don't get it!
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:36:34 PM »
First of all: Hi all, I'm new around here.

So here is my problem: I don't really understand how combat works, moves-wise.

So let's say I want to kill a guy (because he deserves it for whatever reason). I don't want to seize anything from him, I just want him plain dead. That would be do something under fire, right? The Battlebabe is good at that, but the Gunlugger isn't, unless he takes the Battle-Hardened move (which basically forces him to buy that move).

But sometimes things are more complex. I want something and am willing to use lethal force on anyone who comes into my way, like "I'll go into that bunker and will shoot anyone who's trying to stop me!" That should be seize by force, doesn't it? But seize by force requires roll+hard and the Battlebabe has a pathetic hard-rating. So she basically cannot really fight half of the time, a fact that  doesn't change much as she can increase her already pathetic hard-stat only once with basic improvement.

Please, Brainers of the Digital Maelstrom, help me figure this out... You are my only hope!



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