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Dungeon World / The Other Places To Talk Dungeon World
« on: September 25, 2013, 10:44:22 AM »
Short version: you may find more active discussion on the Dungeon World Google+ Community:

Or the Dungeon World Reddit:

Long version: when we first started DW we created a forum here like every other hack. It was great for getting started, but at this point it's a bit of a pain. Especially when we attract so many new users, who Vincent then has to approve. Meanwhile, the Dungeon World Google+ Community has grown like crazy and has dozens of new great posts every day.

So, feel free to post here—we're still watching, and this forum will remain open. Just know that the Google+ Community is the most active dedicated DW discussion, and that you we also regularly read and respond to threads everywhere from to Reddit.

Dungeon World / New Class: The Battlemind
« on: July 10, 2012, 02:21:00 PM »
(Cross-posted from my blog:

This morning I accidentally woke up and designed the Monk for Dungeon World.

So why is this post about the Battlemind? Because I think that’s a better name for what I’m thinking here. It sidesteps the whole orientalism/exoticism angle and gets right to what the class really is, allowing you at your table to place it into the world. It also more clearly differentiates this class for the Fighter with fists as their signature weapon.

The touchstones for this class are my half-remembered 3E psionics rules, the concept of the Monk, and the Greybeards from Skyrim. Usually for a class Adam and I would do a pretty thorough review of what that class looked like in each edition, but this is just an idea that sprung into my head.

So what’s the core of this class?

The Battlemind
You start with these moves:

When you have time and tranquility to center your mind and body lose any Focus you had and gain 3 Focus. You cannot have more than 3 Focus at any time.

When you set your mind and body to combat choose a stance available to you and roll+Wis. Choose three of these stances to be available to you to start with:
  • Serpent’s Coil: While in this stance you use Focus to Hack and Slash.
  • Troll’s Strength: While in this stance your damage dice is d10+Focus.
  • Dragon Turtle’s Shell: While in this stance your Armor is equal to your Focus.
  • Dragon’s Foresight: While in this stance you use Focus to Defy Danger.
  • Unending Life: While in this stance you cannot die. Don’t make the Last Breath move even if you reach 0 HP. As soon as you leave this stance, if you’re still at 0 HP, you make the Last Breath move as normal.
  • Giant’s Reach: While in this stance your body is a weapon with these tags: Hand, Close, Reach, +1 damage, messy, forceful.
On a hit you assume your chosen stance until your concentration lapses. On a 7-9 you must also choose: spend one Focus or be put in some danger (the GM will describe it).

While you wear no armor, have Focus remaining, and carry less than your Load, you have 2 armor.

Fists of Power
Your body itself is a weapon with Hand range.
Damage dice is probably d8 (but see the Stances). HP is likely Constitution+8. Load is probably on the low end.

Focus is the main thing that the class’s moves revolve on. The core moves already demonstrate a lot of the core things moves can do with Focus: Spend it, count it, use it as a bonus. There’s a whole lot of advanced moves that fall straight out of that:

Focused Defense
When you’re in a stance and take damage you may spend 1 Focus and leave that stance to negate the damage.

Expanded Mind
When you use Oneness you gain 4 Focus. Your maximum Focus is 4.

Combat Flow
When you kill an enemy while in a stance you may change stances immediately, without rolling. Just choose a new stance.

Choose a new stance to add to your list.

Crouching Tiger
When you concentrate on movement and speed you may spend 1 Focus to defy gravity: for a few moments, so long as you keep moving, you may run up and across any vertical surface.

Restored Focus
When an ally successfully Aids you you may choose to gain 1 Focus instead of taking +1.

Dungeon World / The Party (and Beta 2 News)
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:13:21 PM »
Beta 2 is off to Adam for sanity check before we send it out, hopefully this weekend. Adam's travelling so it may be a little later, we'll see.

That's it for the Beta 2 news, on to the thing that he mentioned to me: in Beta 2 we added a system for the party but I'm not really sure it's the right system for the party. So let me start off by sharing a bit of my thinking so far, a few general ideas, and then I'd like to hear what a party of adventurers means to you.

Our goal here is to make The Party an element of play, not just people Bonded together. The Party comes into play as these adventurers really become a group, not just 1-to-1 connections between people.

There are a few different ways I can see The Party's role. At least a couple of these are in what I sent to Adam, if you're wondering:

Party as Record: The Party can have a sheet for tracking hirelings, party loot, etc. Nothing too fancy, but it brings those things into a shared playspace.

Party as New Character Tool: The party can be a way of bringing in new characters after your first (or second, or third) dies. The Party can have a level, new characters come in at that level. (Bonds take care of a lot of this too, but I like this solution for replacement character levels.)

Party as Collective Advancement: The party, since it is an entity itself, could end up with advancements much like individual players. Stuff like "you're now employed by a magical college." The exact way of presenting it could vary: it could be as simple as saying just that, it could require an extra explanation (like "they have work when you want it and can usually find a job worth any specific payment you ask for"), or it could be a full blown move ("When you make yourself available for work with the magical college…"). This could cover classic high level stuff like castles as well. And, as usual, prescriptive and descriptive: the GM can just use the list as inspiration for rewards.

Party as Relationships: The party could be a reflection of how and why the group works together. It could have a feedback effect on being competitive, cohesive, loyal, all that. These could even be stats that modify certain rolls or play into their own set of moves.

With all these in mind what we have currently brings the party in to play as characters reach level 2, so it adds no time to character creation (this is important to us). The thing is, we're not really sure it does the things that people think of when they think of a party of adventurers.

So, the question to you all: When you think of a party of adventurers, what role does the party play? Is it just a convenient way to refer to all the characters at once? Or does some noble hear of this party and decide to offer it her patronage?

Dungeon World / Ordering Online
« on: September 06, 2011, 10:36:28 AM »
Just wanted to drop a quick note here to remind everyone: While supplies last we are selling Dungeon World Basic (the red book from PAX and GenCon, including playbooks and GM pin) from the Dungeon World web site ( Thanks for your support!ur support!

Dungeon World / Dungeon World Gamma
« on: May 02, 2011, 03:21:49 PM »
The newest version of Dungeon World is out:

We're pushing towards a final release, so there shouldn't be anything left that's a placeholder. There are a few things we want to add or mess with, but consider this our first shot at a finished game.

Which, of course, means we'd love you to tell us what we did wrong. Play the game, read the game, tell use what doesn't work and what is hard to understand. We're particularly interested in high level play, so if you feel like throwing a few characters into the planes or the lower depths, that'd be great.

We're still accepting Guild members too, as always, so just drop us a line if you've got thoughts.

Dungeon World / The Adventurer's Guild
« on: March 03, 2011, 01:58:28 AM »
Hey DW-ers. I'm seeing some odd stuf with the Adventurer's Guild Google Group. If you think you should be part of the guild, but you haven't seen a Google Groups invite, please email

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