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Apocalypse World / First Session Sheet: Spatial v Theme
« on: October 09, 2016, 03:47:28 PM »
Reading through the 2nd edition and prepping for play, most of the changes are spot on and very helpful.

One change, however, is harshing my mojo: the lack of apocalyptic themes on the first session worksheet. While having spatial relation in the threat boxes is cool, the lack of themes to which I bend the players inputs during the first session is not as good.

FYI: when I MC, my first session sheet notes are open to my players. I type their inputs for all to see and associate the input with the themes on the 1st ed first session worksheet. The effect achieved is the players twist their inputs (or at least approve of their modification) so as to be corrupted by the apocalypse. It's a subtle and powerful effect for the opening sessions of the games I MC.

Question: what am I missing in this shift from themes to spatial relationships? Usually Vincent is two or more moves ahead of me, so I'm concerned I'm missing an important concept.

My intent, baring helpful advise from you all, is to continue to use the 1st ed first session "circle" whilst everything else will be 2nd ed.

brainstorming & development / AW+ hack for HERO 6E
« on: December 12, 2014, 12:48:37 PM »

This linked homebrew jackets an existing skills-based, 3d6-roll-low roleplaying game system (HERO System, Sixth Edition). Its purpose is to coax dramatically-inspired conversation and emergent storytelling during gameplay, while still allowing a simulation-oriented system to surprise us with itemized outcomes. It is inspired by mechanics from Apocalypse World, The Quiet Year, Psi*Run, Swords without Master, Dust Devils, The Pool, complex adaptive system theory, and game theory.

I'd love to hear any feedback: good, bad, or passive aggressive. :)


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