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AW:Dark Age / A few questions and observations regarding Dark Ages
« on: March 09, 2014, 11:20:31 PM »
So we played our first session of AW: Dark Ages today (my GM will post his observations, our map, and stuff about our game probably next week) and I had some things to ask

1. The outlaw heir's "Yours By Right" Holdings, how do you get them? Do you have to assert your hold over them? Or are they holdings like the War Herald's stuff are holdings as in you automatically have them?

2. In our first game my War Herald leveled up twice, it seems like the War Herald has far more stuff to mark for XP due to the fact that many of the things involving their warband are marked individually, including using your lieutenant, and each of your individual notable members. It seems really easy for the War Herald to get more XP than anyone else.

3. This will probably be expanded on more in the future summation of our game but I think there should be bonuses for people being of lower rank, I know they have less to worry about when they have a roll for changing the seasons (Oh trust me, they have a LOT less to worry about), but you would think you would have more reasons to be lower rank

We had a lot of fun though, I really love the holdings system.

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