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AW:Dark Age / On Jousting
« on: March 08, 2014, 11:21:21 AM »
I had a really cool idea for how a joust could be handled, but then looked at the actual Going Into Battle move and realized it didn't quite support it, since Going Into Battle doesn't have a "Reduce the harm I inflict by 1". So, although it could be a custom move, here's the idea adapted to actual Going Into Battle.

A joust is a battle, in which standardized tourney lances and armor put Harm at exactly equal to Armor, for all participants. There's the expectation that you will put your choices into things like "seize definite control of your objective" in order to unseat the person from his horse and win. However, once in a while, you'll find someone who plays dirty, and picks "strike hard, inflicting terrible harm." This is cheating, but it could have been an accident (accidents are likely to happen on a miss.). If you think the person you're facing off against is likely to cheat, you might pick "You protect yourself, suffering reduced harm." But, in a joust, timing is definitely going to matter, so you have to pick "Protect myself" before the opponent picks "strike hard", reducing your ability to actually pick things that will help you win.

This only works for a PC vs. PC joust, of course, though it could maybe work if an NPC cheater had a custom move that let him do +1 harm in a joust.

Anyway, just a cool rules application idea. I'm really looking forward to playing/running AW:DA. Unfortunately I have to wait until our current game of Sorcerer finishes up. :(

Holy shit, I just realized that all of the basic moves say, "on a miss <something>, and be prepared for the MC to do worse.", but all of the playbook moves specify what happens on a miss, and do not say "be prepared for the MC to do worse." Does this mean that rolling a miss on a playbook move does not give the MC an opportunity to make as hard a move as he wants, but only to make as hard a move as the playbook move specifies?

If so, that change makes a lot of sense, since with a playbook move you're rolling in a situation another character would not be rolling.

I also like the basic move "on a miss <something>, and be prepared for the MC to do worse." I think it helps overcome one misunderstanding of the AW rules I had when I first came to them, and that I've noticed most of my friends who have tried to MC have had, that on a miss they could do anything, and not just something following from the conflict that the basic move represented. I also like it because it means the MC can't hold back, past a certain point.

AW:Dark Age / An idea for a move for a priest.
« on: March 04, 2014, 02:26:34 PM »
If there's a priest playbook, from a religion with the social right of inviolability for priests, (maybe Bloodless Xristos?) they could have a move like: "Inviolable When you Claim your Right to not be harmed, roll+weird, instead of +hard.".

In AW I've wanted a move to handle the situation, where there's someone who faces down a swordsman with a look and an empty hand. There's a scene in Tezuka's Buddha like that, where Siddartha throws away his sword at the beginning of a duel, and a similar scene in 20th Century Boys, where the hero, a rock-and-roll guru returned to post-apocalyptic Japan, tells an oppressed rebel "You can't be shot while you're singing", giving him the courage to stand up to his oppressors. It's only afterwards that the rock-and-roll guru explains that he didn't mean it as literal magic, and the rebel could certainly have been shot. The Solace almost has a move for that, but I think Claim your Right might handle it better.

Just an idea.

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