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Apocalypse World / The Contaminated
« on: December 13, 2017, 08:51:44 AM »
Dear Lumpley,

I should probably figure out this whole patron situation now, but I've been otherwise focused. I wanted to chime in here for a second to say, that this Contaminated playbook is CRAZY FUN! I was kind of apprehensive at first about it, it's really strong and plays the game by a different set of rules... Really though as soon as I gave it a test drive it was so freaking cool that everyone involved with it just kept bringing up other uses.

It was not lost on my players that while many subtle versions of this class work incredibly well: the drug-addict, the machine-obsessed, the cannibal. At the same time, we looked back at some of our home-brewed characters and custom moves from our last 4 games and, there were at least two of them that this playbook would have done our hack jobs a significant simplification/improvement. Basically, we've been playing with stuff like this from the get-go!

Lots of excitement around the possibility of dealing with the occasional Vampire, Werewolf, Mutant, Freak, and Irradiated Beings. Obviously, my groups interest in DarkAges games were cropping up again. haha. I'll probably have to keep it locked up most of the time, or it'll be hard not to have one in our games every time. I look forward to any other cool creations you wanna make official.

Apocalypse World / Alternative Hack for AW2 Seize by Force
« on: March 23, 2017, 12:27:26 AM »
So Paul T. You wanted this:

Seize something by Force
When you seize something by force from another Player character, you both roll +Hard.
Exchange harm and:
On a 10+ choose 3.
On a 7-9 choose 2.
On a miss choose 1.

When you seize something by force from a NPC, roll+hard.
Exchange Harm and:
On a 10+ choose 3.
On a 7-9 the MC chooses 1 for the NPCs, and then you choose 2.
On a miss the MC chooses 2 or 3 for the NPCs, and then you choose 1.

When choices directly counter each other, they are canceled out. If Bob seizes the gun by force, but Tom also seizes the gun by force, and both definite and undeniable control of it. This is exactly the same as 2e Apocalypse World for PvP. The hak is the second part.

• The lack of a miss condition as set by 2e remains in place
• AW2 Seize by force is Contested, so NPCs contesting it and getting hold is a more natural state.
• The MC chooses the hold for the NPCs, just as an opposed player would choose his own hold.
• The AW1 miss condition has been effectively elevated in AW2 such that: During battle the MC may always make a move as hard or direct as she likes.

What this means
The Dogsiders Gang run a warehouse full of drugs on the edge of town. Billy the badass decides to go and put a stop to them, seizing the warehouse, and deciding what to do with it afterwards. The Dogsiders are a small gang 2-harm 1-armor. Billy is a violent fucker with 4-harm and 2-armor. Billy goes a knocking:

By default Billy will deal 2-harm to the Dogsiders, and takes 1-harm. Now He rolls seize by force:
On a 10+ He gets to choose all three options uncontested. Whatever he picks he gets. If he wants to suffer less, he takes 0. If he wants the warehouse, its his. If he wants to frighten them off, they're gone for now and freaked out in general. If he wants to hurt them more, then he's got a higher body count.

On a 7-9, We treat this as an opposed roll where the Dogsiders "miss". They choose 1 option they focus their attention on. If its surviving, they suffer less harm. If it's keeping the warehouse, then seize definite hold. etc. After they declare what they do, Billy now get's to choose two. He can choose from 3 of them uncontested, or he can spend one of his choices to contest the hold of the NPCs. (effectively canceling that option for both of them). So if both seize the warehouse, the MC will describe how both have taken positions inside, or how neither have control over it any longer and push there.

On a Miss, We treat this as an opposed roll "as if the Dogsiders hit a 7-9" or if they're really badass and it makes sense fictionally, "as if they hit a 10+". This provides the "reverse the move" rules for those of us that need a pushing miss condition. They go first so the Player is aware of the harm and the stakes and can make his choices intelligently.

This has the same effect as "choose one and prepare for the worst" except:
• It doesn't break Vincent's rule that only basic moves have open ended miss conditions
• It remains faithful to how the move already works in PvP
• It doesn't force an MC to maybe make a different hard move, since hard moves in AW2 don't exist, and they should make a move after this anyway (probably a dangerous one because they're in Battle).
• If the MC chooses 2, the player can counter it with 1, or choose another at the risk of 2 used against them. They get the advantage over AW1 in that they know what the harm is before they choose, which I believe is a more fair and equitable option.
• It allows the MC to make a situation worse even if the player hits, so long as that worse doesn't negate the options. And the NPC's getting an option might actually provide a great deal more context for what that worse could look like.
• This is a more nuanced move, harder to predict exactly how it will come out. And the possibility of things not going perfectly on the 7-9 emphasize the importance of having a high Hard. (something that is less important in Aw2)

Apocalypse World / The Grotesque playbook question
« on: September 04, 2014, 11:05:13 PM »
I tried doing the whole help other people and email mcdoldno, however I did not have any luck getting a reply. Is there any better way to contact him then his gmail? And if not, is there anyone willing to offer what isn't available as intended?

Apocalypse World / Expansive Hardholder "conquest"
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:36:40 PM »
Alright, I've got a Hardholder with conquest and expansion on his mind. He's been asking me if its possible for him to be commanding multiple hard-holds or to build up additional settlements through the course of events. My answer was sure, but to do it, you'll have to do it. (conquest, gather people, resources, etc)

Its an interesting situation because it provides him with tones of forward motion, and me with tons of potential conflicts. Unwilling settlements, larger holds, smaller--and it zooms out the scale of the world--which fits in well with my gun-lugger pushing minor holdings and making his way towards a Chopper that is interested in heavy raiding.

It'll be awhile before this takes off full bore I think, as the wants on the homefront keep the attention shifting back to the immediate surroundings. That being said, I'm interested in what you might do or suggest move wise / improvement wise.

The vague TERRITORY hard holder supplement

I've considered creating a territory advance, or a more expansive "conquest" hard-holder supplement. Simple example: Conquest. when you break the backbone of the powers in this holding, they do what you want. (detail a few choices that would apply to the surplus/wants of the territory. where a miss adds horrible wants and a hit provides interesting surplus) Follow that with a number of moves that trigger from that device.

At the start of the session when your territory is not in war or rebellion, roll+hard.
When you want something from your territory, name it and roll+hard. 
When pull together your resources and raise an army, roll+hard. Hit you do. Partial you do but x y or z. Miss you do but x y and z.

And then provide some major improvement options such as • add another option to one holding in your territory (from the conquest move) • move your capital from one holding to another (use hardholder and create another holding and let the first fall to the wayside)

The Add another Wealth option

Literally let him take over two holdings, make another as per the hardholder, and let him take the wealth move AGAIN, but suffer -2 to his roll on either one, or a -1 to his roll for both. And let those WANTS basically take charge of his attention. I imagine this will quickly come to dominate the scene's as the multiple hardhold wants come into play.

Add tags to surplus and wants of the wealth move

You've captured a holding! They give their oath to you, add an additional • get another holding option improvement to your improvement list, choose from a territory list. (I set up more options related to territory control over simple hardhold improvements.)  These could ad interesting surplus and wants, but would also always trigger something like want +attention on a partial or a miss, forcing him to head out to these places or for reps of those place to come to him and settle disputes or otherwise that threaten to end his expansion.

ex wealth mod: 10+ get surplus 7–9 you get surplus but choose one want and then choose a territory in need, 2-6 your holding is in want your territories are in need.


These are some of the Many possibilities that have struck my fancy today while pondering on this. I'm curious as to your thoughts. Could be I'm not seeing something. Could be this setup inspires you to detail something cool. Could be you've another way to do it that worked for you. etc. Let me know.

Apocalypse World / Workspace Feedback
« on: January 26, 2014, 10:04:52 PM »
I haven't had the opportunity to run with a Savvy head yet in my games, nor an Angel. However there is interest cropping up around my table in in terms of getting garages, making their next character use workspaces, etc. I've a good feeling form the book at how to make it work, but I'm really interested in learn how other people have made it work in the past.

If you have any really solid examples from your own games on the Savvy head working on tech or life-support working on people, I would love to hear about them. The more the merrier. I want to see what others have done, and maybe it'll broaden my perspective or provide some insights as to how it might creatively come into being. The more world details you are willing to share, the better. I know how the workshop functions mechanically.

Apocalypse World / Augury and the Maelstorm Inquiry
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:42:13 AM »
Augury. This is one of those moves that could be taken literally, or less so depending on how the maelstorm functions within a given storyline. When the maelstorm is something physical, like there really are demons in the minds of men and they'll give hints, suggestions, powers, and what have you to those that open their brain–but might force them to do evil on a failed roll. Augury could be bringing the darkness out, or going into the darkness after something. Pretty cool, very easy to wrap your head around it.

However, I'm more interested in those MCs that have experience running story-lines where the maelstorm is particularly ... ethereal. Essentially not using metaphors, colours, shapes, smells, texture or other physical tangible senses. How might you have the Augury function within this type of maelstorm? I'll provide an example, although replying with examples from your own games are welcomed.


The last man stands in the ruins of the sun-bleached urban ruins, fresh bodies scattered here and there, the bullet wounds still smoking over fresh pools of blood. He knows that this bandit problem is done dealt with, but he opens his brain to the scene anyway.

On a 10+: Something is off. He looks over the bodies again, then knows what it was. There aren't enough bodies here. Some must have splintered off before he found these. He just has this feeling that they went west towards the Moonshine district, they've that new spring of fresh water out there. He better hurry.
On a 7–9: Something is off. There's that damn feeling again. Some of these scum aren't here, they're probably making for a water source. He better hurry.
On a Miss: A wave of sweltering heat washes over him. The last man feels nauseous now and is acutely aware of the smell of the corpses baking the in the sun. His stomach does another roll, his last meal coming up. He needs to get out of this heat and lay still for awhile. Best get a move on.

Basically the above is an example maelstrom where opening your brain is more of a sixth sense, a gist on the wind. I'm curious how you might theme an Augury within this context. Or in another suitably vague maelstrom.

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