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Hi all. I'm working with Neil Gow on 'Star Ace'. A hack about Starfighter Pilots and the doomed lives they live. Its at an easly stage, but I figured it was worth sharing. Hopefully we might get some useful feedback. :)

The main themes are Mortality and Trust.

Mortality - The characters knowledge of thier own mortality is integral to several mechanics, including their ability to forsee the events of their death, and their ability to escape deaths grip. The game acknowledges no matter how good you are, at some point your number comes up. One of the key character stats is Doom (which escalates as the character becomes aware of their mortality). In addition each character has a Death move - triggered by close encounters with the Grim Reaper.

Trust - Many of the ploaybooks look to questions of trust, deceit and betrayal - ranging from the
  • The Farmboy - Young, Trusting, Full of potential and hope which could be nurtured or dashed), to the
  • The Veteran - Jaded, Distrustful, Quietly competent. Very aware of their own mortality.)
  • The Turncoat - They've come over from the other side. Their very presence breeds distrust
  • The Agent - Working for an outside power, possibly the enemy. They have their own hidden agendas.
Playtest Version 1.2 is available online here

However we've had a number of playtests since that was written, and a bucket load of things which needed to be changed. I've been updating and I'm hoping to get 1.3 up withing the next 2-3 days. Version 1.3 will have:
  • Re-written damage rules
  • Death Moves
  • Significant changes to the Dogfight Basic Moves
  • Lots of typos removed, including both the reference to the Starburst Carrot (Should have been cannon)
  • Updated Principles
  • Updated GM Moves

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