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Monster of the Week / Re: My first Monster of the Week game
« on: November 03, 2020, 01:41:49 AM »
It's great to hear you've dived into MOTW, I love the game and recommend it as great start to RPGs.

Having a theme/hook for the characters is great. In the past i've done these
- 1890 Victorian England, PCs all went to the same bookshop and the bookseller went missing
- NSA agents, keeping the U.S.A safe from supernaturals and covering up to avoid panic (X-Files meets MIB)
- MOTW using the Dresden Files universe, with 6- results for magic being electrical malfunctions.

As for tips
- sprinkle in the sense of touch or smell in your descriptions, don't just use sight and sound.
- don't be afraid to have minions/monsters leave and come back, they don't all want to die in the first encounter.
- include some hollywood tropes like a rooftop chase or car chase, it's action genre-have fun with it!

Monster of the Week / Re: New Playbook - The Traveler
« on: August 07, 2020, 10:13:09 PM »
I like it! there's a few ways you go spin this as a character.

As a Keeper I am wary as it could be used to prevent a crime at the start of the mission, thus massively short circuiting your session.

I think it would well with a themed limitation on the travel, like it has to be in increments of 88 years or you can only visit each place/time 5 times.

Monster of the Week / 1890 London-Cthulhu in MOTW
« on: August 07, 2020, 09:57:43 PM »

Recently ran MOTW using 1890 London with sprinklings of Cthulhu Mythos for flavor. Worked pretty well!

Notes -
?   Start with 3 Luck.
?   No Professional or Spell Slinger playbooks.
?   Each character has Alternative magic type from More Weirdness/Tome of Mysteries (which includes Use magic if others are not suitable)

Victorian England : Sherlock Holmes/Van Helsing/Penny Dreadful = 1840-1900.
   1890 - Electric Lights in CBD, Gas Lamps elsewhere. No Cars yet. Carriages.
   Maxim guns, Derringer (2 shot). Phones - some households 1880 onwards.
   Newspaper - The London Times. Opium dens, Bowler hats.
   Scotland yard moved to new HQ in 1890.
   No mobile phones, No internet.
   Large docks, 200+ ships at a time.
   East end ? cheap houses, migrants, further east=docks.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn active. (recruiters/librarians/diversions/villains for plots)
   Writers, Philosophers, Librarians, Masons, Occultists...
   Alchemy, Tarot, Geomancy, Astrology. Authors-Arthur Conan Doyle, W.B Yeats, Bram Stoker.
   2 Libraries, 3 Temples (Drinking Club/Temple/Gardens/Part of someone?s home)

One thing I discovered was with one Use magic or Cast out evil (Divine) roll you can banish cthulhu beasties, which is a big culture shock compared to regular CoC games and stories. However the banishing can be temporary, reversed or be treated as teleport so it's now in the park across from your house, whatever makes a good story (including some of the pcs being banished with it since it lashed out with its tentacles...)


Monster of the Week / Dresden Files in MOTW
« on: August 07, 2020, 09:45:54 PM »
Gooday all

Used MOTW a few times in the Dresden Files universe.

It went pretty well, developed these rules to make it sync.

6- Misses for any kind of magical use effect electric/electronic things in the area.
- If you know their True Names and use magic = +1 to rolls.
- If you break through a Thresholds = -1 to all rolls in that area/scene.

Vampire Clans
- Don?t reveal to mortals, lycans/mages are fine.  - Obey Elders.  - Respect Domains.

-Black Court (Feed-Flesh, Avoid Sunlight, Smugglers, Malformed, Sewer lairs. Secretive)
  - Destroyer (motivation: to bring about the end of the world)
     - Use an unnatural power - Appear suddenly

-Red Court (Feed-Blood, Some Bikers, Anti-Authoritarian, Rock Music. Aggressive) Rivals with Wolf Born.
  - Queen (motivation: to possess and control)
     - Escape, no matter how well contained it is - Attack with great force and fury   

-White Court (Feed-Emotion, Corporates/Aristocrats, Mansions & Brothels) Hide in plain sight.
  - Tempter (motivation: to tempt people into evil deeds)
     - Use an unnatural power - Attack with stealth and calculation

Werewolf Tribes
? Don?t reveal to mortals, vampires/mages are fine. ? Don?t eat mortals.

-Hexen Wolves (Bouncers, Mercenaries, Body Guards-Pit fights. Into Norse Mythology)
  - Torturer (motivation: to hurt and terrify)
     - Give chase ? Destroy something

-Loup Garou (Lunar cycle, Berserk)
  - Beast (motivation: to run wild, destroying and killing)
     - Display its full might - Seize someone or something

-Wolfwere / Werewolf (Couriers, Reporters, Investigators) Rivals with Red Court.
  - Sorcerer (motivation: to usurp unnatural power)
     - Hint at its presence ? Attack with stealth and calculation

Denver 2000-Before the Red Court war.

Denver 2010-During the Red Court war.

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