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The Karhun: Lands of Conflict Kickstarter is underway with 5 days left!

Includes the GM Guide stretch goal with system information for Dungeon World by Rob Donoghue.

Karthun needs heroes
Karthun is a world torn nearly apart by ageless conflict, where men and gods wage wars that tear across lands and skies. Adventure waits in forest, desert and tomb alike, with ancient artifacts waiting for rediscovery, provided perilous traps can be braved.

Karthun needs you
Karthun is a system-neutral setting for your campaign. Any system. Any table. All Karthun. It needs adventurers to walk its lands and explore its dungeons. It begs for discovery. This land, where Sehad the World Warden, patron of humanity has been murdered by Felicos the Betrayer, is on the brink of destruction. Nations squabble. People panic. The Age of Making, where six distant gods forged the world into a prosperous one has been scorched by the World Fire. Where six gods began, five now remain, though they are lost in divine obsessions and rivalries. Karthun sits at the edge of oblivion.

Unlocked! - The Karthun GM's Guide

We've come a long way, but we've got more in store.

We're making Karthun: Lands of Conflict a system-neutral setting. But we know that every one of you has a favorite game system that you want to use Karthun in. We hit $25k, so we're going to commit to writing a PDF GM's Guide to Karthun! We'll bring on some extra talent (listed with each system below), and we'll write adaptations, rules and suggestions for how to run Karthun in:

13th Age - Quinn Murphy
Fate Coreā„¢ - Tracy Barnett
Pathfinder - Tracy Hurley
Dungeon World - Rob Donoghue
Savage Worlds - Shoshana Kessock
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition - Brian Patterson

This world was introduced in the comic, the illustrations are unique, with a style all his own. It's close to unlocking more stretch goals, and I think this is going to be a solid value for your gaming dollars.

New stretch goal!! $40,000 = Poster Map with each hardcover (and PDF for each PDF)!

You can check out a new art preview on d20 Monkey.

I think this setting is going to be high-fantasy epic realm of awesome.

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